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  1. Talking about Platinum % this game is harder, longer and even needs more grind to get all the trophies, so how is it posible that this game is 26% and the original is less than 10% I am amazed
  2. Well this was weird.
  3. You'll have enough don't worry, if you find the alchemist cars you will do it faster, also if you upgrade the belt fully you get the trophy without needing every upgrade. Edit(my bad that was the equipment thing and not the sling)
  4. Seems simple, collect everything and finish the game. Doesn't have the hard part of trine one and 2 for ps4. Which was basically finish in the no checkpoint mode.
  5. Well I tried to play the last chapter, which is the one that you just walk to the house to get the ending... still didn't work, I was going to try to get the collectibles, but I'll wait a month to see if they patch this game.
  6. If you guys have EA access you get an extra 10% discount, to watch out for that.
  7. So glad I waited on Darksiders 3.
  8. So I finished the game, saw the credits and all... The Miller report trophy does not pop, I don't know why Edit : Just noticed is pretty common to have it bugged out since Bowman trophy has a higher percent and the different between one and the other is 2 extra minutes.
  9. Infamous. 4 years 8 months Mainly because you need to finish it 2 times... evil and good. So I made the good run in continuation, meaning I played Infamous 1 then 2. At that time my brother lend that game to a friend, so I didn't played the evil part after many years that psn had it for 3 dollars something like that and I bought it. Realisticly is probably Injustice 2.
  10. I don't think hard is the right thing to describe this platinum. I would say grindy, very very grindy. There are a lot of luck base challenges too, so you can get them in the first try or in your last try. I recommend people to play the main game and if you really like some minigames, by all means, but the moment you start getting bored GET OUT. The story is fantastic and it deserves more credit and people should focus on that.
  11. Negotiator is the trophy that you would hate.
  12. Personally i got it in mu second try. I did not help the cops, I didn't give Vinnie the minors, tho at the end he told me I helped him get some, so maybe I slipped. I didn't make the snitch confess, I couldn't, tho i tried. Got the ending and basically the final choice is the difference between any of the medium endings, so you can come back and choose the other ending.
  13. Sniper Elite 3, because fuck the online trophies.
  14. I actually discovered, that once you started playing in Lethal difficulty with a friend, that difficulty unlocks for you offline, so clearly there is a way to cheese it. The guide writer is very wrong.
  15. I would say yeah, to be honest the story is nothing special, is al gameplay and style imo.