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  1. I hope it's to your liking. I was trying out something different. But let me know if you want something else, I can always make another.
  2. 4-2 is another good spot with the first Reaper. Bring some arrows and a decent bow, and shoot at it from the top of the bridge. That will kill enemies in that room and you'll get easy 4k souls. 6k if you have the Silver Armlet and Ring of Avarice.
  3. *Checks last posted date* .... Sep 2019...well shit. Are people still interested in getting signatures? I've been kinda bored, with no work and all, thanks to Corona, so I have a lot more freetime now. I realize this is a longshot, but if anyone wants one, feel to quote me and I'll get right on it.
  4. To your OP - I've killed all the NPC Black Phantoms. Old Monk counts as a BP, but only when people have invaded your session, and took control of him. Otherwise, you're not going to PW, from PB. I've tried. I killed Miralda, Scirvir, Selen, Satsuki, and Rydell, still didn't give me a PW tendency. And you also cannot drop rings online. I've tried that as well. If you said no to the monumental, then you cannot get the ring until NG+.
  5. Yes, this is easiest on the first go, since enemies are weak, and the archers don't do much damage. But I actually did it on NG+ surprisingly. I used the Northern Regalia to beat TK, and it was surprisingly fast as well. Though to be fair, 90% of the trophies can be obtained on the first playthrough, with the exception of the Miracle and Spells trophy, since you need the Maiden's soul.
  6. Hey all, I want people to know that I do Graphics Design [or GFX]. I was actually doing them here before, not too long before I joined, but I had other places I was frequenting at the time. But that was like, almost 4 years ago, and a lot of time has passed since then. I'm looking to be more active somewhere again, as part of a community. Figured I'd set up shop here, since gaming and graphics are the two most things I love. Anyway, I have been doing GFX for about 12 years now. GIMP and Photoshop are my two main tools of such. I have a very extensive list of samples here > https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/14OoTEbzsiq3iGlG9LxmJ1joLKpvvs2zZ. I also do a lot of wallpapers via WallpaperEngine on steam. And this is my workshop > https://steamcommunity.com/id/raiiyokuu/myworkshopfiles. I'm actually quite proud of what I have up there. And since I don't wanna leave the thread completely free of images, here are some of the most recent works I've done (that I don't think are on the sample list) If you want a graphic piece, please fill out this simple form, so that way, I don't just gloss over your message. Quoting also helps, since it notifies me of it. [REQUEST FORM] Type: Avatar/Sig Combo, Banner, Wallpaper, Other [Describe] Size: Small, Medium, Large, Other Image(s): Please try to provide HQ images. Include Text: [Yes/No] Optional Details: May/May Not be implemented. Thanks for looking! And I hope to be doing a lot of GFX here.
  7. I think I may know a way to reset glitched levels. Be in soul form, die once, and teleport back to Nexus. Do not pick up your souls. After that, go to a place, and have a friend summon you. Now, have them die while you are a Blue Phantom. This accidentally happened to me while I was helping a friend kill the Tower Knight. And the glitch still works after that. This is not guaranteed, but you may get lucky. EDIT::: This happened twice now. What I did was, I invaded my friend - and then I hung out for like 2 minutes, hit him a couple of times (without killing), and then used the white eye stone. I also had the providence ring equipped, but then I switched it out to cling ring when I invaded.
  8. I have this bookmarked now.
  9. The PS5 has Wifi6. Which means it will take full bandwidth of whatever it is able to. Whether that's 10MB/100MB/Gigabit. Wifi6 has less drop offs than older generation, and is more stable. I've been getting full 350mbs on mine, and have been able to download games at the same speed my PC does on steam. So yeah it does have faster download speeds. A friend said it even doubled his, because his PS4 would always have bad dropoff in connection due to his location.
  10. There is nothing related to PW World Tendencies in World 2, unless you were trying to get a Pure Greystone from Scirvir. If you're one step away from PW, killing the Dragon God (IN SOUL FORM), will get you get back to PW, then you can go pick up your Dragon Bone smasher if that's what you're after.
  11. Not gonna feed an obvious troll. Moving on. Good try though.
  12. Do you have a problem here? I'm just giving people tips.
  13. So, when you die (assuming in body form), you'll get like 2-3 seconds to do a quick app close/reset. You can hold down the PS button, and close the app, and then launch it again. This method is very effective in keeping your Souls and Tendencies intact. Because when you continue the character, you'll be at where you were about 5 seconds to dying, and you can essentially re-do a part over again. This includes bosses. You have the power to turn back time! Use it responsibly. I'm sure there may be who already know this, but if you didn't, thank me later fam. From a quick reset to a cold app boot, I'm back in the game in less than 20 seconds.
  14. There's 1 at 2-1, the small bridge where you have to cross to get to the level. There's also one at 2-2. When you're going to the platform, there will be one waiting to the side. None of them really respawn, except the ones at world 2, and the ones at the bridge in 1-4, by the blue dragon.
  15. It's definitely gonna be Demon's Souls. I've been playing it for the past 4 days now, since Saturday (when my PS5 arrived). And I am literally two trophies away from platting the game. Rings and Spells.