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  1. Did someone mention that you can refuel in this challenge? Do they seriously make you do that in this challenge?
  2. If you can save scum the no death run I'll give it a go. Seems like two plays are needed, 100% no death and under level 15 on Hard. Three plays would probably be better, though.
  3. I could tell from the announcement video this would be bad. I never had any intentions of playing it, but I guess my hunch was confirmed
  4. I'm happy to hear this is easier and more relaxing than the Horde challenge. Hopefully playing this one to Gold will help with XP so I can upgrade my guy and make the Horde easier.
  5. In single player games it's fine in MP it's not. Even if it affects SP trophies I don't care. Go ahead and get them any way you can (aside from just hacking them, of course). I used the cheat of simply hitting X to skip most of the levels in one of those Ratalaika games and I don't care. I did it twice and I'd do it again if the opportunity presented itself. Those games are just quick trophy grabs anyway. But even on real games, hell yeah I cheated the Crushing trophies in uncharted, I ain't got time to be dying over and over just cuz the enemies are so OP. Same with Bloodborn, I used the dupe trick to level up like crazy. Did it affect anyone but me? Nope.
  6. Actually, the Sawmill is one I've done early, I guess. But I believe I'm past that point in the story now and I never got credit for it. Deacon did mention the "big fuckin horde" there, and I'm (hopefully) near the end of the game, so I dunno.
  7. I just had the game crash (again) doing a regular horde. How am I supposed to be excited for an endless one? I'm glad I'm still on my initial playthrough because there's no way I'd want to come back to this unpolished, long winded game. I can't believe they added more trophies for these damn challenges. Survival Mode is going to be such a tedious, un-fun affair.
  8. I haven't had any trophies bug yet. I'm hoping I don't. I have killed at least two hordes which I never got credit for (yknow how the screen takes over INSTANTLY and annoyingly when you kill the last freaker? That's what I didn't get, and no new credit towards that storyline) but there are no trophies for that so it's not THAT big a deal.
  9. Oh really? And you earn the same amount of coins offline as online, then? No? I see.
  10. You have to hit the turkey with the flare round, it can't die because of area of effect damage
  11. Lemme do this offline, then. There is no need to force me to play online AND make up unclear rules on when you can earn the most coins. I hate playing online cuz I don't have time to be sitting around in lobbies an shit or have connections terminate which usually invalidates all the rewards and ends up wasting even more of my time.
  12. Yes, much better to just take whatever these companies give you. Very smart thing to do. I can't wait til they implement the MTX this game is clearly set up for. I also love the weak ass "kids" insult. Very original.
  13. Why the fuck would this be a thing? Jesus Christ, can Activision just NOT mess this kind of stuff up? Just let people play and stay out of it with your idiotic restrictions. I'm glad I didn't buy this. Even though it may be a small thing, just the idea behind it is ludicrous and something I just won't support.
  14. These games are always big dumb fun, just like the trucks in real life. But they drop in price so quickly I always just wait. The list will be easy, I'm sure
  15. Good to see some tips for the one difficult trophy. I'm interested in this but I'll wait for a sale.