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  1. Is so sad that this game gives you the platinum almost half way of the ending. I know some people are going to rush it and quit and is sad because the game has actually a good story, still I think there is a little plot holes here and there at the ending, but it was pretty good still.
  2. Update: I did Uninstalled and Installed the game back, first game I unlockee one trophy, second game one goal I unlocked the other one, didn't unlock the 100 KO trophy for any character tho. Seems like this method is more of a coincidence than anything. IDK why but it seems like the game has an error on the count, so when you get a 100 it doesn't detect that, it seems like the game detects 100 at 300 more or less, that's what I have been gathering of all the comments here, on reddit and on the EA bug report page.
  3. I haven't tried it, I will try since according to the star website I should have all or almost all the 100 KO trophy for each character. Has anyone tried this?
  4. Seems like every trophy is kinda glitch in the counting thing, since I am pretty sure I have more than 50 goals... I also according to I have more than 100 KOs with many characters and I still don't have it.
  5. Good to know, I was tempted to start this game with the Tmnt update... Oh well.
  6. What I mean about level is level of skill.
  7. Don't obey the game advice of not joining last worm standing before level 10, right now everyone is almost at the same level, so I would advice that as soon as you get the game mechanics try to get the win in both modes as soon as possible, the game doesn't block you from any mode because you are low level.
  8. You seem to still be stuck at it, I was too. Try other words too like: Bravery Sweetie Bureau Maybe you will find with any of those. I already have 170 videos and didn't pop, I guess I have to upload and see the ending again.
  9. Seems like there are 3 platinum now...
  10. Just don't play that game. At the end of the day you are competing with yourself.
  11. Worst of all is that is the same trophies and same challenges if they change the trophies of "kill this guy this way" to another way it would at least change the dynamic a little bit.
  12. So I played the game long time ago, never continued until now. So I noticed something in my nee trophies... Got use 100 matches before collect 100 matches, so that's weird but not really. Difference in the trophies rarity is 40.95% to 40.80% so we can say most people get the use 100 matches before collecting them, the reason is proba ly because the first set of matches you get, you don't really collect them, your character already had them. So, don't worry about that.
  13. 3D Dot game Heroes is one that I will never get, those weird races are impossible for me. Also Wolfenstein 2 I haven't played it yet, but I know I can't.
  14. Wait, is it against the rules to use your own save file on the same profile? I have never done this but I find this interesting.
  15. Man leaderboards are all over the place most of the time, I have had some games that the leaderboard can't be updated or something like that. It is unfair to flag some for an old game leaderboard.