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  1. Infamous. 4 years 8 months Mainly because you need to finish it 2 times... evil and good. So I made the good run in continuation, meaning I played Infamous 1 then 2. At that time my brother lend that game to a friend, so I didn't played the evil part after many years that psn had it for 3 dollars something like that and I bought it. Realisticly is probably Injustice 2.
  2. I don't think hard is the right thing to describe this platinum. I would say grindy, very very grindy. There are a lot of luck base challenges too, so you can get them in the first try or in your last try. I recommend people to play the main game and if you really like some minigames, by all means, but the moment you start getting bored GET OUT. The story is fantastic and it deserves more credit and people should focus on that.
  3. Negotiator is the trophy that you would hate.
  4. Personally i got it in mu second try. I did not help the cops, I didn't give Vinnie the minors, tho at the end he told me I helped him get some, so maybe I slipped. I didn't make the snitch confess, I couldn't, tho i tried. Got the ending and basically the final choice is the difference between any of the medium endings, so you can come back and choose the other ending.
  5. Sniper Elite 3, because fuck the online trophies.
  6. I actually discovered, that once you started playing in Lethal difficulty with a friend, that difficulty unlocks for you offline, so clearly there is a way to cheese it. The guide writer is very wrong.
  7. I would say yeah, to be honest the story is nothing special, is al gameplay and style imo.
  8. Reviews tend to point that this game has the same flaws as Destiny 1 launch edition. It looks beautiful, just that.
  9. Is a very obscure game, very few people know about this game, let alone own it. While there is a guide, the guide does tell you the time away the time spent in the game and the level of trust and bond that you need, but still you need to know what conversation leads to that. I mean you can probably figure that out if you do the first 3 runs, but still, it can be frustrating for a lot of people. Of all the easy games that stack, this might be one of the hardest ones. I mean this is not My name is mayo.
  10. Blame the victim? We are talking trophies not rape. Anyway they did announced that the trophies would not be obtainable in December 13. Even at that they can still do it if they don't patch it since everyone basically did those trophies on their own. In any case most ffxv fans were at least happy for the standalone.
  11. 2 things. Do you really have OCD, or is just an Itch. Like I have that kind of "OCD" where it bothers me, but since I don't have a 100% account at the end of the day I don't care, it just bothers me a little. And why do you break your TV? You might have a bigger problem than trophies man, yes we all have been there mad, grabing the controller really hard to a point of almost breaking, maybe punch a pillow, maybe cursing a lot, but breaking your $2000 dollars tv? DUDE!
  12. So a new patch is out. according to the devs "Hello everybody, We're happy to let you know that we have just released an update that will fix the issue with the Death Runs that occured after our previous patch. Now get out there and finish eliminating your enemies on your path to greatness in your Magnum Opus" Does this fix the platinum? I have still the 1.04 update, since I haven't played the game since the download, so I am wondering, so I can let the console to install the new update, or keep it like that.
  13. Yeah, I stopped caring about it, I had so much fun doing what I wanted to do and doing completing the story. That is going to be the way I play Yakuza games, since trying to do all the challenges for the platinum is not fun and it ruins the great experience this game is.
  14. @themindisacity Sorry, for some reason I can't repond to you in the message you sent me, sometimes I have a hard time making posts in my smartphone. Anyway here is my answer: Yeah I think you have to make 1 run per ending. I don't know about backup save, but you can time skip. So there is one ending where you have to be away almost 24 hours. You can do the time skip like in fallout shelter, and that does work. That's what I know it works. There are 2 endings that you basically need the same bond and trust level but the difference is the away time. So yeah, you can possibly do the backup save for those. Personally never tested that. Hope that works. Have a nice day.
  15. Wait wait wait... You could do that? Oh well, it wasn't hard anyway. The hard part were the challenges.