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  1. Game seems to release tomorrow
  2. That you should ask the devs, not me.
  3. Trophy isn't too bad when you stay aware of the district flow. My trophy popped at 39 districts.
  4. Was able to finish all 50 FFA races today. Queue times were 1 min longest. EU Region.
  5. One of my favourite indies of all time is rated 8/10 here: Downwell https://psnprofiles.com/guide/6310-downwell-trophy-guide
  6. Devs on Twitter told me that there are no missable trophies:
  7. You can preorder the disc at a lot of normal online shops already to be fair.
  8. I backed this on Kickstarter last year, can't wait !
  9. Next Update 3 months later: Dear Yoey, There is currently no news, but we have renewed our inquiry for an update on the situation. As soon as we have news, we will get back to you. We are sorry for the long waiting time. Best regards, Customer support Microids
  10. Yes they are. But why the hell did you make 3 threads for this question ?
  11. No you can earn trophies before but you obviously overwrite your save again later when importing. I did it that way because after importing my save the trophy still said 0/24 SS ranks. I did not test if this would've worked but it looked suspicious that the trophy did not realize my older ranks somehow. But could have just been a visual bug.
  12. I had some trophy issues after playing coop and never got some character ones to unlock. Completely deleted my save from my console and started fresh, then it worked. But of course I don't know if something else is bugged atm, haven't played after my plat. Hope you can get it to pop !
  13. What you mean by you "used" planks ? If I remember right you just have to recycle one after the first boss to unlock him
  14. Yes, all trophies autopop. When I first imported my save all trophies autopopped except A rank on all Effect Modes and SS everywhere. Then I did SS on the 2 new modes on my PS4 save, imported the save again and both rank trophies popped aswell. So if you do SS on both new modes before importing your save all trophies will autopop.
  15. @TheArtfulDimond mentioned this to me and I could just confirm it: If you wanna autopop all the trophies on PS5 get an SS rank on the 2 new modes (Zone Marathon 1 million, classic Tetris 250k) on the PS4 version first and then import the save to the PS5 version. This lets all trophies pop. Just in case anyone was wondering.