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  1. Super Meat Boy ? That's what you're lookin for.
  2. AC Odyssey platinum
  3. Injustice 2 100%.
  4. /100% #526 The Witcher 3 (Ps5) Last platinum of the year and third time earning 100% from my favourite game of all time. Also third time earning the trophies legit without using any exploits or save transferring/auto-popping. After 900 hours of playing Witcher 3; Gwent is starting to feel boring especially towards the end, but overall I still enjoy playing TW3 and the Ps5 upgrade is well made by CDPR and the world looks so gorgeous I had to use the new screenshot feature all the time 😀 Just a shame that you can't add screenshot backrounds to Ps5 profile... 60fps made the gameplay smooth, I played this time with new camera views on riding horse and exploring on foot, but on combat I had to stick with original camera. Always hated the small subtitles on TW3 and they finally added option to change subtitles size. Quality Mode (RT) is always terrible in motion and I put it ON only when I took screenshots. Enjoyment/Rating: 10/10 Difficulty: 4/10 Time to 100%: 76 hours according to game stats, but most likely took over 80hrs. 2 Weeks 1 day. PS5 didn't show playtime at all. I wish happy upcoming New Year to everyone! 🎇🎆
  5. This is definitely trickier trophy on Ps5, but I found an easy way to earn it and took only about 30 minutes. The south eastern island on Skellige where two Pirate's spawn infinitely is the best spot; take off most of the health from other Pirate with your fists or sword, then shoot an arrow so he has just a tiny bit of health left, then use the Puppet skill to stronger one and immediately throw Northern Wind bomb and the Axii ally kills the frozen guy with a few hits. Rinse and repeat.
  6. Kingdom Come: Deliverance
  7. Viper swords are good early in the game, but I usually dive the Moonblade silver sword from bottom of the river as soon as I enter Velen. About same stats as the Viper.
  8. First time I got Dandelion ending, then Yennefer, so it's Triss turn this time.
  9. Unusual year to me: I played more BO4 Blackout on my secondary account than all the other games combined on my main PS account 😀 Cannot add images for some reason, but 616 hours on my main account, earned 715 trophies and Nathan Drake Collection is my most played game with 83 hours. #2 Cyberpunk 2077, 79 hours #3 Far Cry 6, 76 hours #4 GoW Ragnarök, 61 hours #5 The Last of Us Remastered, 61 hours. On my secondary account I have played only CoD Black Ops 4 Blackout 859 hours (total 2240 hrs). But worth it. Still my favourite battle royale.
  10. To me one of the best games from a "nobody" studio I have ever played. Sure it crashed sometimes when you moved too quick away from the enemies to another district, but didn't ruin my experience.
  11. #525 GoW Ragnarök Difficulty: 4/10 Time: 61 hours. Probably around 45 hour platinum on easier difficulties, but on a great open world games like this, I like to take my time, explore and loot everything I could possibly find on my own and did some extra side quests too. Enjoyment/rating: 9/10
  12. Johnathan994. Most likely not like Cyperpunk 2077, but it's sad to see how people really want to autopop trophies from a game like Witcher 3 and don't want to experience the better version. To me it's best game ever made, so ofc I play it again from start to finish legit 🙂
  13. Seems like Eminem and Linkin Park was common music for teenagers around the world 😀 Just listening Linkin Park Meteora while writing this and it's a lot better what I remembered accually.
  14. Penny Dreadful. I've seen all the best tv shows so many times like BB, Dexter, Vikings, Fargo, Spartacus, The Office, TWD, GoT etc, so I just had to find something new to watch and I chose randomly Penny D. Decent show, but not on my top 10.