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  1. Deep Space Rush
  2. Nadda
  3. Thanks for the info. Definitely will be useful when I get to it. Currently Year 2 and doing the meat of the collecting.
  4. Yeah and the problem still persist. Thanks will check it out!
  5. Thanks for the heads up buddy
  6. Plenty of Plants Plant 20 crops. Seems self explanatory enough lol.
  7. Top one got for a pretty good deal. This one was a pre-order.
  8. Just curious? Were you able to fix your problem?
  9. So for context, around the summer, game time, I decided to visit the Spirits in the forest. From there I did the trick where you had to talk to Mr.Pot's 100 times to be able to choose the gender for your child. After 100 text boxes of Mr. Pops begging me to stop he finally gave in and told me I win. So I went over to the Yellow spirit and choose a daughter. Fast forward to winter and I choose Lumina to marry. Everything was fine until main man Takakura said that, "The child was the spitting image of the mother." AKA, it's a boy. So what gives? Gonna try with the other girls because I have all of them at 4 hearts and can experiment to see if this is just with Lumina or the game saying that I need to choose a boy.