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  1. I think it will be a timed exclusive given how Sony is sharing their exclusives now on PC. Just hope its a good game to be worth the wait.
  2. I know how good these game truly are but its time to move on, there's plenty of great games at the moment. I hope after Horizon we get an announcement for a New game; its been 6 years since we last saw the Helghast and i would like to see them on the new Gen.
  3. The missing card in Threedom can be obtained in Sixtopia where at the end of the game you will get 7/8 cards in Threedom and get the missing card when finding the Shadowman in the prison cell. I got the platinum in 2 wallthroughs missing the first 2 pages in Onecroft and had to replay the entire game again, although it is a little repetitive I found that by changing card decks I can play the game a little differently and still enjoy this game for a 2nd time.
  4. I'm currently playing this and having a blast its exactly as the developers said it would be and i couldn't ask for more. You can check out my Videos to see how the game looks and plays like.
  5. Thank you, That makes a lot of sense. I get it with Physical copies but never really thought about this when it comes to digital games. Cheers man.
  6. Can i ask; how do people usually get the game earlier especially with games like these that are digital games and can be bought from PSN only?
  7. GTA V on PS3, since you already made progress on the same game for the PS4. Great list overall and good luck with Max Payne 3 Platinum.
  8. both Version are different and trophy list are not synced together as you can tell from my trophy list 😅
  9. I bought the game today and downloaded it on both PS4 & PS5 however, I can't join with friends and keep getting error E005-4. If someone knows a way around to fix this error as we can't connect together and play.
  10. Usually DLC trophies go extra crazy with their requirements but the one game that was my breaking point is doing Street fighter IV trials, I did all the other hard trophies and on my way to learning the combos and I got really frustrated when a game asked me to do a really hard combo then cancel it and press a kick, why would I want to cancel a combo for a kick, it drove me nuts. I later learned that it takes hundreds of hours to master those combo trials especially if Street fighter IV is your first Street fighter game. I still love to play Street fighter but I gave up on getting the platinum for those games a long long time ago.
  11. There are two games that come to my mind when i think of this topic: Dante's Inferno Enslaved road to odyssey Both great games and with a good story.
  12. Far Cry 2, i like a good challenge but this game platinum is brutal if it is even still doable.
  13. Hello Guys, I'm currently developing a guide to help getting Disco Elysium Platinum much easier. I have also created a Youtube Channel to make video guides so if your currently stuck at Real Musor, here's a link to my video below hope it helps its a very straight forward trophy if you know what you are doing. Please consider subscribing and give me your feedback to make the next video better.
  14. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, there is a new PS4 version coming this June, so delete this 0% and go for the upgraded version.
  15. Hello Guys, i made a video guide on how to get Gluten free Topping Pie, this is the link I plan on doing a couple more, hopefully these will make the platinum a bit easier seeing that some trophies require a lot of reading and some require some pre-steps to get you where you wanna go/be to get the trophy.