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  1. fifa 16 ps3 platinum down
  2. online also doesn't work
  3. could you enter the game and check if they work for you? I have 2 copies of the disk and 2 ps3. Unsuccessfully.
  4. there is a single division, you are definitely talking about the Ultimate team seasons?
  5. how did you get trophy "Class of '16 Win a division title in FUT Seasons"? The divisions in FUT do not work for me
  6. Is using someone else’s game saves legal?
  7. too easy😅
  8. Sorry, in my country it is not very popular in conversation. Can discrimination?
  9. It seems to me that the author is racist. He thinks only about himself and his platinum and does not care about those people who receive 100%. If you transfer online trophies to DLC, then this is a blow to perfectionists.
  10. Any thoughts on how to get trophies? Already know for sure that some trophies fall without buying a DLC
  11. How did you solve the problem with backgammon trophies?
  12. LBP2 - For those who are too lazy to collect all the balls, but they want to get a trophy for collecting balls. Only (ATTENTION) DLC Muve and Vita works. Do not collect balls from the base game, the trophy will not fall out. LBP1-ps3 100% working level, when collecting balls immediately there will be trophies. Good Luck
  13. Guys tell me how to spend calories? Traveled 15 km and spent 0 calories. There is no bike. Or does it need a bicycle? Just interested in the question about the summit, climb 100km. What mini game is responsible for the height?
  14. people no longer suffer, and use glich saves for this trophy. It's funny that so many people decided to just hack the game and do not suffer. Where the administration is looking. On the day of 30 people hack the game by saving substitution. Saving on the Internet appeared on March 15, all who knocked out after just hacked