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  1. #317 - The Division 2 I could quote from the first game, but let's just say: It was fun as long as it lasted but I am glad it is over.
  2. #312 - Trials Rising Long time ago since I was so hyped for a game. Now when I have finished it I have to say that it is really a very good game, BUT I loved the challenges of Trials Fusion and how freaking hard it was to achieve 100% trophies. Trials Rising was, sadly for me, way too easy. But hey, still a good game and maybe the DLCs will bring some more challenging stuff or tracks,
  3. I have a pro in our living room and a slim in our bedroom.
  4. I used the Mantis actually. But just use what you are good with.
  5. Thx, got it.
  6. Anyone found a decent track for the 100m wheelie yet ?
  7. Blood Dragon was such a bad game... I am not sure about the rarity thing tho, of course, normally it would stay low because people lose patience very fast when failing over and over again, but this time it is not free for PS+, so I would suggest that the most people who buy it are able to play it some kind of. Pretty hyped for tomorrows release (preordered digitally) and even took the rest of the week off from work to enjoy it as much as I can
  8. I think its not too bad. But will be a good challenge again. Pretty hyped for the game. Too much time is gone since I 100%ed Trials Fusion !
  9. #311 - Far Cry: New Dawn A really cool successor to Far Cry 5 and its story (don‘t wanna spoiler the people who have not played FC5 yet). I really enjoyed this game, even if it was one of the shorter Far Cry games.
  10. RARE Replay Sunset Overdrive Cuphead
  11. Uncharted: Golden Abyss
  12. Monster Hunter World
  13. I bought this in a sale finally and started it on saturday. Let's see how long it will take me to plat this game. I am just a casual tetris gamer Got SS on Marathon with speed 15 in about 1 hour, but Ultra instantly showed me the middlefinger when only getting about 20k points. Time to improve a lot
  14. #310 - Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2 Straight forward shooter with a good amount of humour. Was as good as the first game.
  15. #307 - Transistor Weird but very interesting story (when you finally get it..). Liked the gameplay idea and how the different combinations of all your functions worked. Also very cool visual and narrative style.