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  1. #215 – Far Cry Primal So now it is time to wait for Far Cry 5. For me this was the weakest part of the series but I totally guess that it was just not the setting I personally prefer. Still a solid and fun game.
  2. I really enjoyed the first part. Liked the style of the game. I will buy this one for sure
  3. #214 – Mr. Massagy Well, uhm.. yeah. I am sorry. And now enjoy your massage !
  4. Amazing news, can't wait for it to happen ! Shit just got real !!
  5. #213 – Trine: Enchanted Edition And to finish this beautiful series, I finally completed part one (the remake of it at least). I just love the Trine series. Except from part three the games are challenging, all have a beautifully designed world with good gameplay and a very good story. Sadly there won‘t be another part as far as I know.
  6. #212 – Trine 2: Complete Story I started this beautiful designed game on the PS4 release weekend and only came back to it now and then. This time I came back to finish it. Most guides I have seen said this was a 9/10 difficulty because of the Hardcore run but I actually did not find it too bad. My personal opinion tends more to a 7 overall. Very nice game, beautiful soundtrack and graphics.
  7. #211 – Far Cry 3 Time to finish my Far Cry games before the release of Far Cry 5 Vaas was a kinda badass boss, really enjoyed that game.
  8. #210 – Guitar Hero Live Well, this one took some time. It is a solid and fun game, but it crashes kinda often. This game also is not very hard, only very very time consuming, especially the 1 million strums. I still like the old Guitar Hero games more, cause the old style to play (5 buttons) fits me more and makes more fun imo. Right now I am just glad it is finally over.
  9. #209 – Cat Quest Stop playing what you play and listen to me: You have an onmap adventure. You play as a cat, I repeat, a goddamn cat. Every second sentence in this game is a cat pun. This game is good. This game is fun. This game is so cute I want to puke on a puppy. Ameowzing.
  10. #208 – The Sexy Brutale .. is the name of the casino this game plays in. This is a very nice puzzle adventure with a very very cool story in my opinion. When you play it without a guide, this game will keep you for a long time. If you use a guide, you have a wonderful designed fast platinum.
  11. #207 – Life is Strange: Before the Storm Well, due to the fact of the main game being really awesome, I was really excited to play this one. And now as I am finished I don‘t have much words to say because the story never really got me. Maybe because of the missing butterfly effect stuff etc, but no.. that was just not my game.
  12. #206 - Brütal Legend After many years I finally completed this awesome game. For me personally this was one of the best games of the last gen. Not only because of the awesome soundtrack and metal themed world, there is really a huge portion of humour, a cool story, nice characters and a very good gameplay. The mix between hack n slay, adventure, RTS and whatever had its influence on it, gave me a really really fun time with this game.
  13. #205 – Hellblade: Senua‘s Sacrifice The gameplay of Hellblade was a bit limited but the story was really really amazing. A little more playtime and it would‘ve been a perfect game.
  14. #204 – Absolute Drift: Zen Edition Well, for me this one was way harder than I thought. If you like drifts and I mean only drifts, a little challenge and have the patience, give it a go. If you don‘t like drifting, run.
  15. #203 – Lovers in a dangerous Spacetime So this year we made a 4 Player drinking marathon during new years eve and thought we could play something interesting. Yeah, it became this local coop pearl and we actually really enjoyed it. So it became my new years plat