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  1. Just to add something that would help someone that wants to try this trophy 😊 If you struggle at this game, try to get used to the woodenwalls . make some holes in them and pray for some good chances . You can do this on any map on multiplayer . I was just camping for the right moment and got the trophy because im not very good in shooters. The counter starts counting from zero after the big update that happened even if you had some kills over wall pentration . Keep an eye on your profile like it was mentioned in our posts here 😊 Greetings from Germany with love my Hunterfriends 😇
  2. Hallo , i did all npcs 2 times and constantly killin my guide to hope the trophy will pop up . i even spwan the santa . I cant help my self with this bugged trophy its my last trophy of the list . So maybe someone can give me the key to get this bug away. i dont need advices that i can look up at different pages i searched a lot of them so plz only if you can help me getting this done plz