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  1. This quote…
  2. @ee28max
  3. The all-new About ME




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    (^_^ )

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    2. Lucas



      Read on. Even offline.

      Go ahead and read. But if you’re in a place where a signal isn’t readily available, you can easily download the webpage. If you know you won’t have a connection, simply download your About ME in advance.

      I think downloading the whole thing'll actually take longer than reading it completely xD.


      Read on. Even offline.

      Go ahead and read. But if you’re in a place where a signal isn’t readily available, you can easily download the webpage. If you know you won’t have a connection, simply download your About ME in advance.


    3. Official-ME-


      Aahh I'm out of love for today -_ - 

      I'm honored, next time post a foto of that shrine  (^_^ ) 


      @Andrea P.S I also have a shrine full with your accomplishments =D




    4. Andrea


      Sounds good :)


      Here's the shrine I made for you, with all your accomplishments in it 564a3525ccaac74f7847ba9b0c61f6b2--old-dr

  4. Wish al of my fellows a nice Sunday evening Zzz (^_^ )
  5. MEow! (^_^ ) It's nice to meet you. Have fun around ~ See ya
  6. MEow! (^_^ ) Welcome to our friendly community See ya around
  7. …Christmas \^o^/ Official-ME-'s HUB <div class="ipsQuote_citation">Official-ME-'s HUB<br></div> Official-ME-'s HUB
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  9. Thinking about new sig…
  10. bg_01.jpg

    The new iPhone ads are so cute ^^




    Here's a link to the website ➡️


    And here's the website translated to English, because it's unique to the Japanese apple website (credit to google translate for this)


    Mobile users users. Come now to the iPhone. Using the iPhone is not difficult. The iPhone can be used easily even if the first person is a smartphone. So, even if you open the box it's thick There is no manual, you can start using it from the moment you have it. Just by moving your finger on a spacious screen, Every operation is as you wish. Just press the Home button at the bottom of the screen if you get lost, on the first screen You can return soon. Everything is a simple smartphone. That is the iPhone. Watch TV commercial Distance from family and friends It will be closer. Talk over video calls while watching the face of a family living far away. In words with emoji or sketch Tell the feelings you can not tell. You can keep in touch with your friends using all the features of LINE, You can also make it possible for your family to automatically receive pictures taken with your iPhone. Amazingly beautiful photos surprisingly It is easy to take. You can take beautiful pictures easily, and the pictures you take are projected as they are on a big screen. You can also easily search for a piece you want to see from people, shooting locations, and what you see. You can also make your memories automatically a movie. Watch TV commercial Every day becomes simple. It's easy for iPhone to quickly find out the way and see the internet when you want to know something. You can also tidy up with just your voice. And what you want to do For everything, a useful application for that is on the App Store. Watch TV commercial It's an iPhone if you can use it with confidence. IPhone prevents viruses and safely protects your personal information. With your fingerprint How to protect your iPhone and applications to find misplaced iPhone It is prepared. Apple Pay which can use shopping and transportation with confidence is also attractive 1. Please consult with Apple when you are in trouble. If you are concerned about the iPhone, please ask us directly. Staffs familiar with the iPhone than anyone can call, We will help you on online chat, Apple support application, or at the Apple Store. Since the iPhone is the most popular smartphone in Japan, iPhone users around you It should be a lot. So it is likely to solve by just asking family members, friends and colleagues. Go to your local Apple Store. To be easy to start using I'll help you. When you trade-in your mobile phone on the Apple Store, if the conditions are satisfied, On the spot iPhone will be discounted at 6,000 yen 3.24 times Payment can be used at 0% real annual rate You can also choose shopping loans 4. Set up a new iPhone for SoftBank, au, NTT docomo, Personal setup can also be used to help you relocate photos and contacts 5. At the Apple Store, For free people who use iPhone for the first time, we also have a free Today at Apple program. Trade in your mobile phone Learn more about paying with loans Learn more about Personal Setup Learn more about Today at Apple To the shop of a cell phone near you. It is a place that can be changed easily. At a cell phone shop near you, staff with expertise of iPhone We will help you make a smooth transition. SoftBank Learn more about SOFTBANK Au Learn more about au NTT docomo Learn more about NTT DoCoMo Perfect for you Please find the iPhone. IPhone 7 Plus 5.5 inch display Learn more about the iPhone 7 Plus Purchase iPhone 7 Plus IPhone 7 4.7 inch display Learn more about iPhone 7 Purchase iPhone 7 IPhone 6s Plus 5.5 inch display   Purchase iPhone 6s Plus IPhone 6s 4.7 inch display   Purchase iPhone 6s IPhone SE 4 inch display Learn more about iPhone SE Buy iPhone SE Apple Pay requires iOS 10.1 or later. For devices compatible with Apple Pay, please visit IPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus sold in Japan is required to use transportation by Apple Pay in Japan or to pay in the shop. To see if your device was sold in Japan, please see this article. According to a panel survey of the smartphone market conducted by GfK Retail & Technology Japan, the real sales share of the iPhone in 2016 was 52.29%. The mobile trade-in price of 6,000 yen will be applied from August 11 to September 12. In order to use the trade-in program, it is necessary to present a valid ID card. Only those who are over 20 years old can use it. You may be able to use the trade-in price of your device to purchase new Apple devices. Some trade-in programs may not be available in some stores. Some devices are not eligible for discount. To check if your device is eligible for the trade-in program, please contact the approved partner of the target device's trade-in or recycling program. You must agree to all program terms and conditions. Terms are available at the Apple Store. Estimated prices may vary between online and shop front. Apple has the right to refuse to accept devices or to limit the number regardless of the reason. Only when a contract with a partner loan company is established. The 0% split interest rate is applied to the 24-hour payment shopping loan when you apply for a loan by September 12, 2017 (However, the application period of the interest is shortened or extended without notice There are cases). For more information on shopping loans, please visit / en / shop / browse / finance / loan. Customers who own an iPhone purchased through a retailer's Apple Store,, or Apple Store call center (0120-993-993) can use the Apple Store or online personal setup session within 90 days after purchase I will. It will not be covered if purchased at an Apple product dealer. The trademark of iPhone is used based on the license of Aiphone Co., Ltd. Apple Footer  Apple Transfer from your mobile phone to iPhone Product information and purchase Mac IPad IPhone Watch TV Music ITunes IPod touch accessory gift card Apple Store Your local Apple Store Genius Bar Today at Apple Summer Camp Field trip Apple Store App Refurbished product & old model new article Payment with loan Trade-in service Order Status User Guide education Education with Apple Store for students, faculty and staff business Business with Apple Store for business account Managing Apple ID Apple Store account Apple's efforts Accessibility environment privacy Supplier liability About Apple Newsroom About Apple's officers Careers Event Apple contacts You can also purchase products from your local Apple store or Apple product store. Purchase by phone, consult with 0120-993-993. English Sales Line, Click here. Japan Copyright © 2017 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. Privacy Policy Terms of Sale Legal Information Site Map


    For those wondering what "keitai" means =>>


    (^_^ )

  11. I seriously want to know where people watch anime… On Crunchyroll? Netflix? As someone who lives in the EU I watch anime on Netflix but I was wondering if there wasn't a (cheaper) more anime focused service in the west. Ahh… just something I had on my mind (^_^ )
  12. 100+ notifications… o.O

    Well I have certainly missed a few things during my vacation to Austria⛱☀️🌏




    Well if you want to say something don't hesitate to drop something down below in the Social HUB

    See ya! (^_^ ) 



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    2. Official-ME-


      @Condemned09 Thank you Wolfy, have a great vacation as well 🐺

      @ee28max Thank you my friend 🏝 ( And maybe next time..., I will  be visiting South Africa 🇿🇦 )

    3. Silent


      Hey welcome bk☺ and enjoy ur traveling experience. 👍

    4. Official-ME-


      @Silent Thank you my friend, and I sure will (^_^ )

  13. Time to finish Death Note (^_^ )
  14. Please don't mind the quoted formatting, and as always thanks for updating (^_^ )
  15. Greetings from Official-ME- my friend, wishes you a nice day (^_^ )




    Had an amazing vacation in Austria, many beautiful mountains ⛰🏔🗻

    Many German speakin people and so, it was very interesting. Today I crossed 3 countries! Germany, the Netherlands, and finally Belgium \^o^/ 🇩🇪🇱🇺🇧🇪


    You know what they say…








    So when is your new laptop going to arrive? You can always borrow mine (^_^ )




    P.S. Oh and nice new avy my friend 👤





    (^_^ )