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  1. Either they cheated or they got glitched in a good way. Devs have said that nobody appears to have it in the game stats.
  2. I am just guessing, everytime I log out of the game and enter again it seems like the streak resets, I don't know if it actually resets or the game doesn't show the streak.
  3. How the hell did you guys did it? I mean that trophy is less rare than any get 1000 assists, 300 3pts and all those, for me this is the hardest trophy I am gonna get. I know the MVP will come in time, it just depends on teammates, but 10 in a row... Every time I am on 9 some platinum level players are against me or some James Harden level of defense is in my team.
  4. It may have something to do with Oversaturation of games, you can only buy so many.
  5. It will, this is probably a thing of publisher deal or something. The patch is already made and I think they are no longer in quarantine, so this patch might come earlier. Unless our 1.03 patch is their 1.05 patch... There is another possibility.
  6. No, it seems that the new patch messed the wins in a row counter, so that might be the problem
  7. I see some good games, not gonna lie.
  8. Nah, the game just added a new player and there is a lot of players that pay to get every character, this game will be alive for the next 2 years at least.
  9. I can't really say for sure since I don't have it yet, but I am going to say probably 300 hours. You need to win 300 games on 3v3 and 50 on 1v1. You are NOT going to win every game you play, since you will encounter dumb teammates here and there or overly upgraded players. This games makes a lot of money, there are like 6 players that you have to pay to get them or basically gamble to get them in a 5 percent chance. So this will take you time. Then there is a problem, big problem of 10 wins in a row, at this point you better get lucky or boosted. Then the 200 MVPs, this is hard, because everyone has to play team basketball and play at a decent level in order to have a chance for this.
  10. Thanks for the answer, I will try out to do one of those exploits in the future if I can definitely can't manage to do it in a normal way.
  11. Man this is a really good way. So question about the second method. Can I create a alt account and do that locally? Or would that void the exploit?
  12. I mean I get that some reviewers get early, but this doesn't look to be Greg Miller lol.
  13. I guess I am getting this one for free. 😊
  14. Turok was hard as hell back then, couldn't they make a Platinum out of it? Might still buy tho. Is it remastered?
  15. You want a good game with good story? Go for it. You want a fun platinum? Don't even. The get 100% the game is awful, boring, long, you have to complete and even more every single minigame is fun...just to play once, after that it just gets annoying. Substories or sidemissions are funny and dumb, which is fun, but after all the unskipable conversation that you just mash circle like crazy, even at that the game stops you. Loved the story of this game and the game itself i wanted to do the platinum. I'm at 70% there are at least 30% of the entire things that you need to do, full of rng. Enjoy the game avoid 100%
  16. Yeah, I was getting pretty annoyed at those task so I decided to just play the story and some sidequests. The game is awesome, the platinum is not.
  17. Usually I don't complain, but I already have Rise of the Tomb Raider...(who doesn't game has been on sale several time for way less than 10 dollars) I already have Erica. While 2k20 I love me some basketball, but isn't this the worst 2k for a long time? fans of 2k have been complaining for years. 2k21 is right at the corner. Bad choice.
  18. Let's say that I only missed a secret and a letter in chapter 3. Can I go there pick those that I miss and then I would be golden? Or do I have to pick everything from that chapter? Or do I have to pick everything from every chapter again?
  19. To answer my question, yes, you get the trophy once you get the letter/secret you were missing, meaning you do not have to play the entire chapter.
  20. Nobody has the platinum, that should be enough for them to know their trophies are broken
  21. Happened to me, closed the app, opened the game again and the trophie popped.
  22. So I finished the game, saw the credits and all... The Miller report trophy does not pop, I don't know why Edit : Just noticed is pretty common to have it bugged out since Bowman trophy has a higher percent and the different between one and the other is 2 extra minutes.
  23. Talking about Platinum % this game is harder, longer and even needs more grind to get all the trophies, so how is it posible that this game is 26% and the original is less than 10% I am amazed
  24. So this is weird. Currently I am in a very well known glitch, where you can't sleep because of a memory but there us no memory. The devs said in that this is a visual glitch if you press memory 13 it will work. That was a no for me, I tried to do other sidequests and nothing, not even the trophies poped until i closed the app, might have to wait for a patch.
  25. Play the game, use the level up perk, go for all the other trophies, that should take you half way there. Online seems to be the ome that gives you the most of you have a good match, and the most fun. The other way is just go to the "single playet part and get every thing you can get.