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  1. Yes to PlayStation lifestyle, but no to Wrestlezone. Unless maybe I did comment like, once, bit im not like, from there, haha.
  2. Most likely whatever game you wanted to play, haha
  3. Total crap if you ask me. Playstation 5 is BC, so you can play all of these for free anyway. Oh, but what about those that skipped EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE GAMES AND THE PS4 ALTOGETHER you ask? Too effin bad, I say. So now those of us who are actual Sony fans (the ones most likely to buy PS5 day one) get nothing from this "new" feature. I say "new" because this is the same damn thing as the IGC which Sony did away with long ago. This was by far the worst part of the show for me.
  4. Thanks for contacting them. That's not really the answer I wanted, though, haha. Every time I kill a Mimic I pray that it pops😐
  5. Ive never contacted a dev in my life and I don't have Twitter (seems to be the only way to contact people anymore) so im just as in the dark as you. I sure hope they fix it, though, preferably retroactively so I don't have to find any more Mimics.
  6. Ok, so the Mimic trophy is definitely bugged. It's at .08% right now, and a couple people here have it, so it's not impossible to earn, but I've killed DOZENS of Mimics and no trophy. I even made sure to kill ten in a single run, even got 14 in one run, still, no trophy. I tried deleting and redownloading, still a no. It really sucks because I have all the other trophies and just want to be done with this game.
  7. I just finished the first part of the game and it's been pretty repetitive and boring so far. If they aren't going to out anything interesting in the huge open world, make it smaller. Im tired of running around across a huge map just to find a few supplies or a small group of enemies. If I make my way out to an island and then climb to the top, I better find something worthwhile. The combat and camera combine for one of the worst fighting experiences I've ever had. Why in the hell is there no lock on feature? Do you know how many times I've been hit from behind because Jin just refuses to turn his ass around? Or hit from off screen because the camera is too tight? Or had a tree or shrub block my entire view of the fight? I usually clear the map and all objectives in my games, but this one doesn't require it for the plat so forget it. I just hope the story gets better as I go.
  8. I agree with this all the way. They're going to sell out regardless, so no need to price match. On the other hand, as someone who is lucky to have not been financially impacted by COVID-19 and will pre-order immediately, im hoping for $500 instead! Also, there's no way Sony beats MS to market this time, not even by a week. November 10 is almost exactly two months from now, I can't imagine Sony will be able to get out quicker than that without making a lot of compromises/promises they can't keep.
  9. The issue isn't even the games offered, it's that they're currently on PS Now. That happens far too often.
  10. The first paragraph I can get behind, but the second one, not so much. It's not like difficulty trophies are a new thing.
  11. Man, I LOVED this game when I played it! I forgot all about it!
  12. That comes randomly after you die. Cigar insults you in different ways all the time. Just keep dying if you haven't gotten it naturally.
  13. It's not even perma-death! There is no real point in giving a trophy for perma-death when you're really just going chapter by chapter. There no point in the mode at all if you can basically NOT DO it and still claim the trophy. Not that I care. The easier to get a trophy like that, the better. It's just that it's set up to basically waste your time if you die. Much like all the "scavenging" you have to do throughout the entire game. But to be fair, pretty much every open world/survival get forces that crap.
  14. The most awful, lazy way to do a list. The only way to make it worse is to make it all online...
  15. Nah, Permadeath is only on a new game. But the collectibles, I think, are saved differently so they may carry over but you can't see that they've carried over.