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  1. Worst of all is that is the same trophies and same challenges if they change the trophies of "kill this guy this way" to another way it would at least change the dynamic a little bit.
  2. So I played the game long time ago, never continued until now. So I noticed something in my nee trophies... Got use 100 matches before collect 100 matches, so that's weird but not really. Difference in the trophies rarity is 40.95% to 40.80% so we can say most people get the use 100 matches before collecting them, the reason is proba ly because the first set of matches you get, you don't really collect them, your character already had them. So, don't worry about that.
  3. 3D Dot game Heroes is one that I will never get, those weird races are impossible for me. Also Wolfenstein 2 I haven't played it yet, but I know I can't.
  4. Wait, is it against the rules to use your own save file on the same profile? I have never done this but I find this interesting.
  5. Man leaderboards are all over the place most of the time, I have had some games that the leaderboard can't be updated or something like that. It is unfair to flag some for an old game leaderboard.
  6. I wonder what will happen now with the psn update.
  7. Such a stupid thing to have to let the game ther for 2 hours
  8. So I have read almlst every comment about the infamous 190/191 challenge. But I have also read about some challenges that are nearly impossible post game, I am looking around and nobody is mentioning, "The challenge ____ is specially a must to do before end game". So which is it?
  9. I can confirm the trophy has been fixed with the last patch. Now the question is can I get Cloak and Swagger with chapter select. Edit: yes it works with chapter select.
  10. Either they cheated or they got glitched in a good way. Devs have said that nobody appears to have it in the game stats.
  11. I am just guessing, everytime I log out of the game and enter again it seems like the streak resets, I don't know if it actually resets or the game doesn't show the streak.
  12. It may have something to do with Oversaturation of games, you can only buy so many.
  13. It will, this is probably a thing of publisher deal or something. The patch is already made and I think they are no longer in quarantine, so this patch might come earlier. Unless our 1.03 patch is their 1.05 patch... There is another possibility.
  14. No, it seems that the new patch messed the wins in a row counter, so that might be the problem