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  1. Pretty much. As long as no one is telling another person to play a game in a specific way because it's the "correct way" and their way is "wrong" because of a silly reason then it's all good. It's their purchase and their experience they want to have with it. If that is how they want to enjoy the product then so be it and more power to them. As for me, haven't even started the game yet because of other games but I can see myself skipping some confidants and old story beats with no huge changes.
  2. Downloading Intensifies
  3. Many on that plane is had full lives to live. It really is tragic and harsh to listen to it. RIP
  4. Honestly it still hasn't sink in to be honest. My father called me talking about it and I was just lost for words.
  5. Glad I'm not the only one! I had to clean my glasses to make sure I wasn't seeing anything strange.
  6. Ooo that's neat to hear! Will provably pick this game up in the future when a flash sale comes up on PC or console, still undecided on that front.
  7. Heya everyone! Feel free to add as my PSN card is below. Mainly play Monster Hunter World Iceborne when I have free time. Generally like to help out with quest with others but I will say again, time is a bit out in the open but if you are willing to take that risk feel free to add.
  8. The mental image of someone trying to convince the other to get that disease for a low cost is more funny to me that it should be lol.
  9. Hahaha.... A little more than half judging from my profile.
  10. First off I would focus on what is realistically freezable, you have to want to enjoy yourself and want to do it. You do have your own responsibilities and honestly I wouldn't want you stressing over what to play. Keep it simple, alternate between new and old and remember to play it because you want to! Pretty much it. There really isn't a correct response because everyone, as cheesy as it sounds, has their own situation. I will say though to not focus too much on the 100% If it become a chore stop and play something else.
  11. Needs more poop imo.
  12. That's is music to my ears!
  13. A big away!? B-baka, you didn't h-have to do that!? But seriously that's neat!
  14. From what I played on the Switch the story had some promise to it. But from what everyone else has been saying it just feels average. Nothing to write home about but nothing offensive. It's just there. It just felt to safe and bland Definitely agreed on this post with its critics on the simple cast and combat. I do want to check out Blue Reflection though! Have it downloaded but I haven't had any excuse to play it lol.