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  1. I bought the game today and downloaded it on both PS4 & PS5 however, I can't join with friends and keep getting error E005-4. If someone knows a way around to fix this error as we can't connect together and play.
  2. Usually DLC trophies go extra crazy with their requirements but the one game that was my breaking point is doing Street fighter IV trials, I did all the other hard trophies and on my way to learning the combos and I got really frustrated when a game asked me to do a really hard combo then cancel it and press a kick, why would I want to cancel a combo for a kick, it drove me nuts. I later learned that it takes hundreds of hours to master those combo trials especially if Street fighter IV is your first Street fighter game. I still love to play Street fighter but I gave up on getting the platinum for those games a long long time ago.
  3. There are two games that come to my mind when i think of this topic: Dante's Inferno Enslaved road to odyssey Both great games and with a good story.
  4. Far Cry 2, i like a good challenge but this game platinum is brutal if it is even still doable.
  5. Hello Guys, I'm currently developing a guide to help getting Disco Elysium Platinum much easier. I have also created a Youtube Channel to make video guides so if your currently stuck at Real Musor, here's a link to my video below hope it helps its a very straight forward trophy if you know what you are doing. Please consider subscribing and give me your feedback to make the next video better.
  6. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, there is a new PS4 version coming this June, so delete this 0% and go for the upgraded version.
  7. Hello Guys, i made a video guide on how to get Gluten free Topping Pie, this is the link I plan on doing a couple more, hopefully these will make the platinum a bit easier seeing that some trophies require a lot of reading and some require some pre-steps to get you where you wanna go/be to get the trophy.
  8. For those thinking of picking this game, its a well written game with definitely unforgettable characters and i agree that the game takes on deep political stands but it also give you the opportunity to learn about what it means to be a communist, a Liberal, Capitalism, racism and seeing that it is a fictional game in a fictional universe i think its an enjoyable and fun learning experience at least for me; Someone who is not into politics in any way possible. Highly recommend it to the Mega HARD CORE gamers out there.
  9. Does anybody knows what is the requirement for Biggest Communism Builder (employ critical theory 9 times?) from the looks of it, it seems like a thought related trophy but if anyone can confirm what is needed that would be much appreciated.
  10. it has an engaging story telling mode similar to Bioshock but the gameplay and enemy approach is different. if you like a good Story mode this game is definitely for you.
  11. you don't have a Trophy cabinet 😇, but looking at your trophy list; i can say you love colorful games You understand the frustration of the grind and accept it with open arms. Kudos fellow Trophy Hunter 😄
  12. For those new to the game this is how you unlock it from the legendary multiverse if luck based trophies is not your cup of tea.
  13. That's the bothersome part, you need to be around while aiming for the 50 hours and can't just leave it overnight and that's why i guess the platinum is still rare as most people wouldn't bother with the legendary requirements. I keep pressing X while reading a book, watching anime on my PC, cleaning my room and stuff like that.
  14. I am currently watching Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO), stumbled upon it on YouTube a while back and love the series. Its funny and talk about some serious psychological topics as he is a novice high school teacher guiding his students about life through I'd say unique methodologies. Great series, highly recommend it if you haven't seen it yet. https://comicvine1.cbsistatic.com/uploads/scale_small/6/67663/3084809-01.jpg
  15. Soul Caliber VI