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  1. It just clicks differently with people. Perception and experience is unique. Combined with how this style of game is and you definitely need some good RNG with those ladders.
  2. PSN: Alufeii Systems: PS4, PS Vita Blank Friend Requests: Just say you are from psnprofiles. Maybe on Blank, depends on what I feel lol.
  3. Man just beat this game after putting it off for two years and the worst part about it is the frame rate. And this was on PS4, which made it even more depressing. Other than that, fun little twin stick shooter.
  4. Thank you for this one~!
  5. Echoing what a lot of people have already said, separate the game and their developers with the publisher, Ratalaika and how they handle their trophy list. All of these games originally started on the PC side from a multitude of indie devs. Ratalaika just brings them over to console. But yeah, situation is overblown and people can get very narrow minded mainly form the fact that this sites and others like it are focused of trophies and achievements themselves. Which in this context makes it a complete joke in terms of list but sadly that's is also why any game that is under their banner is automatically dismissed or presented as "trash". TLDR; Games themselves vary from decently average to good but publisher is a bit lazy with trophy list which puts the games in negative light.
  6. Yup yup. The leak goes in dept into plans for the next 3 to 4 years.
  7. I love this shows. Super underrated~!
  8. Looking at the VA's listed seems pretty promising. Can't wait to start this soon since I bought it recently~!
  9. This one was number fifty and a blast from the past!
  10. Yeah can agree with the whole starting a game now that is on the list is risky if you are going for completion. Otherwise, go for it if it doens't bother you much.
  11. Not really sure if this is relevant information but I did notice that my last building took longer to complete that the others now that I reflect back on it. At some point, I was starting to wondering too after I took a look at the Order Form and it said that I had all the buildings. But I didn't think much of that since I remember, for some strange reason someone else's play through as they bought the last construction item and had similar text pop up with the form and Takakura. So maybe text that was never fixed combined with how vague the building system is in this game can definitely lead into thinking that this might be a glitch. Never really thought about it because I was skipping days, milking cows, and grabbing them banana seed from the seed maker during year 4. But the last thing I built, the Processing room, took exactly 10 days or a full season to complete. Which I found weird but the game itself is a wonderfully buggy gem lol so it didn't really surprise me as I was skipping days. Currently still got two full years to sleep by so I'm probrably gonna turn on a stream to keep me busy but I'm glad it worked out in the end for ya!
  12. Glad you were able to fix your problem! Never heard of a glitch like that but this game has been known to show players things that are strange lol.
  13. This was probably already said but my time with Cat Quest is one I would recommend. Game had this healthy balance for the player in terms of gameplay. Not only was it fun and engaging, but it was simple, quick, and the quality was really well made.
  14. Month's later and after coming back to the game to finally plat it that yes, I was just confused. The child's wife that I was going for and default female child of the game was so similar and there was basically no information about this online.
  15. I know that you already got the platinum but yes, you can indeed get the goat and the goat milker from Chapter to all the way till the last Chapter. The only cut off's is that you can only buy the goat during the Spring of each new year when Van comes to town to sell. Which is the 3rd and 8th. Just making this post if other's are curious or are worried about this.