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  1. #365 - Cat Quest II As with the first game, I really loved the art style of this game. The fact that you play everything on top of your worldmap is just cool. I played this game completely in local coop with my wife. Again, a really fun experience with a shitload of catpuns. Pawsome game.
  2. #364 - Minecraft Dungeons The game was okay. The first two story runs have been fun, but the third for apocalypse was chewy because you had to farm a lot of good items before you could even finish the last levels. The most disturbing thing in a game like this - and I still can't understand it - that you are not able to trade or drop items you've found. I've played this entire game in online coop with a friend and we sometimes had to farm 1-2 hours more for a good item for him. I had 10 of them in my inventory and you are just not able to hand it over to your partner in any way. That is a design decision I can't understand at all. But yeah, as mentioned before, the game was okay.
  3. #363 - Salt and Sanctuary Really liked this "2D Dark Souls". Enjoyed the art and playstyle.
  4. #362 - Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Remastered Still in love with this amazing series.
  5. I am a Skateboarder since the release of Tony Hawks back in 1999. About 20 years later my bones and body hurt more than back in the days, but it still makes fun to skate with the same people like 20 years ago.
  6. Tetris Effect.
  7. #361 - Matterfall Not as hard as Nex Machina in my opinion but enjoyed it anyway. Really sad that Housemarque stopped doing arcade / twin-stick shooters, I always loved their games and will really miss those.
  8. #360 - Guacamelee! 2 I loved the first game and I also fell in love with this one. It is just an awesome game with the perfect mixture of memes, humour, gameplay and challenges.
  9. #359 - Gris Beautiful game with a touching story.
  10. #358 - Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Remastered Time for another great series I've never played. Great game. I really like the humour they use to tell the story.
  11. I actually preordered the F.U.N. Edition some months ago, I am just a huge Spongebob Fan Looking forward to the game. June will be expensive, also got a The Last of Us 2 CE ...
  12. Games that disappeared that are on my wishlist: Chasm Graveyard Keeper Trover Saves the Universe Leisure Suit Larry Hollow Knight Valfaris
  13. #357 - The Inner World: The Last Wind Monk Another beautiful point n click adventure. Played the first part some years ago and I did not expect the story to play on like this, really liked it.
  14. #356 - Irony Curtain: From Matryoshka with Love A good point n click adventure with a lot of good puns about communism.