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  1. My Horse is called Fogel. The german word for Bird is Vogel, so I thought I am a kinda funny fucker.
  2. I can not replay it either. Is it possible that you can only replay it after finishing all story missions ?
  3. Players are like „shadows“ when they are respawning. That gives them a state of invulnerability for a short period of time when they respawn. Also when they are trading so they can not be killed while doing so. This is not an error imo. Only annoying thing right now is that the game keeps crashing since friday.
  4. Someone leaked the game modes on twitter, if someone can't wait the last hours / days: https://twitter.com/illogicalMods The modes seem to be: Make It Count – A kinda Battle-Royale-Mode, playing with up to 32 players in shrinking areas. Played on maps Strawberry, Stillwater Creek and Tall Trees, and a limited choice of weapons, like knives and bows. Most Wanted – Player with the most kills climbs up in ranks and gets better prices. Playable on maps Saint Denis, Tall Trees, Thieves Landing, Tumble Weeb and Valentine. Name Your Weapon – Free for all with a defined weaponlist. Points depend on your weapon of choice. Some weapons will give more points than others. Played on maps Lanik Electrical, Tall Trees, Heartland Oil Fields, Fort Mercer and Annesburg. Team Shootout – Recurring Team-Deathmatch on maps like Saint Denis Docks and Bolger Glade. Races (3 Types) – Point-to-Point Race Maps – Fort Wallace and Bard’s Crossing, Round base from different regions like Saint Denis, and also Open Races, where you have to pass Checkpoints in the order of your choice - playable on Blackwater, Rhodos, Saint Denis, Tumble Weed and Valentine.
  5. Edit: Wrong thread.
  6. Already preordered a while ago for 50€ if I remember right.. Looks fun as always, guess "promising" is the right word here. Now I just have to finish JC3 somewhen before..
  7. #279 - Spyro the Dragon As wish Crash Bandicoot, it is really awesome to play the games of your childhood again. Another very good remake.
  8. This is the only thing about it I found some time ago, maybe it helps, here is the source: https://www.trueachievements.com/a228320/indestructible-achievement I just copy paste it, it is NOT by me !
  9. So there is a Trophy and 100% Walkthrough on PSNP now. They say that we do not have to get all gold requirements in one run.can anyone confirm this to me? Until now I thought I have to do everything in one run.
  10. #278 - Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 Another good and funny Lego game with a lot of content. But overall sad days to finish this game. Was rescuing my last Stan Lees in peril when I heard of his death. I need a hero, a superhero ! RIP Stan Lee. Excelsior !
  11. Sorry for the dumb question but do I have to bring all stats to lv 8 or lv 10 to get the checkmark in the completion ?
  12. Just playing Lego Marvel Superheroes 2 and saving him in every level... I need a hero! A superhero! Will be missed, RIP. Excelsior !
  13. Just a short question, sorry if it was answered already: Do I have to finish the Story (+ Epilogue?) before I can Study / Skin all animals ? Or can I just get all animals while still being on chapter 3 / 4 ?
  14. Hey mate, did not much hunting yet but I think I got the one you are missing, it is the Texas Rattlesnake:
  15. Btw is it enough to Research and Skin the animals ? Or do I have to track them aswell? Cause from the trophy naming I think I do not need to track them.