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  1. Nevermind, I finally found him!
  2. I meant that i can’t even find a single copy of Blake Martin (for the trophy to collect every friend card). I have found everyone except him, it seems unfindable...
  3. Am I the only one who has troubles finding Blake Martin card? It’s the last card missing and I can’t seem to find it. I bought multiple forward packs and super stars too but nothing. Also the treasures one the game gives me sometimes.
  4. Can you also list the other choices for the other events? (Germany, USA, Roberto)
  5. Would you mind share it with us?
  6. Yes, you can’t change difficulty in story mode. @Junky_351 can you skip cutscenes or you risk skipping the events for the trophies?
  7. Thanks a lot.
  8. Tsubasa and Ishizaki need to be specifically C or could be higher at the end of the school tournament? What do you mean in the last points when you say "you choose a mission / challenge"? Do friendship cards matter or not? they must be at a certain level or is it only the relationship in the story that counts? Thanks for the help
  9. You have to start again, sorry. But if you are asking this for the movie trophy don't worry. They do not count towards completion of that trophy. Only Tsubasa road ones do.
  10. The gameplay is really enjoyable, such a shame the story mode is fucking heavy... It slows down the game too much with dialogue and cutscenes even during matches, leaving you no room to enjoy the gameplay. Tried some online but seems unbalanced to say the least, in my first match with my 1100 value team (which was cap-locked) i had to face a 1600 opponent team. Basically a Japan school team (not the national japan team ) against top tier characters of the entire game. You can guess my rage.
  11. I think that is not card related. The game becomes (rightfully) harder in the final stage of the tournament. @mosessaur thanks
  12. Do the cards restart when I start with a new character?
  13. Wondering the same!
  14. Buzz!: Quiz TV Unfortunately i won't be ever able to catch it too. Fuck shut down servers
  15. I can't really understand why this trophy is more rare than requiem for a killer. That trophy took me almost 3 days to obtain while this one was really easy in comparison.