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  1. it seems team kills count for ace of spades、my alt was idling in a lobby with bots and got it by standing still 、I got it also when bots did it、it seems that this dont work for iron man、if one of my team bots die count that as a death ?
  2. Finally got the 99 hit trophy 、I have used a rouge with dancing knife and fling dagger and as support piercing strike 、played a defence mission so I was able to place 2 flags (move 、attack )、I used chase zone by witch also first 、make sure put a fighter in guard mode in front 2 other characters so they hit guard and it used as a wall、also make sure the rough dont move to get the full bar、and is located right on the map in formation、just team kill 2 or your characters to get 99 combo combining dancing knife and fling dagger before enemy get to your side、team killing also count for trophys in this game 、like one teammate trap health crate 、and other team mate grab decoy crate
  3. I dont have the japan dlc character (paladin ) what used in most guides to get the 99 combo、 the game reconize the items I bought in eu store 、but the eu store didnt release the dlc because it was added to free to base game、are there other characters good to get the 99 combo ? That are non dlc、spear Is only one that's like paladin can get 2 enemys at same time in its combo、I still need to check if it can make a high enough combo with it skills、I can make a 50 combo with a rogue and using rally flags but it only hit 1 enemy、 just completed the 60 flags
  4. I get like 2 a 3 flags a day included the free town flag if I grind full day、need to play active war mode (not the auto mode )、i get 2 flags a day when grinding 、you get the flag of the opposite team as rare drop if not already have、there are lot of players having the same flag XD、i still got 21 from 2019 I figured back then it didnt had the 20 trophy but seems like need 60 flags in this one、atm I'm at 37 flags included dlc without 8 offline flags、I got 14 flags in eu version so when I finish infiltration I have 20、this the only game I know where my eu dlc works with japan version
  5. Seems like the eu version server are working again
  6. I got 2 out of 3 online trophys(15 stages with other players and exchang rep sheets) 、on a japan imported fysical version that i bought from ebay、that is played my main、it was not possible to download online pass so the version was offline 、so i got them in offline adhoc mode using with two different accounts The japan version and eu/usa version dont connect in adhoc、i had to buy 2x japan version、i have read on a website that the eu、usa、asia version connect online and share server 、thats why im wondering if the asia version can connect with eu/usa in adhoc 、its will save me and extra purchase and i will be able to transfer weapons to asia version if it works
  7. I just got antisocial networking using two vitas with japan version 、it also unlocked on the vita without network pass 、the japan version wont connect to eu version using adhoc 、will the asia version connect to eu version using adhoc ?、i have read eu/usa/asia use the same server 、but its a different version If so there is no need to buy 2x asia version 、if have eu or usa already
  8. I unlocked monster squad trophy trough blitzbucks 、i tested if i can use the fantasy character cheats in offline and cheats where locked in offline when started with internet disabled、 also it was locked when i started it while singed in psn、even it is unlocked in store and before it was working in play now、i deleted my local save and download the cloud save this fixed this、cloud save probely dont work anymore 、if you buy all fantasy characters 、and the cheats dont work in play now probably need to do gaunlet、its best to get the fantasy characters trophy out of the way asap if used blitzbucks
  9. Is there a way to obtain the demo 、maybe a demodisc 、i got the unlock to full version file in my downloadlist but the demo went missing、same is for risk faction and zombie apocalypse 2 、purchase game back then got the unlock keys but no demos
  10. Chilvary for ps3 is still available as download code on game.co.uk、tmnt out of the shadows was also available there a year ago but dont see it on the website anymore
  11. Log out of psn get the trophys while offline、freeze probely cause that it try to connect to the psn store page that no longer exists
  12. The delisted free to play version without deluxe in it、the deluxe i still need to buy There a lot of them realeased in 2009 or 2012 i think also on disc 、i remember playing feary legends of avalon back then 、toki tori and more games 、they didnt give trophy at the time、when i start it now the update give it trophys 、its probely also the case with the disc releases back then、i wonder if the game is not patched because it got deleted 、and the trophystack is sync on psn/ added offline trophylist before 、it still unlock trophys or the gamesoftware really need to be patched Did anyone try buying ps3 demo disc and was able to acces the unlock file/dlc trough this on psn of a delisted psn games?
  13. Im not able to connect、just installed lbp 3 、 i just read game is region locked i try to download eu version see if this fix this
  14. Some players had trouble downloading smash cars patch、thats needed to reconize the virus run dlc、in jetpack joyride (free to play ) 、probely dont download the patch if delete the game and reinstall it make the trophys not to pop、i wasnt able to download/install eye of judgement patch 、so game didnt add trophys、would be nice if there is a list of games released without trophys 、but a update added it
  15. I see the tutorial trophy last obtained 31 January 、is it possible to start now or do the game not allow new accounts to be created ? Keep getting critical 、the defiance service is not available please try again later msgs 、got them also non stop last year wasnt able to start the game because of this
  16. Pix the cat ps4 leaderboards is working again 、vita is still down
  17. Does it also works if the cpu wins ?、if you are only 2 players the others will be cpu bots
  18. Can view all the stats and collections of psnfreinds 、so the servers arent down 、msgs of the day dont appear on board on ps3 eu It appears after completing 4th stage/ boss
  19. What im doing right now i have premium pass : completed the heist mercenary story and brothers in armor 、using trinity in brothers in armor first chapter with completing all secondary objective 、give me 1200、1800 xp tank match if win 、need to complete 450 times for premium tanks 、one game is 5 minutes、 there is almost no information on internet how much free xp is needed to go from 0 to tier 10 for the console version、i need to reschearch 300000 to get m2 medium to tier 10、this doesnt include extra package between it、if its less then a premium its better to go for a rank up tier tank because get base trophy also 、only see you need 650000、800000、1000000 for max out pc tanks tiers、the info is from 2012 -2015 Just read on reddit page of wot console、the tanks will probably get cheaper on blackfriday 、going form 450000 to 315000 xp Seems like i can preview the locked skilltree package in game 、600000 xp to tier 10、150000 more and a basegame trophy done 、seems like it will be realy long grind when warstorys will be gone 、an expert player on youtube say he get 800 xp a 15 min in casual mp
  20. i was able connect to the server after few trys ,I can send a freind an invite invite for versus battle ,add me for trophy
  21. have platinum this game today finally done ,Many tips in the guide \post where very helpfull,Some things i did : speed up air 2 air : I was able to lock down down a 8 player lobby with my second ps3 using a turbo controller ,and 4 controler and a freind that was helping out and had 3 controlers,gather up planes and destroy(multi kill them all can get 7 kills in one time ) them using tow and mines air 2 vehicle 220 kills in 20 minutes : Eucadia-Valley Run map with upc vehicle :When capture 1 point on this map in capture the flag ,2 upc spawn vehicle are availble close to start spawn point ,A freind was capture the vehicle and capture point ,i spawn in my second controllers while he was in with it with his , with all accounts in it give 6\7 kills everytime time i destroy it ,Its great to get rid of the cluster bomb and tow missle badges also and swarm,Dont need to wait to respawn because there are 2 of them having more accounts in is useless for gun based weapons,But great to speed up flametower and explosive based weapons,When you have a turbo controller you can farm hours for the flight medals in dodgefiight when away
  22. warhawk exemp. medal didnt unlock ,looks like destroying warhawks dont count for this air to surface badge ,What is is the best way to boost air to vehicle kills ?
  23. are air to air kills same as air to vehicle kills ?, warkhark is also an vehicle and would be obtainable in dodge fight,It would be a pain if 5000 air kills on tanks or jeeps or ground cars are needed from air
  24. im planning on doing this today ,Advancing the clock into the future will not mess up the timestamp on the trophy? ,I have read there is a internal clock keeping track of the real time ,Beside the system time clock
  25. I read on a guide That when you take down a missle in nuke with the snipergun it wont count as destroy ,I have selfboosted shadow with a freind that helped me out and i got a second ps3,And i have been the host all the time so the stats cant glitch when boosting shadow,I did a few kills with shadow and it popped ,i have feeling that kills make by the snipergun dont count in ranked and can cause messing up the stats also