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  1. I have to agree here. Me and my wife 100%ed both Overcooked games and after we finished Overcooked 2 we said that it was a pity that it was so much easier than the first one. So just keep hanging folks and you will eventually do it.
  2. #337 - Donut County Well, if you always dreamed about being a hole and follow a weird story, here you go.
  3. #336 - Fairytale Fights Ladies and Gents, I just finished my first PS3 game. Even my first trophy there has a missing timestamp. I just don‘t know what to say about this game. This game is like a beautiful girl but right before the act you see that she has a penis. It is like feeling the most of joy while simultaneously crying in shame. This game was so weird man.
  4. I already preordered, so I will.
  5. #335 - Wolfenstein: The Old Blood So that was not only the last Wolfenstein in my backlog, but also my last Wolfenstein. That is not related to this game tho, but Wolfenstein Youngblood killed the entire series for me.
  6. Hi, so I actually thought, you will get this trophy like on the other games.. with performing a bangback with the captin america ball while draining an outlane on the avengers table. So, this did not work for me at all, the trophy wont unlock. Can someone tell me what I have to do for this trophy ? Still pretty sure that I did the right thing.
  7. #334 - My Brother Rabbit Just a cute little puzzle game with a beautiful story and art style.
  8. #333 - South Park: The Fractured but Whole Man, I loved the Stick of Truth so much that I wasn‘t sure how they will ever gonna top this, but they surely did with this game. While the story was longer but also way more weird, the new fighting system really stands out here. Enjoyed all of it and had a good laughter as usual with South Park.
  9. From South Park - The Fractures but Whole
  10. #332 - Horizon: Zero Dawn Ok ok, as with many AAA games I take this late to the party award with honor. The game itself, the story, graphic, gameplay are just amazing. The post-apocalyptic setting and the story behind it were something new and really impressed me. I really hope that Sony and Guerilla don‘t mess up the second part (that will surely come) and do not kill this franchise like so many others. Awesome game.
  11. #331 - Tools Up! Saw this yesterday when some friends came over and we instantly decided to play this game. It is like an easier version of Overcooked with some really cool ideas and instead of cooking you have to renovate apartments. Pretty cool and very funny couch coop game. We shed some serious tears while playing this with 4 people.
  12. #330 - Seasons after Fall Just a cute little platformer with a nice art and narrative style.
  13. #329 - Tetris Effect This is by far the hardest platinum I ever achieved. When I bought this game I thought I am really good at Tetris, but I had a shitload of skills to achieve before I became nearly good enough. With a 6 month break in between this took me something above 4 months to finish. I regret nothing. gg.
  14. I think that you should edit the name out of the title and add a spoiler tag, because some people like to get surprised instead of knowing what happens before.
  15. And I have the Achievement... Thanks everyone for the tipps and motivation !
  16. Thanks ! I will try tomorrow. Sadly forgot to record my sprint run afterwards :/ Edit: So I've read myself into ST stacking and improved to 33k already. Not the best yet, but I guess I will be done in a few days.
  17. Finally got that Sprint with 1:08... Now, on to Ultra
  18. Yeah right now I am at 1:14.. so I hope that I will break that 1:10 in a few days.
  19. Today was the first day I took some time to play and I was able to improve my time to 1:19, so I think I will eventually do it someday. I just keep tryin.
  20. 1:27, but that was like 6 months ago. I had a break until now and now I just can not seem to get back into it and improve myself.
  21. Well right now I am not sure if I want to try it any further or not. I had a break for some months now and I just can not see myself reaching that time. The only SS I need is for Sprint and for Ultra (I did not try Ultra that often yet). But for Sprint I have no idea how to improve my time. Do you think it would be better to play on a smaller screen ? For example a 24" Monitor instead of a big TV screen ? No idea how to go on and I do not want to ask random singles in my area to help me out with that (if you wanna do so, lol, just contact me.)
  22. #328 - Goodbye Deponia In my opinion one of the coolest P'n'c series out there. The game is made with so much love and a lot of humour. The story is well thought and pretty cool spread over all the titles. Looking forward to the last part !
  23. #327 - Crossing Souls What a beautiful piece of indie art. The story was amazing and hit me right in the feels cause I did not expect any of what happened during the game. Buy this and support Fourattic.
  24. #326 - Trine 4 I just love the Trine series (except part 3) ! Again, this game was beautifully designed and made a lot of fun. If you like the series and have not played it yet, do so.
  25. 325 - Lego the Movie 2 This was by far the worst Lego game ever created and this was definitive my last one.