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  1. Thanks ! I will try tomorrow. Sadly forgot to record my sprint run afterwards :/
  2. Finally got that Sprint with 1:08... Now, on to Ultra
  3. Yeah right now I am at 1:14.. so I hope that I will break that 1:10 in a few days.
  4. Today was the first day I took some time to play and I was able to improve my time to 1:19, so I think I will eventually do it someday. I just keep tryin.
  5. 1:27, but that was like 6 months ago. I had a break until now and now I just can not seem to get back into it and improve myself.
  6. Well right now I am not sure if I want to try it any further or not. I had a break for some months now and I just can not see myself reaching that time. The only SS I need is for Sprint and for Ultra (I did not try Ultra that often yet). But for Sprint I have no idea how to improve my time. Do you think it would be better to play on a smaller screen ? For example a 24" Monitor instead of a big TV screen ? No idea how to go on and I do not want to ask random singles in my area to help me out with that (if you wanna do so, lol, just contact me.)
  7. #328 - Goodbye Deponia In my opinion one of the coolest P'n'c series out there. The game is made with so much love and a lot of humour. The story is well thought and pretty cool spread over all the titles. Looking forward to the last part !
  8. #327 - Crossing Souls What a beautiful piece of indie art. The story was amazing and hit me right in the feels cause I did not expect any of what happened during the game. Buy this and support Fourattic.
  9. #326 - Trine 4 I just love the Trine series (except part 3) ! Again, this game was beautifully designed and made a lot of fun. If you like the series and have not played it yet, do so.
  10. 325 - Lego the Movie 2 This was by far the worst Lego game ever created and this was definitive my last one.
  11. #324 - Borderlands 3 I am really sad this game is over. It became exactly what I hoped for, one of the best and funniest shooters in the last years. Awesome game !
  12. #323 - Wolfenstein Youngblood This was by far the worst Wolfenstein game in my opinion. Both girls were just a bunch of emberassing comments without an end. Also the game was just completely bound to that coop thing, there was not a single door you could open alone. Really annoying. And for trophy hunters the game had a unnecessary long post game grind. If you are not a die hard Wolfenstein fan, skip this game.
  13. #322 - Assassins Creed Odyssey Another awesome game of the series with a shitload of content. Really enjoyed my time in old greece.
  14. Yes you can just replay the mission and the trophy will pop. Just did that with brother 2 cause I missed the trophy.
  15. #321 - Crash Team Racing Another fun game that came straight back from my childhood. Always enjoying these pimped throwbacks to the past.