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  1. Operation Tango, Maquette, Knockout City and First Class trouble, I think those are the only ones...
  2. Yes, it has to be innone sittimg from the start to the end.
  3. If anyone wants a teammate I am willing to give it a go.
  4. Is there a % of the completion of the game to count or is every game need to be 0%?
  5. Nah, this is a fun game and is a very doable Platinum some grind as expected, but nothing crazy.
  6. New Update. First line done! Not the easiest one but not the hardest either. Game: COD MW Remastered. Holiday: November 11: Veteran's Day We all know this game, is just the same, including the enraging Veteran difficulty of old COD games that spam grenades and headshots from enemies that are not even looking at you, after some days of screaming at the screen because of at least 5 levels where is just unfair difficulty and you have to retry and retry until you get kinda lucky, I got the platinum, only 2 trophies are really going to test you really, this is a very doable platinum, unless you lack the patience to do it. Of course it fits the Holiday, lol. Game: Everything. Holiday: December 27 Make Cut Out Snowflakes Day Existentialism the game, this is a super philosophical yet relaxing yet depressing game about how everything around us including ourselves are just insignificant as an individual, and all our problems are nonsense, but at the same time everything is also very important from a galaxy to a snowflake , very unique, very relaxing game. (PS: the Platinum is a snowflake) Game: Leisure Suit Larry Wet Dream Don't Dry. Holiday: January 24: Beer Can Appreciation Day. Funny point and click, is basically a parody of our life in this era, So basically Larry time travels by accident, from the first game (the one on the 80´s) to probably 2018 or something like that, so what does a horny 30 year old maybe 40 virgin react to the new way to date people, interact with people, and recognize popularity by just likes and followers, again this game and I guess the sequel is meant to mock everything and be basically a comedy, which I think it works. Yeah you start the game in a bar and the first thing you do is drink a yeah, good choice there. Game: Grim Fandango Holiday: Holiday Celebrated in México: Día de los Muertos. Is a perfect fit, not only is the protagonist Mexican, the game happens in 4 years, every día de los muertos, so you don't see a lot of people because they are visiting the Living World. Is a very funny game, super oldschool game, point and click that I would advise to play with a guide because I don't how people managed to even finish the first year without one. Nothing else to update, I'll update when I complete another line.
  7. Grim Fandango Genre: Point and click, Adventure. Time Played: Probably like 15 - 20 hours Game Difficulty: 5/10 Trophy Difficulty: 5/10 Time played: about 15 to 20 hours Trophies earned: 48/48 Honestly if it wasn't because of the many guides out there I would probably still be stuck in the first section of the game, there is a lot of difficulty factors for this game, and the biggest one for me is that is not obvious what you can interact with and what you can't, also there are some random puzzles that.... I mean I guess the first person that solved them was by mere luck. Still I'll say this is a very funny and enjoyable game.
  8. I'll save the first post to add my games that will be participating, not only to join in but to add as an example.
  9. This is the first time I try to make an Event, so if you have any suggestions, I am open, any cooperation will be recognized in this same post, I have been participating in a few events and it gave me this itch to create one for an entire YEAR. The only difference is I will try to make it to have some variation, not only one genre, not only one topic, MULTIPLE topics per month, I will try to explain myself as much as possible, bare in mind, english is not my first language so sometimes I have a difficult time with grammar and stuff like that. I did copy some format of other events so I can write over it and cover every question people might have, so yeah, if you read something that looks familiar, it probably is. Purpose 2022 is coming and so every month is different, every month focus on some kind of events, and so I thought it would be great to try and represent the year with a full event. Who can join? 1) No cheating! Flagged accounts will not be accepted. 2) Accounts with 50+ forum posts or 20+ platinums prior to 01/01/2022. Want to encourage active participation throughout the event. Eligible Games: Any game with trophies are eligible for the event, but since this is an entire year event, I don't want to make everyone spend time only in games of this event... there will be a few exceptions. I am going to use the time limit rule, which is that only games can only count if the 50th fastest completion time is greater than 5 hours. Why this rule? Well I don't want this event to be full of terrible 99% games, this is meant to be at least a little bit challenging. Why even give a chance to have 10 games like that then? Well, you'll see. How This Works: The main gimmick of this one is that every month is a different "topic" and since is 2022..... you have to do 2 platinums of the list of my recomendation( I will recommend 5 each month) for that month and 2 of your own choice as long as it fits in someway to the topic of that month, you can change the game any time you which, since new games will be coming, maybe you'll want to change a game for a new release or stuff like that. (If by any chance you have every game in the recommended list for that certain month, congrats, that means you already achieved 2 games for that month without even trying lol.) So just to be clear, you at the end will do 4 platinums for each month, 2 of your choice and 2 of the list of recommendation. So in order to "complete the event" you will need to end with 48 platinums.... (that's why I am permiting at 10 easy games). I'll try to recommend only ps4 games, but you can add psvita, ps3 and ps5. BTW, if you want to pick games for your 4 games of the recommended it will count as 2 for the recommended and 2 of your choice, so don't worry too much about it. So wait... do I need to do 4 platinums of the topic of January in that month? No, you can do all 48 platinums in one month if that's what you want, you don't have to play in any order or anything like that. This is just a way to "play the topic of every month in the entire year". "Isn't that a lot? of games 48?" Yes, but it is based on an entire year, I have seen events with half of the platinums in a quarter of the time, it is hard, but that's the point isn't? Also that's why there is a 10 games exception. What games count? 1) I do not want to police what any individual may consider or remind them of Halloween. I do encourage thematically appropriate games, but a reasonable explanation of how the game fits is expected, at least before you try it and after you accomplish it. This may assist other participants find games they may enjoy. 2) You can use games already in progress as long as the main trophy least (without DLC) is less than 40%. The base game cannot be completed prior to including on the list of this event. Games will only count when they reach 100% completion not including DLC, meaning you only need to do the Platinum or main 100%, not the DLC. 3) Game does not need to have a Platinum trophy. 100% games count too!. Rule 2 also applies to non-platinum games. 4) No stacks. The same game cannot be used twice during this event. If you have completed a game prior to the event and want to stack it for the event, this is okay. 5) The big limiting rule: Game can only count if the 50th fastest completion time is greater than 5 hours. For example: SOMA. Its 50th fastest completion time on the NA stack is 4 hours, 9 minutes. It would not count for this event. Resident Evil 2 would count as its 50th fastest completion time is 1 day, 21 hours. The primary reason for this rule is to encourage discussion of the games being played. Nothing against short games, in general. Just do not count towards this event, unless you are using it as one of your 10 games exception. Month Topics and Game recommendations. JANUARY: The First month of the year. Because is the First month the year the topic will be surrounded on FIRSTS. Meaning, only original and first games count (remakes or remasters count as long as is on the first). So, NO Mortal Kombat X, NO, Persona 5, Nothing like that. Bloodborne, Judgement and games that may or may not be in the same universe of a franchise do count, as long as is the first, (no, Battlefield 1 does not count). Recommended games : Yakuza Kiwami Spyro The Dragon Jurassic World Evolution Beholder Mafia FEBRUARY: The month of Love. Very Obvious topic, as long as there is a love or romance topic in the game is all good. Recommended games: A Fold Apart Maquette Catherine Full Body (either version counts) My Memory Of Us Kitty Powers Matchmaker MARCH: Women's History Month. Simple games that you play as a Woman. Recommended games: Horizon Zero Dawn Life is Strange Mirror's Edge: Catalyst Shadow of the Tomb Raider Last of us 2 APRIL: April Fools month. So for this I decided that the topic is about funny games/ comedy. Recommended games: Deadpool Jazzpunk Psychonauts The Darkside Detective Trover Saves the Universe MAY: May the 4th be with you. It can be any space game or space theme game, not just Star Wars. Recommended games: Rebel Galaxy No man's Sky Everspace Stellar Star Wars: Squadrons Outer Wilds JUNE: Father month Father's day is celebrated this month, so the topic is going to be, playing with a father figure. Recommended games: God of War (2018) Heavy Rain Octodad Dishonored Bioshock JULY USA month. I tried thinking of something else, but I think it can be funny to play games that are very USA patriotic, either ironically or legit. Recommended games: Metal Wolf Chaos X D Fallout 4 Bioshock Infinite BroForce XIII AUGUST Animal month. Since there is nothing really big happening in this month, I noticed that a lot of days of bus, dogs and cat are kinda "celebrated". Games that you play as an animal or bug (monster taming games do count). Recommended games: Maneater Untitled Goose Game Lost Ember Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom Night in the Woods SEPTEMBER Peace month. Easy to explain, any game that doesn't go into violence, no punches, no killing or stuff like that. Recommended games: The Witness Everybody's Golf Cities: Skylines The Talos Principle Bridge Constructor OCTOBER Halloween month. This month is all about Horror games and Halloween topics, for that we can understand games that have Halloween as the name of as parte of the game (like Costume Quest or Savage Halloween) and characters that have characters of Halloween. I won't accept all the bending of the rules of "Nexomon is a monster game so it is Halloween" or "Avengers are a bunch of dudes with costumes" NO, horror or halloween themes, come on, there are a lot of nonhorror games that still fits the bill. Recommended games: Pathologic 2 Pumpkin Jack Sweet Witches Lust of Darkness Visage NOVEMBER. Sad month. When I think November I think of sad songs and movies with the month in the title or lyrics, also Black Friday.... but still, so for this we have to pick something in the sadness topic, either the main character is sad, the world is sad or something like that. Recommended Games: Gris Life is strange 2 Last day of June. Last Guardian This War of mine December. Holiday month. For me that's Xmas, some might have Kwanza or I don't know, something similar to that, so the topic is Holiday games. Since there is very little games based on this kind of Holidays, there will be a more open aproach to this one, every game that has a Holiday event or level qualifies. Spiderman Miles Morales Cthulhu Saves Christmas! Santa's Xmas Adventure Bully Hitman Blood Money How do I join? 1) In order to join, you just have to say you want in, and maybe pick at least 12 games (1 for every month), at the end of the day you can change it, I just want some kind of participation, also just as a not, post the games you want to get listed before the attempt just to have some sort of control here. 2) For those listed games, please include a quick statement as to why you feel it fits the theme. Rewards Nothing planned just yet, I am not a badge maker myself I can try to make one, but it will be ugly or someone can jump in and help me with that if they want, we can decide this later Important Dates: Starting: 01/01/2022 Sign ups end ¿? Event ends 31/12/2022.
  10. Leisure Suit Larry Wet Dreams don't dry Genre: Point and click, Adventure. Time Played: Probably like 13 - 17 hours Game Difficulty: 1/10 Trophy Difficulty: 3/10 Time played: about Trophies earned: 32/32 Forgot to make an update, so here it is. Easy game like any P&click game is just about figuring out what to do with your objects and at that point in the story, humor wise I think is a super funny game. A virgin guy from the 80's desperate to have sex time travels to the 2018 where everything is about technology, phones, and social media, is kinda a social criticism and parody, very good one imo. Call Of Duty. Modern Warfare Remaster Genre: Shooter. Time Played: Probably like 10 - 15 hours Game Difficulty: 6/10 Trophy Difficulty: 6/10 Time played: about Trophies earned: 40/51 We all know about this game, but playing it today, it changes perspective, story wise is pretty good, gameplay wise too, but at the same time, this game hasn't age that well... let me explain, Veteran Difficulty, this is a COD game that was made before multiplayer was as big as it is today, I think this game might have been the first game that probably made it big in the multiplayer scenario, so campaigns were very important at the time that this game was made, and because devs wanted you to keep playing their game and not sell it in the first month that you bought it, they raised the difficulty to a ridiculous level, and yeah this game is not as unfair and annoying as World at War was, but still, just because you don't get 100 grenades at you every minute or so doesn't mean the difficulty tends to be a little bs, specially in like 4 levels, they are still throwing at you 10 grenades every minute and you still get headshoted by an enemy that is not even looking at you, also your companions sometimes get in the way more times than they actually help. That been said, I got the hardest trophies out of the way and now I only need to have the misc trophies, so is a win for me, I would probably have a platinum already but the first 2 days I didn't play this game at all, because I forgot the day that it began. Still after all this I think is a great game, even tho I screamed at the game more than a few times.
  11. Hi, I forgot to make an update, but yeah Leisure Suit Larry Wet Dreams Don't Dry is plated. Pretty fun game if you have a sense of humor and like point and click games. Also a very easy plat tbh, some missables here and there but nothing crazy.
  12. I have a question, why not dona new post for every season.... Seems kinda confusing tbh.
  13. I don't know if there are some triggers that might affect your mental health. That said I would go first with Donut County Sexy Brutale Maquete Any Lego game Sherlock Holmes Crimes and Punishment Bugsnax Darksiders Spiderman Skyrim Witcher
  14. Honestly I think part of the complain is people are giving money to developers that create bad games with easy trophies, therefore potentially making other developers copy that. I mean I have seen some profiles... man people with 7 versions of the game, depending on region, that means that person bought 7 times that game. Meaning the dev is winning the same amount or more than some good games get. Is creating a bad economy for the game development, meaning that if they can create a game that has an easy platinum and can be made in a month with just assests of the engine, means they will potentially win more money than a dude that spent years with a game, including the fact that those games get more attention than good games. There is nothing against those games, the problem for me is that people buy stacks of games, the problem is that Road Bustle probably won more money and more attention than other actually good games like ECHO or other games that you might like that not a lot of people has heard about. I think that is part of it, another is that people that really care about leaderboards and I mean people that REALLY CARE, are basically pushed to just play shitty games and their 8 versions. I seen some people pass me on the leaderboards (not that I care much, but I like to look here and there sometimes) and the people that passed many of us in just one week you look at their profile and is just a sad profile, I think in a way that's damaging, imaging buying a new ps5 to play Road Bustle 7 times, then go for the crossword thing and the 8 other region version and then go for the next one and the next one.... that's just sad, so I think that's why people complain, a lot of reasons lol.
  15. First Update: Finished 3 games. First: STATE OF MIND Holiday October 23: Make a difference day The premise is that you are a journalist, and you have amnesia, but have the feeling that the goverment and the biggest company in the world are into something, technology is at is peak and the world is a mess, you are looking for your wife and your son and uncover a conspiracy and you need to take it down for it to save your son and wife. So he is basically alone in this, that's why it fits the "make a difference" Holiday. Is a very story focus game, similar to all those Telltale games and stuff like that with a little less linearity, more open world, more up to you to make some progress. Second: Battle Chef Brigade Holiday: December 30 Bacon Day This one doesn't have a platinum, still is a pretty hard 100% list. Basically you compete to be the best Battle Chef, now a battle chef is a cook that also hunts monster to get the food, so the gameplay is normal sidescroller in order to battle the monsters and the chef part is similar to bejeweled, now the thing is, the game puts you a task to make dishes from a certain monster and it need to have a certain flavour (earth, fire or water, sometimes a combo of any of those) so you have to make sure to have at least one ingredient of the monster, and the flavour that they ask, now sometimes the monster doesn't have the flavour that you are asked, so you need to combine with other stuff in order to make it, this is all with a time limit and more harder challenges each time you make progress. Loved this game, glad I picked it up. Third: Candle- the power of the flame. Holiday Celebrated primarily in Africa: Traditional Day This is a Point and Click game, the story is around character that look like Voodoo dolls or stuff like Tiki culture, and yeah well you need to save your people including the shamans that were kidnapped by others, you use candles in order to solve puzzles and beat the enemies, this is a super beatiful game, I looked it up and it seems like the devs made everything hand drawn, so yeah, it really looks good, I really recommend this game if you are into Points and click games, the art style itself is worth a try, but the story is good, very wholesome.
  16. STATE OF MIND Genre: Puzzle, Adventure, Indie. Time Played: Probably like 10 - 12 hours Game Difficulty: 1/10 Trophy Difficulty: 3/10 Time played: about Trophies earned: 35/35 Hi, I couldn't make a Post before, sorry about that, I finished State of Mind in my second day, there was no work that day so basically I blast the game the entire day off until I had the Platinum. Is it good tho? Yeah, is weird to describe this game and really review it. The game is basically a story game similar to TWD games, not as linear as those, but yeah is basically that, some puzzles you have to solve and some investigation you have to do to make progress in the game. The story is super weird, very unique tho, I would say there is really no story like this in any other game out there, that said either by the end or something I would say this game has a good to ok story. Trophies are not like TWD tho, there are a ton of missables, but since the game autosaves every chapter apart, you can reload a certain save file to do everything, there is only 2 trophies that you need to at least play 1/3 and make a certain decisions to unlock it. If you like those kind of games like TWD and those style I would highly recommend this, while I think most of TWD games have a better story overall, it still has a very unique one and also the art style is pretty dope, so I guess is a must play if you are into that kind of games. ---------------- I started Yesterday my second game Leisure Suit Larry. So far I think I have played like 2 hours, but I will say is a very classic Point and Click game, for those that don't know Leisure Suit Larry was one of those "adult" games that existed in the 80's, to this day people feel offended by this franchise existance, the game came back as a terrible game in the ps3 and 360 era, so of course people always talked about "how terrible the world is because the first game existed" So this game basically puts you in a return, kind of a sequel of the original game, where it mocks everything in this generation, since Larry, time traveled from the first game of the generation to this game that is placed probably in 2018. Is a funny game to be honest, so far it seems like it can be an easy platinum too. I see some people speedrun this game and it lasted 3 hours, why would you speedrun a Point and click game ignoring the entire plot and conversations? who knows, but hey, might be able to finish it in time, tho this week I am kinda overload with work, so it might not be that easy.
  17. You want a good game with good story? Go for it. You want a fun platinum? Don't even. The get 100% the game is awful, boring, long, you have to complete and even more every single minigame is fun...just to play once, after that it just gets annoying. Substories or sidemissions are funny and dumb, which is fun, but after all the unskipable conversation that you just mash circle like crazy, even at that the game stops you. Loved the story of this game and the game itself i wanted to do the platinum. I'm at 70% there are at least 30% of the entire things that you need to do, full of rng. Enjoy the game avoid 100%
  18. The game needs a tutorial for sure, but to a very basic level, and you end up learning the mechanics really easily, so maybe the intention is that you don't know if someone is sabotaging or not until you have experience. Also yes the game is fun to play alone, I played yesterday and some matches were bad but some were good and because you don't know each other is very hard to get if someone is sabotaging or not.
  19. Hi, Well I come here to announce that I got my first Platinum, that is State of Mind. Kinda interesting game, is a very story driven game, similar to TWD and those kinda games, not exactly like that, but yeah basically the gameplay is around decision making. While the Story is nothing to brag about, I can say it is kinda very unique, so I do recommend it for those curious in having a different story that we normally have. I'll go to the Leisure Suit Larry next
  20. Jesus christ dude how did you managed to do Hardcore with that Battletoads level?
  21. Hi, everyone not an update really, I just wanted to post the square thing with games selected so I can follow what games I should do in what order... I haven't started since I was in the Halloween event (Which I have failed ) Anyway ready to do some of the games up in here, so at least we can have some donations here and there . Anyway the ones that are blank are because I choose multiple games for that specific Holiday, so I will pick the one that I am going to use later since it all depends in time.
  22. Ok, I'm in then.... I am in some events so it may be useful to mix the games of other events here lol. I will pick 5 games. November 1-6 STATE OF MIND November 7-12 Leisure Suit Larry - Wet Dreams Don't Dry November 13-18 COD MW remastered November 19-24 Grim Fandango November 25-30 Soul Axiom
  23. Hi, all finished my 9 platinum and to be honest... the last one I had a lot of fun and I played a lot of games in my backlog that needed to be done. Highly recommend ECHO, The Observer and The Darkside Detective. Very unappreciated games usually ignored that need to have more attention. 1. ECHO 2. Night Trap 3. Perception 4. Observer: 5. ZOMBI 6. The Darkside Detective 7. Afterparty 8. Indigo prophecy 9. Savage Halloween (84%) 10. Man of Medan 11. White night 12. Friday the 13 killer puzzle 13. Need a packet?
  24. The long part is the get all the minigames really and also maybe get both characters completely upgraded.