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  1. Ugh, that's a shame. I recently got the plat and the five or six playthroughs were more and more brutal as I went. Sorry to hear about this.
  2. I'm never playing this game again.
  3. Imagine buying a modern day game and being cool with DVD level cutscenes and crashes.
  4. I love how people say reviews don't matter in the comments section of a review thread🙄
  5. Ugh, it's not that it isn't better than the ps1 version, of course it is, it would be almost impossible for it not to be. But compared to other PS4 games (which is what it SHOULD be compared to) it has shortcomings.
  6. What are you talking about? This is a remake for PS4, not a remaster. Things like the camera and frame rate should be figured out by now. It is not a taxing game, it should be rock solid. Why I would accept a ps1 level performance from a PS4 game? The cutscenes being blurry is also inexcusable
  7. Who gives a crap about the tiles, oh my god. The game looks fun but it's an EA title so I'll have to wait on it for a few months to see what crap they come up with. The online trophies don't look difficult since you just have to complete 25 events.
  8. The whole game was janky, I'm not even attempting these challenges
  9. You're really comparing it to the ps1 version? Why? Compare it to other PS4 games, since that's what it is. I still like the game, but to deny the technical shortcomings is silly.
  10. Oh good, now the game is crashing on me. Back to the home screen, and all those opening cinematic screens to skip past. I was the only thing on screen. No enemies, just me, walking, and a freeze then crash.
  11. In the wheat field level, if you go in the corner near where the first imp controlled mech is, near the hay bale, it slows like a mother, every time. There are also many instances so far where hitting triangle in front of chests or books simply doesn't register.
  12. Oh well, ps1, PS2, doesn't matter, the frame rate and camera are still poor and under expectations for a PS4 game. You admit there are issues, you just choose to overlook them. What makes it worse is that the game underneath is good and fun. I just have to put up with poor frame rate and cameras. At least it was only $30 Baseless opinions? I'm playing the game. The frame rate and camera suck. The other problems I mentioned exists as well. If you want to discount all of that because I forgot this was a ps1 game, well, whatever.
  13. I'm on a launch PS4 This is not a masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination. The game itself is still fun and charming, but the technical issues should not exist whatsoever. This isn't a groundbreaking, graphic intensive game.
  14. I've been excited for this months but the quality just isn't what I expected from a first party game like this. The camera is very bad. I'm constantly arguing with it. It wants to float up all the time and I don't know why. In tight areas it can get all spastic and spin all over. The graphics just aren't very crisp, either. About 80% as sharp as they should be. The cutscenes are way worse for some reason. Very blurry and sometimes I see ghosting as well. It's not a visually stunning game by any stretch. And then the frame rate. This is the biggest issue for me. Since I have to constantly move the camera, it's extremely noticable. There are cases of SLOWDOWN in this game. That's absurd. Almost the entire game so far has been choppy and it really takes away from the game. There are also issues with the way the character moves throughout the levels. I know this is a PS2 remake, but I don't need PS2 era problems with jumping near walls or getting stuck on the environment. This all sucks because the actual game is great. I love finding the secrets and hidden areas and the voices of the gargoyles but it just could have been done way better.