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  1. At the moment I'm mostly looking forward to clearing some of my backlog lol. Undertale is the first game I've pre-ordered since Darkest Dungeon, so that's the biggie for me. God of War, Wolfenstein, Red Dead seem no brainers. A few others. What I really want to hear about is the console version of Divinity: Original Sin 2 which is yet to be confirmed. It better freaking happen!
  2. Azkend 2 lol. A couple of those trophies brutalised me and I feel like I deserve a bigger reward dammit!
  3. The game definitely has some noticeable slowdown during the more intense battle sequences, but when you consider the freaking explosive mayhem that occurs during a an average fight this is fairly ok with me, YMMV obviously. Other than that and some occasional physics glitches the game's performance was decent enough considering that most assaults on towns end up looking like the Normandy landings. So from my experience the patches seemed to have largely worked, nothing was game breaking for me. It's not the greatest game in the world- gunplay is literally hit and miss, the story is predictably silly and driving harks back to old school GTA. But...the explosions....and...the wingsuit....good times. Definitely a massive improvement upon the vanilla release which I avoided due to the poor feedback. As far as trophies go, no issues here. The only one I'm missing is the call out trophy, but this can be easily boosted if no-one on your leaderboard sends you a challenge.
  4. Just Cause 3 is exactly the kind of title that ps plus should be providing on a regular basis. I bought it a couple of months ago and had a great time with it, even taking into account its flaws. Enjoy the wingsuit trials plat hunters!
  5. Driveclub at 1 year 5 months, due solely to not completing a couple of the mp trophies earlier and basically moving on from the game.
  6. On the whole I did enjoy myself, but for all its obsession with bromances and Americana it just felt....lifeless. The battle system flattered to deceive, and if the sheer spectacle of assaulting the generally well designed mobs wasn't so visually appealing I think it would have received even more criticism. The world and its inhabitants often felt jarringly disconnected from the catastrophes that were unfolding around them. The so many gaps and non sequiturs. Have or will they fill in the many gaps with dlc? Im not invested enough in the game to revisit it and find out. This criticism is coming from a fan of the series since I played Mystic Quest on the Gameboy (when I had no idea it was connected to it). Despite this, it still kept me playing to the end, but I have no desire to return.
  7. Thank God for Jim Sterling lol
  8. Quick update: just joined a Normal difficulty Survival match via the Asia region. Yeah, I don't know what's going on either lol.
  9. I've had no joy whatsoever connecting to Normal difficulty Survival matches, but hard and Vs Survival have worked without any issues (I'm from the UK). I'll just have to grind a few levels on solo normal so as not to burden higher levelled players (only level 3 atm). It's a pain in the ass but I guess I'll persevere.
  10. I'll just echo the sentiments above and add that I got my 12 slot legendary while grinding assignments on casual at 30/60. I otherwise played almost exclusively on veteran or higher but no dice til then. It's a bit of a joke but it's no Shadow of Mordor level 25 rune lol.
  11. Sleeping Dogs (ps3)
  12. #36 Nier Automata Game rating 9.5/10 Plat Dificulty: 2/10 What a beautiful game. For any prospective buyers, i recommend avoiding any trophy guides/ walkthroughs (nothing is missable) and playing the game on hard as normal becomes extremely easy very quickly. It's rare that a game gets under my skin to this extent, and that's the biggest recommendation that i can give it. What a beautiful game.
  13. #35 Horizon Zero Dawn Game Rating: 9/10 Plat Difficulty: 2/10 What a time to be a gamer....
  14. #34 Nioh Game rating: 9 Plat difficulty: 6 The awesome combat system pretty much trumps every complaint that i have about the game. Mastering the various weapons and techniques was incredibly satisfying and kept me hooked even when the enemy types and environments because all too familiar. A couple of new foes in the later levels would have been much appreciated, and the Diablo-esque loot (and to an extent mission structure) system was unnecessarily flabby. But crucially i was never bored and the boss fights (and game in general) were challenging without feeling unfair.
  15. Respect yourself before you wreck yourself