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  1. #275 - The Inner World Nice little Point'n'Click adventure from the german developer Fizbin. The controls are a bit strange in comparism to other PnC adventures, but the game is really cute with a cool little story. Enjoyed it !
  2. This is mine. I would've been worlds first a day before anyone else, but I found the only car to complete which was bugged !! So my last achievement did not pop and had to farm on for 3 days to finish another car.... At least a friend of mine got the worlds first then. This platinum became unachievable in the meanwhile and codemaster doesn't give a fuck to fix it, as usual.
  3. Widen the box art to the left and you have the perfect PS4 wallpaper.
  4. #274 - Tesla vs Lovecraft Everyone who loves twinstick shooters should have an eye on this. Really fun game with a kinda unique theme !
  5. Ubisoft sent them via mail so you could invite friends when you are already in the beta.
  6. Hey there, I am in the beta aswell and got codes, first come first serve, have fun: JELPPYFLCT7N D38Y2PLYJ8RR D7VZZB8LWPUQ The fourth went straight to @gamesfourever via PM cause he missed yours and noone even commented.
  7. #273 - Shiftlings Well I am so glad this game is finally done. It took me over 3 years to get the motivation to finally finish it.. The mainidea of this game is not even bad, it is just how it is working and how the presentation and graphic style is. You can't even play it alone because the controls are not designed for a single player.. When you play it alone you have to manually SWAP between both characters to walk with them so some moves and jump passages get nearly impossible, why can't I control one Shiftling with the left stick and one with the other stick ?? Gladly a friend of mine helped me out in the last few weeks to finally finish this game. Right now I hate everything about it, the silly music tells you all the time "haha fuck u clown" and at the end we only called it Shitlings... I guess that is a bit harsh after all, but there could have been so much things in this game which would have made it way more enjoyable. Oh lord. I am done with it, gladly.
  8. #268 - The Witness Very cool puzzle game with a wonderful look. I like how you just get thrown into this game without knowing what is going on and just puzzle your way to the end. I was concerned about the „Challenge“ trophy because many people said this one makes the game a 9/10, but it only took me one hour, so I guess I just became lucky with the puzzles. Great game!
  9. #267 - PaRappa The Rapper Remastered Well I bought this because it was cult and I already played this on the first playstation. And yeah, it was as funny, as weird and as stupid as it always was, but it was fun
  10. #266 - A Hat in Time This game was really cute designed. The camera is a bit clunky from time to time, but everyone who is looking for a good Banjo&Kazooie / Mario 64 clone, you have my word to buy it.
  11. Try playing ranked.
  12. Man, just go for Matchmaking online? Every 2nd person is in a club right now and scoring goals is not that hard.
  13. you have to score a goal while playing with a club mate and randomly find another club to play against via match making
  14. Yes.
  15. Nvm