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  1. Oh shit, that sucks then. Glad I did it when I did!
  2. When we got the first Injustice it was the Ultimate Edition. Now the sequel is just the base game? Lame but expected. Does this mean an Injustice 3 announcement is looming?
  3. If you're way off on a time run it's likely there is a shortcut you missed. Some of these shortcuts involve boosting off the track and skipping parts of the race.
  4. There's a good way to grind by save scumming the daily challenges or something like that. It's either in the guide on this site or one of the threads. I used it and it worked great.
  5. Ugh, unfortunately I'm in the exact same boat as you (and everyone else, apparently). I tried talking to every NPC that gave me a quest hoping that would work, but no. I did everything else on your list the same way, still stuck missing that one last trophy : ( Judging by how quickly they issued this patch I'm pretty sure another will be out soon.
  6. They're all unlocked in the trophy menu in-game for me, just not on PSN. What's odd is when I started all the trophies had .01% rarity but by the time I was done and checking the trophy list, the first one moved to .02%, meaning people unlocked it on PSN.
  7. I've never heard of this. Are you sure you're not searching under "Plus" or something? The search results are usually bullshit anyway. I type in a title of a game and I'll see dlc with the first three letters instead of the actual game.
  8. Where those tall reed looking things are. I think it's actually the screen with the quest on it. He's on the tip of one of the reeds.
  9. I didn't get selfie one either, I don't think, but I'm pretty sure I have all the summer clothes equipped. Thanks for the moon answer! The two coco ones are in trees, you have to knock them down like the fruit.
  10. I earned a bunch of trophies as well and nothing popped. I'm missing one plant and king temtem and itty bitty. And my moon ain't wearing sunglasses, not sure if it's supposed to be or if that's just the trophy image or whatever.
  11. Everything is fine aside from the stupid 42 Km of slides and 21 Km of manuals. If this is a sim, that will take forever. I've been a skater for decades but I don't fuck with sim skate games. Trying a trick for a long time in real life is one thing, but doing it in a game is not fun. I'm happy for all those pros and filmers and stuff that are in the game, though.
  12. Excellent guide! I used different methods for almost all of the challenges : ) But that's what makes these so fun!
  13. Jeez, what a guide! Thank you for taking the time to do this. I've had this game in my cart a few times but never purchased it. Maybe one day...
  14. Hm, this challenge was not that hard for me at all. I just put the corresponding wards in the matching slots and just did it naturally. Luckily the top color doesnt come in the later rounds, so you're just really left with dealing with three sides.
  15. Awesome, thanks, I'll try this today. Last thing I need for 100% Got it, worked like a charm!