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  1. Yeah it was almost unplayable from launch to almost all 2020 since the studio was hold on quarintine so of course the fixes were slower than expected.
  2. Well I have a problem with this one
  3. Doesn't offend me at all, I usually don't get offended even if you call me racist names, the views of the developer can are irrelevant, if the game puts the political ideals all over your face in a very cynical or dumb way then I get it, but if they have a certain views I can't care less. Usually I avoid games of developers that are douches or that make the game a lootcrate nonsense. Other than that I can't care less, if you care that's fine, but don't condemned people that don't care.
  4. After having a bunch of problems with knowing what areas I already grabbed all the cards I erased the save file and started counting in every area how many cards I grabbed, not movong forward until I got every card from every area. 3 things to consider: 1.- Visual glitch happens, meaning yeah after getting all the 24 cards at the gym I still could see 2 cards (the ones outside of the gym office). So don't obsessed about it, just make sure you have the number of cards of every area. (Microids posted a PDF walk through for this of all possible locations. 2.- Sometimes the game doesn't trigger the button if you are not at a certain angle/position. So just make sure to watch the picture where you can be standing and try every location a few times just to make sure. 3.- Sometimes the game doesn't spawn some cards, it happened to me in the Thorpe Office, I couldn't find every card the first try, I reloaded tried again and found the card, (why did this happened I don't know). Also there was a new patch for NA. 1.04 it doesn't seem to affect anything tbh, just noticed some longer cutscenes. PS: no I don't have the plat yet, I have to do all the endings again. Since I didn't do all of them in the last save file. Since this trophy hasn't been reported as glitched or reallly problematic I would like to say and think that the platinum is obtainable for NA, since this has been a controversy for a long time. Edit: Got the platinum, so yeah it is obtainable for NA.
  5. Oh no, if you buy it we all become communist, thanks for saving us.
  6. Damn stupid trophy, anyway will try the section method first if not then I guess I'll have to restart the damn DLC. I am not backing my save, already have everything else.
  7. So either trophy hunters hate this game or what?
  8. This is a very underdeveloped game, SO I wouldn't be surprised if one or two pop out of order, un fact the list % is out of order.
  9. Sadly it seems Lost Vikings 2 is not on the list and I never played it, but love the first one.
  10. Just press start and you will be able to move has happened to me 3 times. It will be until Wednesday.
  11. They are visually glitch meaning you probably grab it in one of your runs and after that you went looking for every card and you can see that card but you can't grab it because you already grabbed it.
  12. The team discovered the problem and will bring the patch for tomorrow.
  13. The game devs announced a new map coming soon, frankly from Twitter and Discord people want a money event so they can get the platinum and move on.
  14. Well we never know but I am almost 100% sure that will never happen, I think that is more possible to happen on the Switch than on Playstation.
  15. Well believe what you want, that's the developer answering my question, patches for NA and EU are on the same level, just different number.