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  1. I have found all but 2 memories but I know where they all are. Can you show a screenshot of which ones are missing from the plates & what is inbetween them? As for the survivor notes, judging from timestamps on certain peoples profiles, it seems they're all located in the Hotel area of the game since some people have gotten that before ever leaving the Hotel. I haven't found all those myself yet so not sure for that one.
  2. Ok I checked the studios twitter account & they have confirmed they are aware of the situation & are going to be patching this in the up coming patch. Sadly I tried the above method a few times & it didn't work for me so I'll be waiting until the next patch until I continue working on the guide & going for the platinum The comment the studio is responding to roughly translates to "Request for patch does not take over the weapon upgrade in new game plus"
  3. Same thing is happening to me. Not sure what causes it. If I figure it out, I'll comment here but if anyone else figures it out first that'd be awesome Edit: So I looked at some of the steam forums for the game & people on PC are having this same issue as well. Apparently the NG+ stuff is really buggy & according to some players the devs are aware of this issue & going to put out a bug fix some time soon. So looks like I'm putting the guide down until the issue is fixed
  4. Damn the remake was so bad they gotta remake the remake. For real though, hope the updates actually make the game playable & enjoyable
  5. Was a great read! I also find the earth's formation extremely fascinating as so much had to go right for us to even be here today. I also heavily agree that Chrono Trigger deserves a remaster/remake. Hopefully they will soon since they just did Chrono Cross
  6. True, it does look better than the PS3 version. Though when there is a plethora of visual glitches to boot such as outfits clipping into Vito's model during cutscenes, rendering issues, buildings/hud icons popping in & out of existence, I think even that small plus side of the visuals being better still falls flat because of the glitches. It's really upsetting as I absolutely love Mafia 2 & I heard it had issues on release on the PS4 so I waited until they were "fixed" like some of the launch issues were. I didn't know just how deep rooted the issues were though. Fingers crossed Mafia 4 doesn't turn out bad, but with Hanger 13's recent track record I think we'd sooner see a fully blind person identify colors
  7. Oh not even close to Mafia 3. Mafia 3 is on a whole other level. Most of the bugs/issues with Mafia 2's Remaster are surface level however with how many there are & how frequently they can interrupt your play session, it gets extremely annoying fast
  8. Title says it all honestly. From the crashes, visual bugs, performance issues, things being locked on screen forcing you to restart the game. How in gods name did anyone at Hanger 13 or d3t say "Yep, this will live up to how amazing the original Mafia 2 was!". & to think it was even worse than this at launch.... If you want to experience Mafia 2, play it on PS3. The PS3 version is superior in just about every single aspect
  9. Knowing Atlus, I doubt we'll see them on PS4/5 cause I swear to go Atlus are the most tone deaf motherfuckers when it comes to what the fans want. Like not combining Persona 3 FES & Portable onto one copy instead of making fans choose between a better story experience or tolerable gameplay Edit: Never been so happy to be wrong. Though it seems that It's PS5 only so shame for the people who couldn't get their hands on one. Though I'm still upset they didn't combine Portable & FES
  10. Do you also collect you own comics/cards/games on top of what you sell on eBay or is it all all just sold? What was probably the rarest thing you ended up selling on eBay? Do you get many prank calls working at a pizza shop? If so, what was the most memorable one? What are some of your favorite historical events or ones you find to be interesting?
  11. Woo I'm back at it again with Yakuza 4's platinum done now. That's 5 Yakuza platinums finished now. I'll see you all in a few months once I decide to do 5 lol
  12. Interesting read! Great to see another LoZ & Metroid Prime fan as well!. Still very impatiently waiting for Metroid Prime 4 lol
  13. My first dog, Miley. She passed a few years back cause she had a multitude of health issues but she lived all the way up to 13 years old even with her issues! She was a Black Lab, Golden Retriever mix. Also got a rescue from an abusive family 2 years ago named Shaddow (don't ask why his name has 2 D's, it was just on the collar when he got him lol) & he's 7 years old now (turning 8 soon). He's a Husky (not sure which type), lab, & partially German Shepard mix. He's also extremely friendly despite the way he grew up. Though he is unfixed so walking him sometimes can be a pain on the hand trying to hold back 100 pounds worth of dog.
  14. Your profile picture is pretty much my exact reaction seeing this DLC
  15. I'm aware that people rating guides & voting for difficulty isn't a comparable thing & was mostly comparing the nature of people where only a handful of people will actually do the voting, which I should correct the statement you quoted "just to further prove that a voting system would only be used by such a handful of people, the ratings you can give guides? People BARELY use those as it is", I didn't mean people using it to see the votes, I mean just people voting on it in general. While I do agree, people can find those threads useful & can provide value, but for how much resources it takes up is where I think the value isn't worth it. But the voting threads I personally think isn't a great idea because then those threads make up a majority of the forum which in my personal opinion is why most of those sites forums aren't nearly as active besides the voting threads. With over 15 thousands games, that is A LOT of voting threads that'd have to be tracked at once & would absolutely flood the forums hard & with the amount of new games constantly being pumped out (especially the very cheap games that have been in full swing the last few years) there constantly be new voting threads every single day, sometimes multiple. So if there ever was going to be a system implemented, it'd have to be one that isn't so cumbersome on the forums but to do that would take so much space worth of data just to maintain such a small feature when that could be used for the plethora of other outdated parts of the site instead. Like I did mention, I'm not against it happening, I'm just being realistic with how it'd affect the site & try to give insight to the people who don't know just how much that'd take to make such a small feature & to cons it also holds