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  1. Final Fantasy 9. Fuck the jump rope trophy. Absolutely hate that trophy
  2. Persona 5 Royal finally done! Took me awhile since I took quite a few breaks but now it's done & my god was the new content absolutely amazing! Probably going to take a break for a little bit from getting platinums since Phantasy Star Online 2 comes out tomorrow on PC & I've been waiting for the game to release to NA since 2012. I'm half way through this list now though, so I think a break is in order anyway! I'll see you all again once I get a new platinum! #COOKWITHME: Dead Hungry (Game about cooking for zombies) (Also the second faster achiever for it, nice!)#DANCESINGWITHME: Persona 4: Dancing All Night (Game about dancing) #CRAFTWITHME: The Surge 2 (Gotta Craft 'em All Trophy)#HANGOUTWITHME: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (Multiple trophies requiring at least 1 other person)#READWITHME: Root Letter (Finding the Truth! Trophy) They're called routes in the game but are still achieving all endings #LEARNWITHME: Far Cry 4 (Fully Loaded Trophy) #GETREADYWITHME: Final Fantasy 7 Remake (Dressed to the Nines Trophy)#SOLVEWITHME: Waking Violet (Puzzle Game) #STAYHOMEANDWATCH: Erica (FMV Game)#BONDWITHME: Persona 5: Dancing Star Night (You can play as the twins which are related)#WORKOUTWITHME: Arizona Sunshine (VR Game) #FIGHTWITHME: Yakuza Kiwami (Combat is Fighting)#TRAVELWITHME: Persona 5 Royal (You explore quite a bit of Tokyo during you free time) #GAMEWITHME: Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life (Currently 4.08% on PSNProfiles)
  3. Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments
  4. Skyrim. True, you should play some more RPGs are it's a great genre! However, avoid Andromeda like the plague. The other 3 Mass Effects are better by miles
  5. A Hat in Time. I hear it's good but I'm waiting for it to go on sale for a bit cheaper just incase I don't like it
  6. Styx: Master of Shadows. Is the game any good? I have the second one waiting on the shelf while I wait to pick up the first one
  7. World of Final Fantasy
  8. Assassin's Creed Odyssey
  9. That sounds like a great idea & yeah it does sound a lot like L.A Noire but what I was going for was more of a combo of Sherlock Holmes & L.A Noire since L.A Noire is kinda linear in terms of the cases & you'll always end up at the right target. I was more trying more a long the lines of you actually piece together the entire case yourself & with those clues you've collected try & figure out who it was. Yeah my brother also experiences motion sickness in VR so it could be like RE7 & have a choice between regular play & VR. I just love a good detective game but a lot of them are linear & don't end up giving you the freedom of figuring out everything for yourself which is something I would love.