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  1. I'm on the second island, and one of my crabs ran into the water because it got scared when the Litterbugs arrived. It won't come out even though I try to feed it. It's a little frustrating because changing islands and stuff takes *so long*. Not really a trophy thought, though. Sorry.
  2. Thank you!
  3. Can you get 100% without micro-transactions? It looks cute, so I might dive in either way.
  4. I had a similar issue with the trophy for Geek. I sold two houses to him, but the trophy didn't pop. I restarted the game, and sold another one, and then it popped. Which isn't too bad when it's selling a house but terrible when it's getting all the orders to 100%.
  5. Looks like it is, yes! Thank you
  6. Hi, I posted this on the discord and was told to post here instead. A studio called D'Avekki Studios has two different listings as dev/publisher. See game https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/8412-the-shapeshifting-detective where studio is https://psnprofiles.com/games?developer=16720-davekki-studios versus game https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/7552-the-infectious-madness-of-doctor-dekker where studio is https://psnprofiles.com/games?developer=11399-davekki-studios. They also list both games on their twitter (https://twitter.com/davekki) so it's definitely the same studio.
  7. Sorry I haven't been replying back on this. I started streaming Phoenix Wright instead, but I'll get back to it once I've finished that. I'm afraid I don't know the answers to any of the questions posted. I wasn't paying attention to the collectibles when I replayed those first few hours.
  8. I might have spoken too soon. I went to close it, using the in-game "Main menu" and it crashed. I don't know if that corrupted my save or not, but I'm restoring my old save anyway.
  9. I've played back to where I ended last week. (Since I stream the game, I'm not going past the point where I was) I remember at least three places where I had issues while on 1.03, and those places all worked fine now. There are still some things that could be polished. I've had two instances where I *thought* the game froze, but it didn't, it just loaded slow. Again, I'm only a few hours in, but it's looking better than 1.03 patch. I'm only slightly concerned by the fact that no one still has grabbed the platinum, but from the trophy site, it also looks like I'm not the only one that's been playing it on 1.04, so even if there are bugs still, at least people might report them. I will most likely be streaming the game again on Friday, so if you want me to report back then, just let me know.
  10. Just an update, patch 1.04 dropped this morning, but I haven't had time to play yet. I'll get back to you probably Tuesday.
  11. I played it today, on the 1.03 patch (which installed this morning), and it's still somewhat broken. I played roughly 3 hours and had to quit to main menu or completely close the game at least 3 times. BUT! Microids' website says that 1.04 is on its way. I will get back to you when the 1.04 has dropped. =)
  12. This is still glitched. I got a trophy for finding a secret in Level 2. I did not get the trophy for beating level 1.
  13. Thank you to Valtekken173 and dansomekid for suggesting Kradia Isle, which was my final piece of uncovered map as well. (There's also Orichalcum on it, so yay!)
  14. I couldn't find a thread for this already, so here goes.... Is there an issue with the Hero for Hire trophy? The description says "Win your first on land conquest battle in any region (excluding Megaris in Hero's Journey)." I understand that it means that sea battles were excluded from the trophy, but I have done the Mykonos battle and didn't get the trophy. That's on land but it's an island, so does it mean only *mainland* when it says land? I honestly don't know if I've done any mainland ones. Maybe I'm just dumb. 😉