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  1. Well, on a personal opionion I also hated the music, but that's because I hate everything except metal. The game even advertises itself with: So I am just wondering, that you are wondering, that every song is from Avicii.
  2. #240 - Invector I first played this on Gamescom 2016 if I remember right and now I grabbed this in a sale for 5€ some days ago. It was defenitively worth the money. A cool not that hard rhythm game with the music from Avicii. If you are into such games, just try it out !
  3. I found no new thread for this game, so I start one myself. I followed the rumours over the last months and I am totally hyped for this. Personally, this is the best announcement this E3 I know this is a genre you really have to get into, but these games give a really hard challenge for those who enjoy it and they are really rewarding if you finally beat the challenges.They also involved some of the best Trials players into the developement process, like Professor FatShady who created most of the tutorials for the new game. You can register for the beta on www.trialsgame.com, the game itself will be released in February 2019. Anyone else hyped for this ? I guess not, but hey, maybe someone else jumps on my hypetrain
  4. I finished the game first aswell if I remember right and got all upgrades after.. Are you sure you checked both caves in the village ? I think I mostly ran into the wrong one first.
  5. My most wtf moment yet was Jump Force Also interested in this new skateboard game from the Microsoft trailer.. guess it was called Session. Maybe it is something like Skate ? But still also heard a rumour that Skate 4 is going to be announced at Gamescom.. we will see. The Division 2 looks interesting but I really liked that snowy apocalypse setting from the first game. The new setting looked a bit like Ghost Recon. We will see. Else I am pretty hyped for Nintendo, Sony and Devolver Digital (I love indies.) What is interesting in my opionion is that we have three games already which will be released at February 22nd, 2019: Metro Exodus, Days Gone, The Division 2 Don't know if this is that good for any of them
  6. #239 - Hotline Miami 2 Finally found the time to play the second part. It is more challenging than the first one but it is still as good. The mixture of hardcore trial and error, dedication and crazyness in this game is just awesome. #iloveindies
  7. Without watching it I am pretty sure that he made multiple playthroughs and cutted one video of it.
  8. Has anyone of you played this on Steam already ? This looks fun and a lot like the old GTA games (2/London) Trophies seem to mostly pop automatically due to gameplay. Just want to know if the game is any good before picking it up.
  9. That's mine. Pinball FX 3 is close with 0.11%.
  10. Moshi Moshi
  11. #238 - Bridge Constructor Well, sometimes I just love to build bridges. And I am pretty sure, that every architect would kill me.
  12. Adventures of Mana
  13. Monster Hunter World
  14. #237 – Beyond: Two Souls Finally finished the PS3 version after several years. Who has not played it yet, you can get it for PS4 via PS+ right now. The story was way better than Heavy Rain (if you prefer those settings) but gameplay wise I preferred Heavy Rain. With Detroit just around the corner it was the right time to finally finish this game.