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  1. So my last field manual in the Italian story just isnt spawning in. I go to the box and nothing. Anyone know a fix? I still have a few other easy trophies to grab but if i cant get that last manual it blocks 3 trophies and the plat
  2. Marvel v Capcom 3. U have 1 trophy left for 320 missions. Assuming it only took 5 hours between 80 and 160 u can do it in 2 days no problem
  3. Supermeat boy. Havent tried but i know its next to impossible
  4. Thanks. Was curious. Would suck if people had to figure out by getting it and sharing what it says
  5. I was just wondering but how are hidden trophies usually originally discovered as to what they are? Like I know they show what they are when you get them, and then that's how they appear on guides, but do the guide authors just have to go around in the game doing random sometimes really obscure things in games to figure out the hidden ones or is there a way to force the game/psn to tell you what it is? Thanks