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  1. I cannot even start to play Iron Mode because the game crashes every time during the first cutscene. Unplayable trash. Edit: Deleted my old save files and finished the game again to unlock NG+. Problem fixed and no crashes so far.
  2. Thanks Im pretty proud of that one because i earned the Campaign and Zombie trophies on solo in little over 3 weeks. Next one choose the plat/100% from DesmaBR.
  3. Black Ops 4. I played Blackout a lot on my other Ps account and imo it's still the best BR, but i don't have patience to grind Blackout again or try to get other BO4 trophies Good job 👍
  4. On my Ps3 Slim physical copy of Fallout NV crashed about once in every 3-4 hours without dlc's, so not bad, but on my Ps3 Super Slim it crashed all the time, don't know the reason. When i installed the DLC's the game didn't crash more than before, but they increased random frame drops. Fallout NV & 3 are still my top 5 games of all time.
  5. I mention only Ps3 and 4 games because it would be too long list if i add Nes, N64, Ps1 and Ps2 games Witcher 3 is my all time favourite game. #2 Fallout New Vegas #3 Fallout 3 #4 Red Dead Redemption 2 #5 I cannot really decide, but here's some of my favourites: Far Cry 3, Dead Space 1&2, Alien Isolation, Mafia 2, Gta V, L.A Noire, some older Cod's like WaW, Bo1, Bo2, Mw2...BF Bad Company 1&2, Ps4 Wolfenstein series, Metro series...
  6. Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. Nice job on getting 2 stacks of Witcher 3 trophies Im just going for 100% on Goty version. Dlc trophies left.
  7. I didn't have to get kills with XM-53, Annihilator or WarMachine. Not sure was the BlackCell kills necessary because i did the camo kills earlier. Probably not.
  8. Fallout 76. I have Fallout 3, NV and 4 platinums/100%, but not that one. Great job 👍
  9. I've played only Riptide games, GP2 and GP Renegade. They were decent games for the price. On Renegade there was some challenge too.
  10. Every Driveclub dlc took about 1-2 hours (except AMG), so they were pretty easy i would say, but AMG dlc was definitely the hardest and it took almost 4 play hours, One Man One Engine time trial really took some skill and patience to get the 3 stars. I really liked Driveclub and enjoyed playing it. Underrated racing game imo.
  11. Driver San Francisco. 61 platinums and 392 ultra rare trophies, that's impressive
  12. Great choise I bet you enjoy playing it. TW3 is my all time favourite game. Planning to buy the GOTY version too. Next one choose from DesmaBR.