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  1. /100% #521 Uncharted Lost Legacy (Ps4) and #522 Uncharted Legacy of Thieves Collection (Ps5) Played both games crushing playthroughs legit, but i did use a glitch for UC4 speedrun trophy to save time. Difficulty: Uncharted 4, 4½/10. Before the last chapters it was easiest Uncharted game on Crushing, but difficulty spike after chapter 18 was insane. I was stuck over 2 hours on Avery's House part/fight. Chapter 20 Ship Graveyard is also hard for many gamers, but luckily i managed to beat it on my third try with a good strategy i found on Youtube. Lost Legacy, 5/10 There was few harder spots because of a bad level design, but APC and Helicopter fight gave me the biggest trouble. Had to even search some strategy tips for the Heli fight. Time: UC 4 about 25 hours. LL 15 hours. Enjoyment: Uncharted 4 became my favourite game of the series and i enjoyed playing it from start to finish. 9/10. Lost Legacy was fun too, but it's a short game and it felt a little rushed to me, like the level design on some areas. 8/10 I played Uncharted 4 mostly on Performance mode 1440p/60fps and tried Performance + some time, and i have to say 60fps/120fps makes a huge difference compared to Ps4 30fps. So smooth. Ps5 Uncharted games are the best looking games i've ever played so Naughty Dog surely knows how to make detailed and very realistic looking characters and environments, so hats off to them. Shooting, combat and platforming mechanics are also improved a lot compared to previous Uncharted games. I just finished all the Uncharted Ps4&5 games in a row and what a journey it was 🙂 Ofc the 1-3 UC games started to feel a bit boring and tedious in the end because 3 playthroughs are required for the 100%, but overall very fun and enjoyable gaming experience. And here's my ranking from best UC to worst: UC4, 2, LL, 3, 1.
  2. /100% #520 100% difficulty: 4/10. Played Brutal playthrough with tweaks enabled. Time: Most likely 20-25 hours playtime. Enjoyment: 6/10. I think this game is almost equally good with Uncharted 2 Among Thieves, but getting 100% of 3 Uncharted games in a row started to feel a bit boring, so it lowered my Enjoyment score. 100% Enjoyment: 2/10. 2 extra playthroughs to get dlc trophies; brutal and speedrun, was very boring and tedious task to do and i couldn't play this game more than couple hours a time. Brutal difficulty wasn't fun at all even with a One Shot Kills and Infinite Ammo tweaks enabled. Numerous unfair deaths, and terrible mechanics and hit detection didn't make the experience any better. I can finally move on to Ps5 Uncharted games and i've been more excited to try out A Thief's End and The Lost Legacy from the series.
  3. /100% #519 Difficulty: 4/10 (brutal with tweaks) Enjoyment: 7½/10 Time: 20-25 hours, 3 playthroughs+farming and misc trophies via chapter select. Two Uncharted games down, 3 to go 🙂
  4. /100% #518
  5. /100% #517 Ps5 Enjoyment: Campaign 9/10 Multiplayer 7/10 100% difficulty: 6/10 Time: Playtime about 50 hours, took a week and 3 days to 100%. First time ever playing TLoU so i wasn't a pro on Grounded difficulty and there was few spots where i was stuck 30min-2hrs. After completing the story, i totally understand the praise this game has received. One of the best Ps3 era games for sure and im glad i finally decided to play it. But i think it doesn't need a Remake, because Remaster versions gameplay, graphics, audio etc. is already on a good level. Original and remastered TLoU sold so well, so i guess Naughty Dog is trying to hit a triple jackpot.
  6. Thank you Yeah, lots of tedious grinding for the P.Decorator trophy, but overall it wasn't very difficult platinum and i managed to get all the campaign and zombie trophies little over 3 weeks on solo. Uncharted 2 Remastered.
  7. LittleBigPlanet. Ultra rare plat as well, nice.
  8. That "just" word was my typo because i wasn't sober 😀, but i only meant that you don't have to spend 4k to get a top quality tv spec wise. To me it's worth the money to invest a grand or so on a good quality TV if it lasts atleast 5 years and i don't think LG C1 for example will be outdated on a PS5 era. Idk how durable LG/OLED technology is, but some tv models last a long time, like i have 12 years old Samsung and 8 yr old Philips tv's on the bedrooms. But yeah i get your point, and these things are ofc a matter of personal preferences.
  9. You can get a great OLED tv with just a grand. 4 grand TV would be probably for a rich person who doesn't even know anything about TV's and buy it only because it was the most expensive on the store lol
  10. If you like the main game...absolutely. Mooncrash is a good example how dlc's should be made on a game like this. I hate it how game devs these days put out so many dlc's, but they are all crap... All they think is money. Im glad Mooncrash wasn't one of them.
  11. 2X Skyrim 👍 I've never played The Elder Scrolls, but im a big fan of Fallout series, so i need to try the game in a future.
  12. OLED tv's has the best picture quality. Sony Oled's are great, but LG Oled's are cheaper and probably the best on the more affordable price range. LG tv's has also more 2.1 HDMI ports and Game Optimizer is a very good feature. I have LG C1 and its been excellent tv especially for PS5 gaming and watching HDR 4K movies and shows. On the expensive high end models, Sony has little bit better picture, but still less 2.1 ports and no Game Optimizer. I would recommend LG CX or C1. There is newer C2 model, but the differences to older and cheaper models are minor. Edit: Panasonic and Samsung has very good OLED tv's too, so it's not just between LG and Sony.
  13. Hopefully not a NG+ dlc... Im completionist and im tired of playing multiple games 2-3 times because this NG+ dlc trend just keeps going on year after year. I have nothing against challenge, but imo difficulty related playthrough should be on the main trophy list, and NG+ should be optional without trophies tied to it. I'd rather earn a rare/harder platinum, than force myself for extra playthrough to get couple dlc trophies.
  14. On the Joseph: Collapse DLC, if you're unlucky like me, there's possibility that your game glitch out when enemy use a flashbang on the final battle, which turns your screen all white permanently and it's impossible to see anything at all, but i figured solution for this: Just lower FC6 brightness settings all the way down and you'll be able to see just enough to kill enemies and escape/finish the dlc. This bug occurred only during mind level 5 playthrough.
  15. Haven't played FW, but i had the same issue on ZD. I usually don't skip anything on AA-AAA games, but sometimes the dialogues just were too long and boring, but maybe it just felt like that, because i wasn't very interested of the story anyway, especially before half or 2/3 part of the game. Overall a great game, but story, some of the characters and dialogues could've been better. Not sure am i going to buy FW, because i've heard the dialogues are long and story is very slow paced, so idk if i have patience and interest for another very similar story... The Witcher 3 is still my favourite RPG.
  16. Same thing with The Witcher 3 and RDR2, but i have no complaints about missable trophies... Just follow a guide and you won't miss them, simple as that.
  17. To me FC6 was disappointment. It's not a bad game, but I was expecting a lot more. The world is very beautiful and detailed, mechanics, combat, sound effects, customization, gun variety etc. was at good level, but I didn't enjoy the story and I was even bored at times... Also the antagonists and pretty much all the characters were bland and didn't have enough depth. Nothing wrong with the actor of main villain, but his script wasn't very good and they showed him so rarely and short times in this game, that it was hard to get any connection to him either. Dani was pretty much just an "errand boy" and "tool" without character development and side antagonists/"mini bosses" were only an small obstacles who you need to kill along the way and that's it. For example, when the FC5 had interesting story, great mysterious antagonists and i enjoyed the atmosphere, I didn't see/feel any of that in FC6. Maybe the whole consept of revelution/dictatorship story just wasn't interesting to me. FC5>3>4>Primal>6>Blood Dragon>New Dawn. Can't rank Blood Dragon higher, simply because it's a short game and more like a DLC. I have kinda mixed feelings about FC2, so don't know where to put it exactly. Somewhere in top 5.
  18. Mafia 3. Great game imo, but Hangar 13 made the Platinum unobtainable on the latest patches 🙄
  19. Rank your top 5 TV shows/series and ofc you can explain why they are so good. Also leave a list of other good tv shows if you want. #1 Breaking Bad It's my all time favourite tv show and i have watched it total of 4 times. #2 Dexter #3 Fargo (Season 1 & 2) #4 Vikings #5 Sopranos Spartacus and Game of Thrones are overall great shows and very close to my top5. GoT last season was the biggest reason what decreased the "final score" and unfortunately it wasn't great from start to finish like BB, Dexter or Spartacus for example. And pretty long list of other tv shows i think was good or decent: Prison Break, The Walking Dead, The Office US, Better Call Saul, Barry, Deadwood, Lilyhammer, OZ, Sons Of Anarchy, Peaky Blinders, Barbarians, Bates Motel, Boardwalk Empire, Rome, Twin Peaks, X-Files, Justified, Black Mirror, Northmen, Hell on Wheels, Married With Children, Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
  20. Wolfenstein ll: The New Colossus. Great job and you clearly have more patience than i do 👍 I tried the Mein Leben week or two, but i always died at courtroom and gave up. Maybe i try again in a future...
  21. PSN Id: TuomasH92 Im trophy hunter and completionist, but i like to play online games too just for fun; Warzone, Blackout and Rocket League for example. PS Consoles: Ps3, Ps4, Ps5. I rarely use mic, but i like to chat via messages.