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  1. 193 – Fat Princess Adventures And another pearl from the indie site of life. What could be better than a game where you have to find the golden cake for your fat princess ? Lot of humour and a good loot system with online and couch coop. Enjoyed every minute. “You will never take the cake, you will never take the cake, we will sugar coat the bitter queen and throw her in the lake“
  2. #192 – Late Shift What a nice multiple choice game with real actors. Lets you feel more with a characters as in animated games in my opinion. Enjoyed it ! You really ask yourself „what if..“ all the time. Recommended.
  3. #191 – Black the Fall A nice little puzzle adventure which describes a communist controlled dystopian era. Very nice atmosphere and still not as unrealistic as it should be.
  4. Skate 3 NBA JAM Alice: Madness Returns.
  5. So there was an update which added "Support for the upcoming tables" Adventure Time and another Thor table if I remember right. Anyone got any information on the tables or the release date ? I can't find any information on the pinball fx or zen studios homepage. The patch even added two new trophies on my console for the game but they are not up here yet.
  6. Your Towerfall Ascension Trophies are wrong. They changed some of the trophies / requirements a long time ago. You have the old trophies in your Wiki. Maybe you are interested in that info.
  7. Ah ok, thanks for the headsup.
  8. Why arent there all screenshots up? For example Pure Pool. Do you only upload them from games, where you have nearly all screenshots ? Just for my interest.
  9. Looks fun and typical Lego. Looking forward to it !
  10. Link Just click the link, I just uploaded you 4611 trophy screenshots. It is online for 7 days. Did not check for games you already finished but I am sure you will sort it.
  11. #190 – Eekeemoo I have no idea when I bought this game, but it must have been on a sale or whatever because this game is just good for a fast platinum. You have to collect some things while you smash square for like two hours. Reminds me on Orc Slayer with another setting.
  12. #189 – Chromagun An okayish and short puzzlegame. When you want to puzzle to a fast platinum just pick this up in a deal. Not a portal clone!
  13. Does it matter if the trophy names are in german ? Cause I have a huge load of screenshots from trophies and many of them are from smaller or indie games (as u can see in my profile). Write me if you are interested anyway.
  14. #188 - Assassins Creed Origins I have not played all AC games yet (still working on it), but I have to say that it will be hard for one of the other games to be better as this. This is by far one of the best games I have played in a while. The story was really amazing in all parts. The graphics are amazing, I had no framedrops or whatever and the open world is huuuuge. Man, this game was just beautiful, chapeau ubisoft. The only negative aspect for trophy hunters.. well it is ubisoft. Enjoy one of their largest collectatons yet.. just hidden in the word „Locations“
  15. And that was my plat aswell. Thanks mate, you are my hero of the day.