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  6. Fun thing happened to me (and I already downgraded some games): I downgrade to version 1.0 on my PS4. It shows 1.0 on the app information. But when I start the game (even while being offline) it shows me v1.5.4 - that's interesting
  7. #548 - Nobody Saves The World
  8. #547 - Remnant: From the Ashes
  9. I am playing the PS5 version, there is no option for a save import. So I guess you would need to play it twice.
  10. No worries, here you go: Quick research says it is this version (EAN is under the barcode): Hope this helps ✌🏻
  11. #546 - Rage 2
  12. You can buy any cheap USB hub, no need for something special. Did it that way with 3 dongles and an USB mic when I platted GH Warriors of Rock.
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  14. after seeing this thread I checked my trophy list and I have this one. I own the german disc version since I am from germany. Should I provide you with any ISBN / numbers or whatever when I come home from work ?
  15. I did it on my PS5 with my main account and one of my alt accounts who doesn't have PS+ .. What I did: Loaded my normal save with my main account. Joined my game in local coop with my alt account. Transferred all gold from main to alt Pressed options on alt account and quit to main menu so it saves Closed application with PS button on main account Downloaded save again on main account rinse repeat Duped 700million gold in 30 mins (started with 65k). Problem must be on your side somehow. I think you don't leave the game with your alt account before closing the app ? You have to save it with manually quitting