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  1. I'd be down. Love interacting with the community!
  2. Thank you for the very kind words about the guide & I'm so glad you also enjoyed the game as well! I'm super passionate about the game & I think it's one of the more underrated games I've played. In case you're wondering I DO plan on making a guide for the DLC in the future, I just haven't gotten around to it yet since I haven't started the DLC myself even though I own it. Again, thank you for the very kind words about the guide as I put A LOT of time & effort into a guide that I thought was going to get overlooked since it was such an underrated game but I felt like it deserved it, so it feels really great that the guide blew up & brought a lot of recognition to the game itself. I hope that the DLC guide I write for it as well will also do the main guide justice!
  3. Hope you enjoy Strikers! Absolutely BANGING soundtrack & probably my favorite soundtrack in the series. But if you do own a vita, HIGHLY recommend giving P4G a shot. I bought a vita solely to play P4G & I don't regret it one bit. Not to mention you can play every other persona game on PS Vita as well. Though I personally recommend the P3 Fes over Portable. Just be warned, in the PS2 version, you can't control your party members. You'll be seeing a lot of Marin Karin with a whole lotta misses if you use a certain party member as well.
  4. I also got into the series with Persona 5 & decided to go back & play all the Persona games. If you have the ability to I HIGHLY recommend going back & playing them all. If I'm being painfully honest, you can skip the first Persona game as I felt the game was extremely dated & the encounter rate kind of ruined the game for me since the random encounter rate was INSANE to the point you literally couldn't go more than 3-5 steps without going into another battle. The story was interesting (as I watched the all the cutscenes later on), but man that gameplay was rough to get through with the encounter rate
  5. Data on games is taken directly from the Sony servers once the trophy list goes live, so it'd be the fault of publishers or a mistranslation
  6. When you open a trophy list, you can press the options button & be able to sort the DLCs out of the list. That way you can look at just the main game list or any of the DLC lists separately Edit: just realized this is about the PS3. You can still do the same thing but I don't remember which button you press. I think it may be triangle but I may be wrong
  7. Update on my playing of the game. I had to drop it, not because the game is bad, but because the tracking on PS Moves controllers are abysmally bad & it REALLY shines in this game since you need to be REALLY accurate. But it's hard to do that when there is a constant drift or the move controller lights overlapping & losing tracking. I HIGHLY recommend if you're going to play this game, use the aim controller. Since I don't own one, I'm putting this game aside until then. I haven't tried using the DS4, but honestly, it'd completely ruin the immersion of the game using the DS4
  8. Alekhine's Gun EASILY. Nothing even compares
  9. So I've been playing it quite a bit & I'd say it's a pretty good game. You'll really want the aim controller for this though as I've been playing with the regular move controllers & the tracking goes haywire every time I try to line up a shot since the lights end up overlapping. Also the controls are very, VERY, weird. But it's been super fun to play so far & the platinum honestly doesn't seem all that difficult. Also the campaign is quite long for a VR title with 18 missions taking roughly 10 hours to beat, which by PSVR standards, is pretty long
  10. You could also turn on the manually confirm option so if he does join your session you'd have to approve it first
  11. Looking forward to the playing the DLC. GreedFall is honestly one of my favorite games of 2019 & I really don't understand all the hate it gets
  13. Titan Quest. Hear the game is nothing but a massive bugfest as well as impossible to 100%