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  1. @themindisacity Sorry, for some reason I can't repond to you in the message you sent me, sometimes I have a hard time making posts in my smartphone. Anyway here is my answer: Yeah I think you have to make 1 run per ending. I don't know about backup save, but you can time skip. So there is one ending where you have to be away almost 24 hours. You can do the time skip like in fallout shelter, and that does work. That's what I know it works. There are 2 endings that you basically need the same bond and trust level but the difference is the away time. So yeah, you can possibly do the backup save for those. Personally never tested that. Hope that works. Have a nice day.
  2. Wait wait wait... You could do that? Oh well, it wasn't hard anyway. The hard part were the challenges.
  3. I got the tropht for winning 5 friends/online matches. But I didn't get the Play 3 friends/online matches. Even weirder it is less common the play 3 matches than winning 5. Is the description wrong or what? I don't get it.
  4. This will be a hard platinum. I remember playing on the 360 going for the 100% you need to do a lot of sidequests before they are missable but also not level up so much, because enemies level up with you.
  5. Question, I think that I might be the lucky guy that hasn't play the game, so the latest patch might not be downloaded yet, is it obtainable that way?
  6. Is a short game so it won't be a problem, but still FYI. Game has a lot of trophies that doesn't popped up at the right time. The Medium has been reported as glitchy. Also the "Watch X murder" tends to not popped even if you actually watched the murder scene. Even if it credits you of watching every scene in the chapter. My recommendation is to keep watching every scene, lock into that scene don't move around like crazy or fast forward. (I read in a guide that fast forward can mess up the trophies in a way.) Also a pretty good way to be sure the trophy pops after watching a murder scene is to use the follow mechanic.
  7. Probably a 4 or a 3. The hard part is to find a club in matchmaking and score a goal on them. We spent almost an hour without finding a club.
  8. Well, time to re-install.
  9. Just a little clarification on the guide posted here. The reason some questions are available in the dummy account and others in the main account is because the guilty charactee changed and by that happening some questions and answers changed. Other than thar great guide.
  10. About the multiplayer hacking compared to this glitch. Is not the same. You cannot know for sure that you weren't actively looking for that hacker group or multiplayer server, or even been part of the hacker group or however it works. This is a glitch, it happens to you without even trying. This are not the same guys. Also most of the time that those guys were into a hacked multiplayer thing, usually have more than one game with that same incident. A cheater never cheats only once. Once you open the cheat door is hard to keep it close. We all have been tempted, but not everyones acts on them.
  11. I am kinda between. Skyrim I played that game until there was almost nothing new, I didn't went the lazy trophy hunter way. Teslagras I finished the game and didn't stop after the plat. Still i care and pay atention to trophy missables.
  12. Nevermind guys, I found a forum where explained that he was whitelisted, apparently there was a bug issue for in the ps4, where if you were downloading a game and playing another one at the same time you will randomly pop every trophy of the game you are downloading.
  13. You might be right, but he has the game since 2014, so there has to be something right? I think someone has reported him way way before, but why is it still there?
  14. There is not multiple region list for the game. Just the one.
  15. Well it's been days since I saw that. No dispute in the forums or anything.