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  1. Hi, you have to combine : fish + fish (5 shots) owl + owl (nuclear strike) bee + bee (toadstools) chamaeleon + chamaeleon (chicken egg). You have to combine them i a race ( not in the oudside areas)! I have contacted the strangely named-team today asking for a patch solution. I have got this answer from the developper : "I am aware of the bugs and was hoping to patch them a while ago. However, I ran into computer trouble and have had to purchase a new PC. I´m working to get the game patched ASAP." Just to inform you....
  2. I am sorry but i dont know how to get this trophy. I know the four different weapons to choose ( the salomon, the bee, the hedgehog or the bird). It should be possible to combine the pickups to create deadlier weapons. But I just could combine salmon and salmon, bee and bee and so on. What other combinations are possible? And how to combine? Can anybody help? I got the trophy! Everything is fine.
  3. Hi. I need help with the coop-trophy 'Changing Lanes'. Will be happy to return the favour. Please send me a friend request: id mausestern.