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  1. That would be Ratchet & Clack All 4 One and Ratchet and Clack QForce (or Full Frontal Assault as it is known in the USA)
  2. I've renewed Plus a couple of times in the past months and every time i do, the unlock key comes up as one of the recent downloads on my PS3 download list.
  3. I finished Deadlock for the first time a few weeks ago, but i plan to do a series marathon in the near future and platinum every game i still have missing! Wish i could play Rift Apart when it comes out though
  4. Go for Rayman Origins! From what i remember some of the time trials in particular are a bit of a pain, but its doable and it's a lovely game. And, unlike Legends, you don't have online challenges to grind out for months!