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  1. Amnesia Collection. I have the game so i might try it in a future because of the ultra rare platinum.
  2. Mafia lll 👍 I couldn't earn the M3 platinum because of glitched trophies and did 5 playthroughs for nothing...
  3. Dead Space 2. Pitäis itelläkin kokeilla yrittää siitä joskus platinaa. DS 1 ja 2 tosi hyviä pelejä
  4. Far Cry 3: Classic Edition. Im going to start FC marathon some day FC Classic > FC 3: CE > FC 4 (Dlc trophies left) > FC 5 > FC New Dawn > Far Cry Primal.
  5. Resistance 3
  6. Hollow Knight
  7. Dying Light. I need to go back to the game and get the plat.
  8. Mafia 3. I tried to get the M3 platinum, but i couldn't unlock few glitch trophies. Wasted 4 or 5 playthroughs on that game. Even tried to play it without turning off the console/game, but both times the game crashed at the end part of the game, so i had to give up before i lost my sanity lol
  9. I cannot even start to play Iron Mode because the game crashes every time during the first cutscene. Unplayable trash. Edit: Deleted my old save files and finished the game again to unlock NG+. Problem fixed and no crashes so far.
  10. Thanks Im pretty proud of that one because i earned the Campaign and Zombie trophies on solo in little over 3 weeks. Next one choose the plat/100% from DesmaBR.
  11. Black Ops 4. I played Blackout a lot on my other Ps account and imo it's still the best BR, but i don't have patience to grind Blackout again or try to get other BO4 trophies Good job 👍