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  1. So far I've found all missions stick around. Not confirmed 100% but all signs so far lean to everything will still be there endgame.
  2. Just wanted to update on what happened to me; I quit last night thinking I would have to restart the whole game, got on again just now deciding I was going to do some of the more grindy trophies on this play through so I could rush to do the story in the second play through. Went to start Jessica's runner missions to make some cash, and the 'Holtzman' trophy that didn't pop for me last night, popped after the first conversation with Jessica and the broker. Here's to hoping if anyone else has this problem they can just continue the story and it'll pop for them like it did for me. Good luck.
  3. Same thing happened to me earlier today, except I was facing Holtzman, I finished all the missions on his list of offroad challenges and after it gave me a little phone call and nothing else. I really hope I don't have to replay this game again if I want to go for Platinum, Holtzman is one of the final sets of challenges and you need a decently leveled car to get there, so I'd expect a lot of grinding would be needed.
  4. Favorite game; Final Fantasy X and the Witcher 3 Thanks for the chance, and good luck everyone!
  5. Thanks! good luck to everyone who enters!
  6. I checked and I luckily have a save file in December on my first play through so I may farm Futaba lines on it. Just go into mementos and farm.
  7. Yeah, I think I've missed 2 of the treasure demons, and as for the bookworm one, I'll do the ones I can, I think I'll have to complete the all the side quests in the underground. I remember getting a book from one of them late game. As of learning about the compendium, my only concern left is Futaba's voice lines. My first play through I was kinda over powered by the time I got her. So 90 percent of my fights were ending before the enemy could even attack. Do they carry over as well? If all goes as planned, I probably will come back to persona after I finish 3 other games that I started and I need to complete first. At least the campaign portions of them.
  8. Thanks guys, I'm kinda new to this site and it's nice to see timely responses. I may be using this site as an actual member more often now. Yeah, I only have around 600k in cash so I will have to farm a bit of levels to alleviate some of the pressure on my wallet when I go to making them higher level Persona.
  9. I completed the game a few months ago, completing all the S-links, but leaving my compendium around 85 percent. I am unsure if I made all the Persona that you get for completing each social link, so my question is; If I start a NG+ Will I have to finish the confidant again if I missed making the final persona of each one? Or will their recipe to create it still be unlocked and I'll just have to fuse it? Mostly just want to know what I'm in for when I go for the eventual platinum.