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  1. I'm so tired of the line "more people get to play these great games". Since when did it become Sony's job to make sure everyone gets to play these games? Isn't the entire point of first party exclusives to get people to buy the damn system you play it on? I don't really care if they go to PC, the ecosystems are so different it doesnt really matter, but how bout just say "we'll make more money and it doesn't cost a lot to do"? One thing that DOES affect PlayStation users, the people responsible for these games' success, is the porting and subsequent bug fixing absolutely does take away from the devs working on new games for us.
  2. You are entirely correct. Electricity is the central nervous system and the plumbing is the organs. Fuse box can be the brain.
  3. If the game wasn't so damn dark, maybe I could see some of these little details! But that's a great theory. I'll keep it in mind when I play again.
  4. I don't play Ubisoft games but I got Valhalla and Immortals in a Xmas deal from target. I normally wouldn't have gotten Valhalla but you had to pick two. Immortals was my GOTY. I loved pretty much every minute aside from some cheap and frustrating deaths in a few Tartorus pits. I had no glitches or bugs at all, and I played about 80 hours. Valhalla I haven't even started because all I hear about is bugs and glitches that are STILL prevalent. I'm playing through everything I've got waiting for it to be fixed enough to start. That should say a lot about the quality, haha.
  5. Yeah, well, so will the game!
  6. I got 100% on PS4 before the cheats were a thing but I'll definitely use them for my PS5 playthrough. No need to put myself through the difficult parts a second time.
  7. Or course I want a PS5, but really, for what? To play my PS4 games on it? There are currently THREE next gen games, Godfall, Dark Souls, and Destruction All-stars. I don't want any of them, haha. There are two games coming up, Returnal and Ratchet and Clank. Only a vague interest in Returnal, but R&C is a must buy. But I'm not spending $70 on any game, ever, and R&C ain't til June so what's the rush? I guess Resi8 is in May, and I'll definitely get that on PS5, but still, that's ONE game and it's not even out yet. I can wait, and it's a good thing I can cuz it looks like I'll have to : (
  8. I would have got it day one in October, because I'm dumb, but in February? Nah, I'll wait. I've already waited four months,right?
  9. I think they've kinda said they're just going to continue with this "shared universe" thing and doesn't sound like a direct sequel is going to be a thing : (
  10. Awesome, I'm guna keep the bow in mind!
  11. All right, doesn't sound TOO bad. I guess once the game is in a better state I'll give it a go. I haven't played any other Assassin's Creed games, this one seemed pretty good.
  12. Ok, so it's not like I have to catch all types or get those specific sizes for all those challenges? Not even for the 100% areas trophy?
  13. I was reading about the many fishing quests and was really hoping I don't actually have to do them all to get the Platinum. I got this game long ago in a deal but haven't started it yet. If I have to waste a lot of time doing something like fishing, I'm not going to bother ever starting it.
  14. Thanks for the heads up!
  15. Yeah, I kinda agree with you. I was so hyped up in October and then, for whatever reason, our version got delayed. The "few weeks" have turned into a few months. I still think the game will be cool, I just don't know when I'll buy it now. I was content to pay full price near Halloween but not in February or March (which doesn't really make sense, but whatever). If it's cheap, like $10, I'll get it early, but I kinda doubt that will be the case