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  1. Bildergebnis für hyper dimension neptunia black cat

    Hey ME how are you ?!

    Long time no wrote my apologise but I am working on DD:DA and you?

    1. AlchemistWer


      Two Fluffy? I will create anothe with alchemy! Ku,ku,ku:ninja:

    2. Fluffy


      No; i am the one and only... the others are like fluff in spe to work for me.. ha ha ha

    3. AlchemistWer
  2. Greeting from Official-ME-, wishes you a wonderful day ☀️🌤️ ⛅

    And nice new avy my friend 👤

    1. Artful


      We've been friends for awhile :o

    2. Official-ME-


      Great isn't it \^o^/

  3. Bildergebnis für cat anime gif

    wish you a nice Sunday lil catbro

    1. Official-ME-


      Thank you my friend, how's it going? Mind if I add you on Discord? I'm not so active on PSNP anymore. (^_^ )


      And… wut you posted this 36 minutes ago but you last visit was 41 minutes ago :huh:. That's some real strong powers you got there xD 


      And hae a nice Sunday as well big catsis ⛅⛅🌥️

  4. Greeting from Official-ME-, wishes you a wonderful day ⛅⛅⛅

    And nice new (old) name my friend (^_^ )

  5. I´ve read your About Me Page and...öhm...

    Merry Christmas from me too. xD

    And Happy Meow my Friend.

    Have a good Week. ^_^


    1. Fluffy


      meow from me too lil catbro ^^

    2. Official-ME-


      Thanks, same to you my friends (^_^ ) 

  6. Oh, well…
  7. MEow, welcome fellow (^_^ )
  8. @Kaiwan
  9. It's that time in the year again


    New iPhone, LTE Apple Watch, 4K Apple TV,…

    (Click on picture to go to the livestream)


    I've been looking forward to this since previous year tongue.png 

    Gotta go watch to


    some links:


    (^_^ )

    1. Fluffy


      Nah; i have a Huwei Android Phone for sixty Euros; thats enough for psn app.

      And my next pc will be one with Linux workstation.

      Not an Apple fan but I think everybody has their favourites nyaaa 

  10. Meow, nice to meet you miss lagoonaris (^_^ ) Saw your backlog, saw your introduction, so will see you around Have a nice time on the forums~
  11. I care…, I really care And I think you do too… (I mean just look at the poll)
  12. He's stuck,… in a crack,… in time –_– Definitely! Don't you agree @marvelboy10? (^_^ )
  13. Nice new avy my friend 👤

     :blah: ?interpolation=lanczos-none&output-forma and wishes you a wonderful day fluffy neko ☁️


    (^_^ )

    1. Fluffy


      thx  my little nekobro from belgium ^^