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  2. Titan Quest. Hear the game is nothing but a massive bugfest as well as impossible to 100%
  3. Mafia 3. Terrible game with extremely buggy trophies
  4. Catharine: Full Body
  5. Wolfenstein 2.. You're only missing 1 trophy but that trophy is such a massive headache to go for to the point where it isn't worth it
  6. Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. Masterpiece of a game but the post-game grind is insane. You have to grind rare spawning gold enemies & then hope they drop an equally rare item once you defeat them
  7. Battlefield Bad Company. MP boosting is pretty much impossible now
  8. Crash Bandicoot. Some of those time trails are just hair pullingly annoying & have very little room for error. A lot of unneeded stress honestly, I think just beat the game is enough for that one
  9. Anthem. Just a super boring game overall
  10. Playstation VR Worlds. My god some of the games on there are just extremely tedious to actually finish the challenges for
  11. Yakuza 0. As much as I loved the Yakuza series & as much as it felt great achieving the platinum for it, it is EXTREMELY tedious & EXTREMELY luck based. You seriously need to be extremely lucky to earn the platinum & put in extreme dedication to earn it. Not to mention you need to learn Japanese gambling games, Mahjong being the hardest. All & all, amazing game to beat, terrible game to platinum
  12. Kingdom Come: Deliverance. My god the game is super unforgiving. Especially if you decide to 100% it