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  1. It is official.... Might as well boost the last trophy. Edit: Got it today without needing to boost, seriously if devs keep asking to do something 100 times at least have a countdown or something
  2. Well hello. I honestly have a lot of trouble, I didn't expect this but, excluding Last Stop, the other games have multiple colors in the exact or almost exact same levels. Example: Chicory it has pink, Yellow or orange, Purple, White and Tan.... Cris Tales, it has like Teal.. which you can argue that fits in blue, White and Maroon and Red.... I had a lot of trouble but I realized really the Red maroon in Cristales is very dominant since the hair of the main character and the side color is maroon. And Chicory I think the Yellow is kinda confusing with orange, so it was betweet purple and pink so I picked pink. All 3 games are on PsPlus Extra, I recommend give them a try. Any objections on the colors I will listen.
  3. Let's see if the Adept killer trophies have no problems now. I read on twitter some guy say that it seems like they popped when you don't use offerings or add ons... only the 3 perks
  4. First update, not a bingo yet. Redeemed from PSPLUS: Chicory: A Colorful Tale. Very fun game, beautiful, the story is actually surprisingly good and touching. If there is a future even for mental health, I would recommend this game, it touches in depression and anxiety a lot. Easy Platinum No Jump Button: Last Stop. Hated by many, loved by others... this is a game like a Telltale game, basically make choices, walk here, walk there, make more choices, no jump button for sure. Maybe there can be a decision to jump something, but not a button per se. The story is interesting, the endings are all a bit sad to be honest. Easy Platinum Multiple Choices or Endings: Cris Tales. This is a turn base RPG where you manipulate time, kinda interesting, but combat wise the time manipulation is only promising and it doesn't really deliver. The story is pretty good, nothing ground breaking but good. There are multiple endings and Choices the game so it fits. Game itself is good and the trophy images are beautiful. Some trophies are very annoying, specially because the game doesn't tell you how many parries, perfect hits or slimes you have left for the trophy. Non-Violent. The Pedestrian. This category was going to be used by Chicory, but you actually get into fights in that, something I didn't expect. This one is a Puzzle game that plays with the environment. There is a video for cheesing the trophies and not actually play the game, I do not recommend that method, this game is not even hard and I think it deserves to spend some time looking at how the devs made the puzzles with the environments. No platinum, but easy 100%
  5. Date is 21 Feb I think.
  6. Here is my theory... The devs changed the requirements for Merciless Killer but they forgot to change that to the trophy, meaning you probably still need to do the previous requirements for the trophy... meaning I think it was all 4 emblems being at least gold... because my Oni adept trophy I killed all 4 but also I got 1 red and 3 gold emblems...
  7. Weird oni adept popped for me.
  8. Yeah and Mystery boxes are available in the current event, weird I just got adept for ONI requirements are now to kill all 4 survivors.
  9. I wonder if the second game is going to have also a release on ps4.
  10. Confirmed that Agonizing escape is still unobtainable, a person from our group did the requirements and trophy did not pop. As for the person that had that trophy on January 1st, I don't know what to tell you, either he hacked just one trophy (which it weird) or he got extremely lucky and pop that trophy due to a bug or something 🤷🏻‍♂️ I don't know.
  11. Well at least with a group I have, people didn't get the trophy after doing what is needed. Looking at it last time those trophies were earned was 21 of november. With the exception of one guy that got the Agonizing Escape in January first.... maybe is fixed... but only one person after 21 November? seems weird....let me check with the group.
  12. I have never been a fan of Harry Potter, never watch the movies or read the books, but if I was I would totally buy this game regardless of what the creator says. I am all pro gay rights and I visit Chick Fil A every time I can. JK is filthy rich, not buying this game won't affect her wallet at all since most of the revenue she creates is all about the licensing, sales gets her a super small percentage.
  13. I'll add that to the list once the patch is out, since it seems an event is about to start, so maybe they will add mystery boxes back, if they don't I'll add it to the list, I am just waiting for the patch.
  14. So I am wondering, because there is one white slime in the colosseum and it takes a little bit of time to found the whites in Crystallis. So does anyone knows of those count?