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  1. A bit late but a neat trick is to simply go in and out of a house around the trigger area where the cut scene is supposed to appear. I am not sure nor can remember since it's been nearly two years since I last played and completed it but the game has a per-determined general time frame if it doesn't trigger right away. Again not sure on the specifics but as long as the weather is not getting in the way and you don't have any farm stuff happening then the cut scenes should work.
  2. This is pretty late but this is just for those in the future who are having trouble with this a well. Make sure this is done during year two when Grant and his family moves in because the mashing is easier with him. You can also activate this with Hugh as well. For the triggers, it has to be evening, no overlapping events, the weather isn't rainy and they have to be in the lobby. Simply walk up to any of them during this time frame and they will ask for the challenge. If I recall from memory I think Tim and Ruby has to be there, leaning towards Tim because he calls the actual match. A good strategy if you are having problem with villager schedules is to simply look up key location they hang out and stock and follow them when the time is near. For Rock in particular, just wait for him outside the inn because he doesn't come back home late. That guy from what I can remember doesn't sleep past 12 AM but does go to his room around 11 PM.
  3. Yeah no idea why people are freaking out. PS4 Genshin is confirmed still working with the PS4 version. Also progress throughout the accounts are shared with other versions, PC and Mobile. I understand that people do want options though so I do feel for people who only have a PS5 or want to start it from a latter version on the same console, but that is more of a separate personal issue tbh. Still, as a whole, it could much worse which is still within possibility, i.e. PS4 version permanently being discontinued in the future (this is like far future tho). Don't have a PS5 yet but will make that move when I get one, eventually lol, no rush tbh. I basically play on all devices, mainly PC nowadays so this personally doesn't affect me that much.
  4. Thanks for the suggestion and will keep that in mind if I really want to complete the trilogy. To be honest though, I have no real desire or interest as of the moment in terms of narrative. Maybe if I want to add two more easy platinum's but I am in no rush.
  5. Recently bought all 3 games because of how dirt cheap they are just out of curiosity and platinum the first one. I definitely agree with the first statement above on the realistic reason why it was de-listed and what I figured happened. Generally had no knowledge of it so it's good to get some context onto why. From what I have played so far, the game has some hit and miss charm too it. Will probably play the second one. Note sure if I want to go out of my way to get the last of the trilogy, not that invested to get it physically of pay a lot for it digitally. Most likely will YouTube the ending if invested lol. Also from what I have been hearing about the Doomsday, people generally say to skip that one because has nothing to do with the story, alternate what if route, and from the stuff I have heard from it, yeah, I will probably do that lol so deleted and into the digital folder you shall go in.
  6. It just clicks differently with people. Perception and experience is unique. Combined with how this style of game is and you definitely need some good RNG with those ladders.
  7. PSN: Alufeii Systems: PS4, PS Vita Blank Friend Requests: Just say you are from psnprofiles. Maybe on Blank, depends on what I feel lol.
  8. Man just beat this game after putting it off for two years and the worst part about it is the frame rate. And this was on PS4, which made it even more depressing. Other than that, fun little twin stick shooter.
  9. Thank you for this one~!
  10. Echoing what a lot of people have already said, separate the game and their developers with the publisher, Ratalaika and how they handle their trophy list. All of these games originally started on the PC side from a multitude of indie devs. Ratalaika just brings them over to console. But yeah, situation is overblown and people can get very narrow minded mainly form the fact that this sites and others like it are focused of trophies and achievements themselves. Which in this context makes it a complete joke in terms of list but sadly that's is also why any game that is under their banner is automatically dismissed or presented as "trash". TLDR; Games themselves vary from decently average to good but publisher is a bit lazy with trophy list which puts the games in negative light.
  11. Yup yup. The leak goes in dept into plans for the next 3 to 4 years.
  12. I love this shows. Super underrated~!
  13. Looking at the VA's listed seems pretty promising. Can't wait to start this soon since I bought it recently~!
  14. This one was number fifty and a blast from the past!
  15. Yeah can agree with the whole starting a game now that is on the list is risky if you are going for completion. Otherwise, go for it if it doens't bother you much.