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  1. I'm currently finnishing off some miscelaneous Minecraft trophies for the platinum the I am going for Life is Strange.
  2. I accidently bought then wrong thing and don't have any more money to earn this trophy so can I still get it. I have tried the offline glitch that allows you to create another character but that didn't allow me to earn this trophy. I also have heard that you can spend real money to buy in game money but this is something I would rather not do.
  3. I heard that they both have the a joined trophy list but I'm not sure
  4. I sure did. I was just going to put up the question but then I ended up going on a rant. Also you can't beat losing a digit in your bank account in return for 1 digit on your platinum count 😅
  5. Trophies currently are just a number and they don't give us anything so would it not be a good idea if we got something for them. For example for your first platinum you could get an avatar with one platinum on it and your 10th could give you a theme. It could be the same with levels, you get get one at 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100. I feel like this would give an actual reason to trophy hunt and it could make the grind feel worth it. They would also be unique and it would have a similar feeling to COD when you point at that level 1000 and say "wow thats cool" and then think they have no life 😅. Every platinum having a theme would be quite cool as well. Currently bloodborne and Horizon Zero Dawn has a theme. Horizon also has an avatar which I dont think much people know about.
  6. For me it's Saturday then Sunday and followed by Thursday the rest are all similar. I have no idea why I have earned a lot of trophies on Thusrsday but I'm not surpried about Saturday and Sunday because it's the weekend (when i get all dem )!
  7. My Name is Mayo has now been on the Playstaion Store for about a year now but there has not been any metion of a EU release. Will this game even have one? Yes you can buy the American one via a second account but this allows you to only get one platinum 😫 (what a tragedy ). To be honest this doesn't bother me but the people who buy it are obviously desperate for a platinum. My final thought is "does this game deserve an EU release". To answer this early in PSN's eyes it does because they are a company and mainly care about profit.
  8. We now receive small games that are only prices like $1 and have platinums and it used to be that some of the bigger games wouldn't even get platinums. So should these smaller lesser know games be allowed a platinum. Surely if they know that giving themself a 1 hour platinum will make them get more sales then why would they no do it. I'm not for or against them so I'm wondering what your thoughts are on them.
  9. With Destiny 2 only being months away it got me wondering what the trophies will. Will it have a relatively difficult platinum? Will have a practically unachievable one? What are your thoughts?
  10. For smaller games my name is mayo and nubla but if you are looking for a easy triple A I would have to recommend Watch Dogs 2 which is also a fun platinum.