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  1. got it figured out but thank you! i hope this helps others. i had to do nextdns personally
  2. so i got everything with the internet related side of things working. how do i get the custom mask to show up in game? @Smashero can you help with this?
  3. never suggested anything at all about GTA5 or COD? completely different circumstances mate
  4. what if it happens to you on multiple games before you get flagged for the first like ike? this is an OS bug, and i've had my fair share. platinums not showing up unless i sync, trophy lists not appearing at all. i've been lucky enough to not have this bug happen yet (i hope) but this is an issue with the OS, not the user. who gives a shit about the fastest time for the jumping burger: halloween edition anyway? i understand if the vita trick fucks up timestamps because that's a user choice but an OS bug is just ridiculous. fastest achiever for what? the dog d? and you can't cheat on ps5 anyways afaik be more careful about what? using a ps5 on the current firmware? lol
  5. The end bonuses are super easy to obtain. I guarantee you and everyone else who claimed that they don't count got all the end bonuses without realizing it.
  6. if sign ups are still open i'd love to join. love the monthly challenges and my goal this year is 96%
  7. Has anyone tried using Xlink Kai for this? It’d be easier than me getting a third vita and finding someone other than my gf to play with
  8. yes it'll work as long as it's the same save
  9. From their discord server: Server codes in an untrusty hands, can lead to your personal information leaked. -Client IP Address during a connection -User ingame name -User region/language at a country basis -Unique Console ID (PSID) -User ingame data (Messages, clans, etc.) (edited) Personally I'd rather it stay closed source and the trophies stay flaggable than risk getting my information stolen.
  10. report him then
  11. i'm not doing too great lol. started all 4 rayman legends stacks with online yesterday. rip me
  12. @slappymg here you goハミダシクリエイティブ-trophy-guide-walkthrough/
  13. So if I’m relevant I’ll get common courtesy? Whenever I’m in any game and I see people boosting I let them be and do my own thing or leave. I thought it was common courtesy to not be a dick. How is my trophy list relevant?
  14. The solution is leave the match or make your own lobby. If they're not intent on fucking up my lobby why do they see I'm boosting and then start killing me with their M4s lmao. I'm not the only person entitled to play this game online, I never said that, I just said to stop fucking up other trophy hunters' lobbies I know people are playing for fun, but these are definite trophy hunters that keep fucking with my boosting sessions.
  15. Just a reminder to all you boosters out there there are unlimited lobbies afaik, so please stop joining in on others' sessions and fucking them up, thanks!