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  1. I didn't have to get kills with XM-53, Annihilator or WarMachine. Not sure was the BlackCell kills necessary because i did the camo kills earlier. Probably not.
  2. Fallout 76. I have Fallout 3, NV and 4 platinums/100%, but not that one. Great job 👍
  3. I've played only Riptide games, GP2 and GP Renegade. They were decent games for the price. On Renegade there was some challenge too.
  4. Every Driveclub dlc took about 1-2 hours (except AMG), so they were pretty easy i would say, but AMG dlc was definitely the hardest and it took almost 4 play hours, One Man One Engine time trial really took some skill and patience to get the 3 stars. I really liked Driveclub and enjoyed playing it. Underrated racing game imo.
  5. Driver San Francisco. 61 platinums and 392 ultra rare trophies, that's impressive
  6. Great choise I bet you enjoy playing it. TW3 is my all time favourite game. Planning to buy the GOTY version too. Next one choose from DesmaBR.
  7. I was lucky to find male moose at beginning of the game. Rio grande wild turkey was the hardest one for me. There is only a couple places where you can find the turkey and it took over 5 hours to get it spawn.
  8. Mad Max. Few years ago i almost started to play Mad Max and collect the trophies, but glitches made me to choose another game... Mafia 2 if i remember right.
  9. Witcher 3 GOTY Edition. Good job 👍 Witcher 3 is my all time favourite game, so i liked to 100% that version as well.
  10. Now i got that first under 1% platinum and it was Bo3 (#350) as i promised Surprisingly easy platinum considered how rare plat it is... Campaign and zombie trophies took 3 weeks, solo. I had already mp trophies and couple easy campaign trophies from 2015 and -16 tho. There wasn't many common games between Ryudi and i, but i'll choose Rdr2 and Need For Speed. NFS is pretty short and easy platinum so im sure you have no problems with those trophies. Rdr 2 is mostly just grindy and time consuming, but it's a great game so it shouldn't be a problem either
  11. Red Dead Redemption.
  12. I started trophy hunting in 2015/2016 and i earned lot's of easy/fast platinums to get higher on leaderboards in a short time (total trophy points), so that's the reason why i don't have many ultra rare trophies/platinums yet, but i just recently started to earn more ultra rare trophies. Hopefully Black ops 3 is my #350 platinum so it's gonna be my first under 1% game. Next poster answer to Sparkilou-s.