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  1. Unbelievable that Sony didn't bother to mention this before. Even if it's just "some" games. All the other stuff they announced had caveats, the trophy support does as well, I can't believe they didn't say anything at all. I'm still not subscribing to these higher tiers (or any tiers, currently) and I really don't want to play old games with old controls and old graphics and old quality of life issues.
  2. Is this still a thing? After all those patches? Thank goodness I didn't buy this bug filled game yet.
  3. It seems like a lot of people think this is THE LIST when it's only a part of it. Sony has done this exactly as terribly as I figured they would. Half ass it at first, and just keep saying "more will be added". Not giving any specifics on WHICH classic games are upgraded, WHICH games from our old library can be downloaded, WHICH games can be purchased... Can Sony just do something CORRECTLY for once? With no guess work on our part? They didn't even mention the Ubisoft+ bullshit. Just stuck it in an asterisk at the end. Why? I've no interest in paying to play old games that get changed every month and just hope something that I wanted to play (and haven't yet) ends up on the service, so this ain't fore anyway. But for the people who WERE anticipating this list, what a shit.
  4. I did the three Boost Mode levels pretty easily. I was worried about it too but it turned out to be pretty easy. I don't know why it was such a problem when I originally played the game. Just know that if you die on the second or third level, you have to exit out and restart from the first level.
  5. I dunno dude, I made a lighthearted post about the lame pre-order bonus, I didn't realize it would turn into a fucking wall of pretentious text from some dork who checks the trophy list of those he's conversing with in order to find ammunition for his argument. Enjoy sucking so much.
  6. Well, if you must know, I pretty much never buy games before they've had their first few sales and patches. I don't see the point in rushing out for the worst experience. Unless I were, like, afraid to be left behind or really impatient or something.
  7. Pre-order bonus should be $10 off the retail price, considering you're likely in for a glitch filled game in need of months of patches : ) That's across the board, not directed at Gotham Knights. But yeah, those multiple retailer exclusive pre-order bonus days were terrible. And also filled with dumb stuff, haha.
  8. Wow, that's an incredibly lame pre-order bonus. The game looks fine, though. I just hope the trophy list doesn't include stuff like 'do all team takedown moves' or any MP stuff like that.
  9. Make sure you're on New Game (not any of the +'s) and use that laser special weapon that shots five lasers in front of you. It will kill the fat bullets the boss shoots at you. Other than that, learn where and when the vortexes spawn and keep trying. It took me maybe fifteen-twenty minutes, I guess.
  10. That's very odd but with the myriad tracking issues this game has it's not a surprise. I also waited to pick this up ($53 for complete edition!) because of all the trophy issues I read about. Thankfully, I had no trophy problems.
  11. I don't usually mention subscription services, but this being on Gamepass day one makes me jealous. I mean, Plus has done it in the past, giving away games upon release, but it's become so rare. Even when they did it last with Bugsnax and Oddworld, they had to be dicks about it and only let PS5 owners play them when there are PS4 versions available. Anyways, I like this list and I'll play it at some point. I do hope you can just die or simply restart the boss battles for the no hit runs. It's funny reading trophy list comments these days where people don't like difficulty trophies, collectibles, multiple endings, no hit runs, weapon specific....it's like, you want trophies just for playing? Like, just story trophies all the way through? There needs to be SOME challenge, sheesh.
  12. The fast paced combat is more my style than the whole slow and plodding combat of most souls-like games. This looks cool and I'll keep it on my wishlist until it's cheap enough for my broke ass!
  13. Lag

    So I just got back around to this game and now I'm playing on a PS5 (still the PS4 version of the game) and I don't know if there was an update but the haze is drastically reduced and the lag I felt when rolling is gone. The game feels totally fine to play now. Now it's just a matter of not missing any seeds or other trophies!
  14. Just make sure to leave some room. And the worst thing to do is be flat on the ground or ceiling. When the floor or ceiling starts to change, it's very easy to get caught on the very first pixel and not even realize it. Just stay a little bit off. Trust me, it's not that bad. You already beat them all!
  15. They actually released a patch for the PS5 list clarifying that you had to beat each level AND boss in NG+ to get the trophies, before it just said "boss name". But the trophy for beating the drill with no shots ALSO includes the entire level before the boss, so yeah, I think the descriptions could be a little better. Anyway, the Boost Rush trophy isn't that bad. I just did it in the time we were messaging, haha. If you beat all three and only dead twice, it won't be a problem.