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  1. I played the game for like 20 minutes & already encountered a bug. When having to put the extra fuel can in the back of the magnum opus, Chumbucket's fatass takes up the entire back of the vehicle, making it so you can't place the gas can in the car. If I backed up from the car he'd move to the side but would go back to taking up the entire thing whenever I got close. I overcame it by quickly running to the car & placing the gas can before he finished his moving animation but I'm taking this encounter as a bad omen & not even going to bother going for the game. Plus the controls are awkward & down right terrible ( to jump, to run, can't move while aiming, default aiming is but can be changed to & that's the only control you can change). I can tell just from the first 20 minutes I will absolutely despise ever second of going for the plat so I'm not even going to bother. Thank god I got it for free & didn't buy it at least.
  2. If I start from the beginning, does anyone know roughly how long it'd take to knock the 2 online challenges off?
  3. Do you have any tips for doing this? I've been stuck on this challenge for the longest. No matter what I do I can only kill like 5-7 before RNG just absorbs my arrow into the abyss, not to mention the drift from the move controllers messing up my aim a lot
  4. I love Kingdom Hearts music & rhythm games are fun. Plus we got some more story, possibly building up to the next main title. Instant purchase for me
  5. Yeah there are games that do that if you're referring to picking between either or (Doom VFR for example). I agree other than the fact I think the biggest downside is the light tracking, especially when you're using the move controllers. There are some times I, say try to aim a gun accurately and either the balls on the move controllers overlap or the move controller overlaps with the headset and it starts losing track of one of the move controllers and starts drifting or gets locked up. But yes I agree that the prototype concept designs I've seen look extremely promising as my least favorite thing in a VR game is using teleportation as my only form of movement as I personally feel like it breaks the immersion of the game. Same with having to hold the bumper and then swing your arm backwards as if you're pulling yourself forward. The current design of the move controllers just doesn't fit very well for movement besides teleportation & if they were to fix that I think I'd get into a lot more VR games
  6. I'd say the main 2 reasons are that not everyone has the move controllers but I think the biggest reason is movement. The move controllers don't really had a D-Pad to move (which I find kinda dumb) so you instead have to use the buttons which are in weird spots that don't exactly represent the direction you're trying to go. I hope that when the PS5 comes out they also release an updated Move controller with a proper D-Pad so devs aren't forced to make teleportation the move way for movement since not one really wants to use weirdly placed buttons to move.
  7. Wolfenstein: The New Order
  8. Death Stranding. I just straight up can't get into. Puts me to sleep playing it for more than 30 minutes
  9. Black Ops 4, I wish I didn't start that on this account. Also congrats on Fall Guys!
  10. Hotline Miami. 100% it back on PC a while ago
  11. Played it on PC with my friend. Super fun game to play Co-op. I'm upset it doesn't have a platinum & has 26 achievements that aren't on this version that are on the steam version. Wish they would have just brought over the entire list & slapped a platty on it
  12. Crash Bandicoot: Warped
  13. The Last Guardian
  14. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Hitman Contracts