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  1. I'd be interested. Love the PSNP community & would love to be able to interact with some people & them interact with me!
  2. Trophies seem easy enough, the difficult part will be sticking with the game probably as the game looks lifeless & boring. I honestly wish Natsume would just hand the development of Harvest Moon over to someone actually qualified to make a good farming sim. Ever since the original devs went on to do Story of Seasons, Harvest Moon just hasn't been the same
  3. It takes me around 3-5 minutes. That is including the run there & back. It nets 86k bond points so it's just so much faster to do that honestly. Because even if Metatron is beat under 1 minute, you still have to run back to the camper, turn in the request, accept the request, run back & then beat him & by the time all that is done it'd take about as long as 1 Snake King run for 1/4th of bond exp. The Snake king fight itself is a little bit luck based though, but it isn't terrible. What I mean by that is some fights will go smooth as ice (pun intended) where he'll just keep getting frozen & you'll keep getting off crits & destroying him fast, & others where he'll rarely freeze & get a few attacks off. Which is why I bring a hefty supply of revives & wear null dizzy armor in case he does get some hits off. It only took me about 2 hours to speedrun to the part where I could fight the sendai dire shadow. & honestly, it is well worth the amount of time saved by just speedrunning to that spot & grinding the dire shadow. Getting to 75-80 took me somewhere around 30-40 minutes with each level taking 1 or 2 fights
  4. A tip I'd like to add for grinding the Sendai Dire Shadow is to either have a null dizzy passive on your main persona or wear the armor that null's dizzy just incase he gets an attack off because he REALLY likes to dizzy you with every physical hit. I recommend doing the armor instead because honestly, I didn't notice much of a difference in damage from the null dizzy armor vs the best armor you can buy. & even if there was a big difference, it'd get nullified by the fact you'll probably get hit again anyway before you can even stand back up from being dizzy & die anyway. Current at bond lvl 80 & planning to knock out 10 at a time so I don't get too bored out of my mind grinding him over & over again.
  5. I may not have won, but congrats to all the winners! Happy that I was even considered & did get a good amount of votes!
  6. I absolutely agree. Loved your SuperHot VR guide (even though I had it platinumed before it came out ) I really think in the future they should have a category for VR game guides since they have a whole section dedicated to imported games, for example. A lot of effort goes into VR guides but sadly a lot of them get over looked (I've written a few myself). The same thing happened last year as well
  7. I just have to say hearing those words is an absolute joy. I put a lot of effort into Moonlighter's guide to make sure everything was as perfect as could be & probably spent a good few hours in photoshop making all the GFX look as good as I possibly could. I never expected to get nominated & I'm overjoyed that I have been & that so many people have enjoyed my guide. It's words like these in particular that let me know I'm doing the right thing & all my effort is reflecting onto the players that I made the guide for in the first place.
  8. Yeah I can understand that point of view as well but usually the same thing ends up happening when most players end up nominating guides that they personally & then it just becomes more about how popular the game is & less about how good the guide is. Plus a lot of the more niche guides that are super well detailed & written get over looked since there isn't enough people talking about it because it's so niche. I can understand both sides & the pros & cons of each so it's really hard to balance it out. I think the best way would be to incorporate a mix of both systems in. Where some of nominees are decided by the users & some are decided by the guide team as to try & maximize on the pros of both systems & minimize on the cons
  9. Before I get onto my votes, I just want to say I'm super thankful for 2 of my guides getting nominated! (Dead Rising 4 - Trials Guide, also Co-Written by @Platisfaction, & Moonlighter Trophy Guide). I'm super super super proud to have my guides nominated & I hope that I can strive to make even greater guides in the future. Anyway, enough of my babbling, onto my votes! Gameplay 1. Yakuza Kiwami - Perfectionist Guide (GOTY) 2. Persona 5 Royal - Confidants Guide 3. Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time - Full Collectibles Guide Walkthrough 1. Persona 4 Golden - Platinum Walkthrough (GOTY) 2. Demon's Sous - Full Trophy Guide 3. The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steal - Overall Walkthrough Niche 1. I Am Bread Trophy Guide (GOTY) 2. Mortal Shell Trophy Guide 3. Jotun Trophy Guide DLC 1. Kingdom Hearts 3 - Re Mind DLC Trophy Guide (GOTY) 2. Kingdom Come: Deliverance - A Woman's Lot Trophy Guide 3. The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth - The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ DLC Trophy Guide Formatting 1. Nexomon: Extinction Trophy Guide (GOTY) 2. The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steal - Overall Walkthrough 3. Doom Eternal Trophy Guide Imported 1. 真・女神転生 III NOCTURNE HD REMASTER Trophy Guide (GOTY) 2. BlazBlue: Chronophantasma Trophy Guide 3. Million Arthur: Arcana Blood Trophy Guide Original Content 1. Persona 5 Royal Trophy Guide (GOTY) 2. Jotun Trophy Guide 3. The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steal - Overall Walkthrough
  10. Damn, which climax battles you stuck on? I honestly found 0's climax battles so much easier than 1's. If I ever did get stumped on one though I'd google a video of someone doing it to get some pointers or try & copy what they do in the video & that usually worked out pretty well for me & would manage to do 'em pretty quickly after that
  11. Just finished Yakuza Kiwami 2! By far the best gameplay so far & had a way better story than the first game but 0 still had the best story. It is also A LOT easier than 0 & 1. Going to pick up the remastered collection a bit down the line & start going for the plats in those as well. Inching closer to the entire series being done!
  12. Because Take Two only cares about the cash cow that is GTA Online, meaning Rockstar only cares about GTA Online. I can guarantee you right now if GTA Online flopped or died off after a year or 2, we would have had GTA 6 by now
  13. No I haven't gotten all the HLN-A notes. But according to pretty much everyone here the only things needed were between pretty much between 1-700 & that's how they got it. Might need to start it from scratch & do the 1-700 again & see if it'll unlock after that but goddamn do I really not want to type all that out again for 20 minutes straight
  14. Does anyone know the ID numbers, or a rough estimate for the following notes as they're the only ones I'm missing (assuming HLN-A doesn't count) & Have went through 1-700 3 times & never got them still. (Don't own the DLC) Helena Note #17 (Scorched Earth) Helena Note #21 (Scorched Earth) Dahkeya Note #21 (Scorched Earth) I've spent probably 3 hours entering them 1 by 1 by 1 by 1 & missed these 3 each time. Doing the give all command still doesn't pop the trophy either sadly.
  15. People are complaining that they release a Season 2 Pass but people LITERALLY asked for this. Randy Pitchford (Owner of Gearbox, the developers) asked if people would rather have larger, paid DLCs after the 4th DLC. Or way smaller, free DLCs. More people wanted another season pass than the free stuff, myself included. I'm still not buying the pass right away since it's just 1 little arena mode & an extra skill tree for $40 which isn't worth it to me just yet. But the people saying they'd never buy another Gearbox game again, calling the devs extremely greedy yada yada yada when it was the majority of the players that wanted another season pass is kinda dumb. If you're gonna blame anyone, blame the people who wanted it.