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  1. I liked it kinda.... clue is never expect anything.
  2. So I have never been in this type of events.... tell me something. So I pick 5 games... those games I have to play 6 days each is that correct? What if I did finish it in day 5? or what if I didn't in day 6? Do I have to leave it there for later or what?
  3. I didn't know the Walking Dead game was VR, but this looks like a good month To be fair MKX is very limited in PS5 since you can't send challenges or any faction thing.
  4. So What is it? March, November or July?
  5. Almost Final Update. Spent almost the entire gametime into playing Zombi and Friday the 13 the Killer Puzzle. Plated the Zombi game, another Ultra Rare, but this one isn't that hard to be honest is probably Ultra Rare because you have to do 3 different runs.... which is annoying specially the easy difficulty one.... like why would you make me do that? Anyway, this game is weird, is a very entertaining game, it has a bad story, actually I would say the story is there just to have one and have an ending, but is kinda fun, and very mediocre in almost every way lol. It really seems like Ubisoft wanted to have a game in the WiiU so they rushed a Zombie game, is not broken or bad, is just there, tho the jump scares are pretty good. Friday the 13 Killer Puzzle.... I don't know if I will be able to make it, you need to do a daily puzzle in a row for 13 days.... then again it probably works by just changing the date on the console, so I will worry about that if I am not able to get all 13 days before the 31 of october. Other than that because of work and life I think I might be able to get just 2 more games to be honest.... so I guess I failed to do the 13 plats 😅, but hey I got 3 Ultrarares and cleared at least 70GB of my HDD... so Yay! 1. ECHO 2. Night Trap 3. Perception 4. Observer: 5. ZOMBI 6. The Darkside Detective 7. Afterparty 8. Indigo prophecy 9. Savage Halloween (84%) 10. Man of Medan 11. White night 12. Friday the 13 killer puzzle (60%) 13. Need a packet?
  6. At the very least it seems like it fits the name.
  7. New Update: Platinum both Night Trap and Perception... meaning I finally have platinum my 3 locked in games, which if I can't finish my list, I can be happy with the fact that I finished those 3 games that are kinda hard platinums specially because of the timeline, so very proud of that. Night Trap is actually a bad game, but a very interesting at the same time,is an experience that people need to have and also it a game that you have to force yourself to play to start enjoying, because my first impression what regret... but after keep forcing myself to play it I got what the game was offering and found my self having a ton of fun, is a very bad movie game, like the story and acting is very bad and very 80's 90's that you laugh a lot, it fits the theme of this event because you have to save the people in the how that are attacked by "augers" which are some sort of vampires I think at some point it meant to be a scary game. Also it was a supercontroversial game. Perception a blind woman going to a house that she senses she need to go because she keeps dreaming about, turns out the house is haunted and wants to kill her, this game actually made me jump a few times. The game is actually very good, sadly there are some dumb bugs here and there specially for the trophies which it made it kinda annoying not knowing if a trophy was going to glitch out or not, thankfully the solutions are fast and not so complicated. Super good game tho, would be awesome if this game had a VR version I think it fits. 1. ECHO 2. Night Trap 3. Perception 4. Observer: 5. Fear Effect Sedna. 6. The Darkside Detective 7. Afterparty 8. Indigo prophecy 9. Savage Halloween (84%) 10. Man of Medan 11. White night 12. Friday the 13 killer puzzle (36%) 13. Need a packet? Edit: I started playing Fear Effect Sedna and it has nothing to do with actual fear nor anything horror related, since is october I actually want to atempt to play horror type games even If I don't get all the plats. So I decided to change that game (sorry) for Zombi. I know it has some jumpscares and is pretty fitting. Sorry again for the changes.
  8. I just finished most trophies only need the Quiet knoll, which I did in story mode and didn't get it. So I now have erased my save and will try qgain tomorrow in Spooky mode. Anyway about the glitches I found 3 minors one. 1 the dolls I grabbed 2 in the first level 4 in the second 2 in the third and the trophy for grabbing all the dolls unlocked even tho I didn't have the chapter 4 one. So it seems like the trophy unlocks once you get 8 dolls regardless of the level that's what I have been reading. Snoop trophy unlocks once I erased the save and did the thing of watching the title of every message and listening in the entirety of the last message. And last Ingot the Complete every chapter trophy but not the Complete chapter 4 trophy... Easy fix just go back press continue, you will start in the very last section, finish the game again and trophy pops. There are some bugs here and there doors not opening and stuff like that, but that gets fixed by quitting and reloading One last thing to consider... ALWAYS backup your save, for some reason the save gets corrupted every now and then so when you exit the game first thing is backup save to the cloud. If the game keeps crashing when trying to load congratulations your save got corrupted, thankfully you have a backup save
  9. I got the trophy, just go back press continue, you will be in the last part of the game, once you finish it it will pop, why didn't it pop before I don't know.
  10. So, I finished the game and didn't get the Fire trophy which is a trophy you get for completing the las chapter. Looking at the percentage both on psn and psnprofile, seems like it happens oftens since the rarity is lower on the fire than the Spirit. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  11. It seems that if you play in ps5 you can't send challenges.... So yay
  12. New Update: Got the Platinum for Observer, very good game, gets you tense and scared in some sections. I finally did the Night Trap hard trophies, now I only need to finish the trap 1987 Augers.... which I already have the 1000 trophy so in my calculations which are bad I need to Trap 700 at most. Which it will take me a day maybe so no worries on that. On the other side Savage Halloween like I said is old school hard, I was worried about the "NO DEATH RUN" turns out that was easy, the hard and annoying and "make it or break it" really is Hardcore difficulty, which one hit you die.... that is actually doable if it wasn't for a section of Battetoads omage that is just so annoying, is not like you can die and continue from where you die, you go back from the beggining, incredibly hard, only 22 trophy hunters have done it in this site, which I have tried 4 times and I end up with a game over.... That said I won't change the game just yet, I have ragequited the game many times, but I am not giving up yet. We have 16 days to go, and I feel I am pretty far from the objective of getting 13 plats 😑 I thought I was the only one that had a little bit of problems with my list, but turns out a lot of people have struggle with motivation and all of that, so I don't feel alone here, don't be down if you feel like you are going to fail this event guys, at the end of the day you are the only one keeping score with yourself. Reason why I entered this event and other events is because I sometimes am blank in what to play next just staring at the amount of games that I have bought on sales and I just don't know what to try next... this event makes it easier to just put yourself into playing some games, just having a list, makes you play games you might ignored or just say "maybe another time" or "maybe I will do this 20 minutes platinum", and just try to beat the games you bought and want to play but haven't been able to put time into it. So keep it going, don't give up, but if you give up know that is ok, at the end of the day this are just videogames and trophies. Top 3 games that I would recommend so far: ECHO: Super fun, very tense, dark, interesting, is a game that is actually different and looks so good, I am glad I did this and the Platinum is super doable. Is kinda stealth, but you can play in other ways, what I would say is that is one of those game that has interesting mechanics, and so I would recommend just for that to anyone, but is also not a buggy game or anything like that. Observer: This is a more specific game, is kinda Walking Simulator but not really, kinda detective game, kinda horror, very interesting game. I would recommend this game to anyone that likes a story game, if you are looking for an action packed game then this is not it, other than that the game is very good.... Also there is a Redux game for PS5 which I heard it ads some extra stuff here and there, nothing crazy. Platinum is easy, collectables and not dying are the only things you really need to worry about. The Darkside Detective: This is a Point and Click game, it doesn't have horror, it has horror topics and all that, but is not scary, it is actually a very funny game, I laugh so many times with this game, and the puzzles are not the ridiculous type, you really don't need a guide to get everything. Platinum is easy, No missable trophies here. 1. ECHO 2. Night Trap (91%) 3. Perception 4. Observer: 5. Fear Effect Sedna. 6. The Darkside Detective 7. Afterparty 8. Indigo prophecy 9. Savage Halloween (84%) 10. Man of Medan 11. White night 12. Friday the 13 killer puzzle 13. Need a packet?
  13. F F that Battletoads level, the only exploit you have doesn't work in that part and is the hardest part of the game that is incredible hard to not get hit once.
  14. Yeah, I tried yesterday since I was on a role with the no death run, and that was the part that ruined everything, that damned Battletoads section.