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  1. I watched a trailer but couldn't make out if it is actual yoga playing with the Move and the VR or a simulator where you play only with your controller?
  2. I usually w]play around 7-8 pm (GMT +2) everyday for the past week and servers were decent and i easily found games. although some days i ended up with very high ranked players that kicked my A** but everyday there are people to play with.
  3. if you buy the Disc version used, you might not be able to access the Bonus missions as they come with the disc in a code and not on the disc itself that being said the Bonus missions are not obtainable from the PSN store anymore hence like me who bought the Disc used online, will have to buy another new disc game just to play the two bonus missions and aim for 100%. it is very annoying if you ask me.
  4. you need to win and finish the match till the very end for the trophy to unlock, if your opponent leaves the matches the trophy won't count it as a win. i suggest you score by 2 and drag the match tricking your opponent that he has a chance till the match ends. Good Luck.
  5. Just Finished Ni Nu Kuni, an excellent game and will start Dead Space 3 next after i finish the latest god of war game on PS4.
  6. YOU Get FM from leveling up characters and finishing Survival mode, i dn't know about the online portion as i have yet to play this mode in the game.
  7. i have the same issue no trophy after over +200 Matches. i have a solid team with a couple of informs and an Icon so i don't want to delete my team and with it my progress especially when this year fif0000000000a is a good one. Last time i remember i played a good FIFA game was FIFA 13 so fingers crossed they do fix this issue and with it my hopes in getting another year's FIFA Platinum.
  8. Grinding those AMBIENT free-plays in The Saboteur there are 1300 in order to get the platinum they are fun to do yet very boring and repetitive at the same time, the game itself is okay loads of fun and killing around but not so special to mark on my Top 10 list. add to that Aiming hopelessly to win the Online Draft in FIFA 16 which i deserve but ain't so lucky enough to get it and started Life is strange and enjoying it so far.
  9. Finished watching Steins gate and now watching something all new to me and apparently very kinky Monster Musume. Just finished the first episode and i decided to go on and experience the entire 12 episodes and see what happens.
  10. Star wars a New Hope gonna watch Ep.5 and 6 in the weekend so that i may be well aware of the Star wars universe before seeing Ep.7 next week in Cinemas , a bit late but better late than never....so far i'm loving the characters and the soundtrack. May the force be with you guys.
  11. for me 100% matters the most, cause throughout time i found that most DLCs add much value to the story and thus i became hooked with exploring everything in the game whether even if it's not trophy related. for me trophies has been always about getting the most out of the game and the a unique trophy list is what makes a game memorable and with great impact on me.
  12. i always keep the list in my signiture
  13. it makes me explore things i wouldn't normally do, thus adding to my overall gaming experience. Long Live Play
  14. i am about to start this game, and as a big fan to the killzone series i am going to play through the MP and not boost my way through it; which bring me to my question how active is the MP these days ??
  15. for me whenever i see someone with a Street Fighter Plat i Respect him immediately aside from that nothing impress me much unless you have a great amount of respectable Platinums.