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  1. Thank you both! I guess I'll get the disc (it's not like it's a lot of money anyway) and try. Worst case, I'll have to get Move controllers. Or delete an F game.
  2. I haven't bought the game yet, I just saw the disc in a used game store. I've managed to figure out that you need the Eye camera for it, but does it also require Move controllers? I have a feeling that the answer is yes...
  3. I forgot about this yesterday, I was very tired. Here's my updated crash history: First crash on Friday was CE-33217-6 again. Second through fourth crashes were the same. Fifth crash - 7 minutes after the fourth - was CE-34878-0. Sixth crash was also CE-33217-6. Which makes me think that the game itself isn't the problem. The fact that I am streaming it is. I don't know what to make of it, but there you have it. I should probably add that all the 33217-6 errors list Application NPXS20001 as the problem, not CUSA13013, which is Blacksad. So I don't know.
  4. I beat the game today. Just like last week when I streamed it, the game/stream crashed a bunch. I have turned off my PS4, but I will update with error codes tomorrow. It's so frustrating, because there are long sections where it runs fine, and then it crashes multiple times in a short period. First part is 22 minutes long. Second part is 2 hours and 15 minutes. Third part is 32 minutes. Fourth is 9 minutes. Fifth is 7 minutes. Sixth is 37 minutes, and finally 3 hours (and I ended the stream myself here, this was the end of the game). Comparing to last week, where it crashed 5 times: Part 1 was 23 minutes. Part 2 was 1 hour 12 minutes. Part 3 was 53 minutes. Part 4 was 12 minutes. Part 5 was 24 minutes, and part 6 was 9 minutes, at which point I - as I didn't quite mention in the above post - chose to end the stream and reinstall the game. There are some trophies you need a second play-through to get (or cheating by downloading the cloud save), and I know I missed/ignored things to not bore the few people that were watching with the trophy hunting, so I only got 21 trophies. But I'm sure that getting the platinum won't be as troublesome when I'm not streaming it, because I suspect that several of the errors will be that wonky 33217-6, which doesn't crash the game. It only ends the stream. If I remember correctly (which I might not, because it's almost 3am), the game only actually crashed once. But I will update tomorrow with which crashes were which error codes.
  5. I'm happy to see that there are 15 people who have the platinum now. I did promise to report back on my experience. I streamed the game for about 3.5 hours today. The stream/game crashed 5 times. (I stream straight off the PS4). I had 3 error CE-33217-6's, one CE-34878-0, and one simultaneous CE-34878-0 and CE-33217-6. I don't think I've ever had a CE-33217-6 error before, in the 4+ years I have owned my PS4. I did get to the trophy Civil Disobedience before I got too frustrated to continue. Since I had only *updated* the game before, I'm going to try to reinstall it fully instead, and see if that works better. I will get back to you later. But I *am* enjoying the game, despite this.
  6. Thanks for telling me. I *think* both D'Avekki and I tagged them on Twitter back when I was having issues with the other two games, but I might be wrong. I should maybe tweet at them too/again.
  7. I actually contacted Wales Interactive a week ago. I haven't heard back yet. I'm not confident, I didn't hear back when I emailed them about issues in The Shapeshifting Detective and The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker either.
  8. I just noticed that there's a new patch for Blacksad. Haven't downloaded it yet, but I will report back once I do.
  9. That's it. I wish there was a filter in the trophy advisor for co-op trophies. I know it would be slightly hard to implement, since that might not be in the data mine, but I still thought I'd suggest it.
  10. Oh, that sounds like fun. I just wish this game played well, because I actually enjoy the story. But I got another bug on my second play-through: the one where I need to go to the Memory Bank before I can sleep but even if I do, I can't go to bed. So I'm just done until a patch arrives, I guess. Like with Blacksad. I will however try to contact Wales and throw this list at them, along with links to all my VODs.
  11. I'm having the same issues. I didn't think to check before starting to stream it. (But that means all my issues are on video.) However, I don't have much confidence Wales Interactive will fix it. I reported issues with both The Shapeshifting Detective and The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker to them, before COVID happened, and never even heard back. Edit: Oh, a few issues I have that I don't see mentioned (but I might have missed it) is that I had to start a new play-through because my save was busted, and I just started listing all the things not mentioned above as they happen or as I remember from the previous play-through. - my stress/multiplier bar broke. Despite the bar having no red on it, the multiplier was stuck on x1, awarding me only 18 NC per "correct answer" in a task. - I also had the Sudoku task break briefly. - Sometimes when in Cortex, the purple background wouldn't load when not in the "live feed" so it was hard to tell what I was doing. - At least twice, the "live feed" broke, leaving me with a sunset looking image there, which also followed me out to the main menu, instead of the brain background. (I think this might be what is referred to above as this:) - The game "forgot" that I had completed the Focus task (getting a 20 in the Reading task), which is fun. It even says "High score: 20"! - In the Tablet menu, it always says 0/30 tasks completed. - Also in the Tablet menu, the Main Quest (the star option) sometimes tells me to do the wrong thing, like "go to the cortex" even though it's late and he's asleep. - If I ever enter the Restrooms (top floor, all the way on the left), I get stuck inside. (Similar to as described above for HR.) - There were several days where I - When I bought the Imaginarium, the game glitched and sold me the Right Hemisphere too, actually putting me in debt of -599 NC. - Not a glitch in the same way, but in the dialogue after I managed to do the spoiler above, there was a dialogue box that was accredited to the wrong person. - The characters in Crossword are sometimes misaligned in the box, which annoyed me. - I tried to enter the HR room, and when the game finished loading, I was in the Cortex. - If you have a person walk past you as you're walking past a door, you'll lose the ability to interact with the door, and need to move away from it and back. It's super quick, but really annoying. - There's at least one spot where there's a person and a Super Average Joe poster in the same spot, so moving the conversation along also triggers the speech bubble about the poster. - When walking around, the ground floor right region is called Right Hemisphere, but it isn't actually that. - When you buy something in HR, you need to switch tabs to buy a second thing from the same menu. - The Yes/No menu boxes behave weird in all menus, and sometimes you can have two different boxes at the same time.
  12. I'm on the second island, and one of my crabs ran into the water because it got scared when the Litterbugs arrived. It won't come out even though I try to feed it. It's a little frustrating because changing islands and stuff takes *so long*. Not really a trophy thought, though. Sorry.
  13. Thank you!
  14. Can you get 100% without micro-transactions? It looks cute, so I might dive in either way.
  15. I had a similar issue with the trophy for Geek. I sold two houses to him, but the trophy didn't pop. I restarted the game, and sold another one, and then it popped. Which isn't too bad when it's selling a house but terrible when it's getting all the orders to 100%.