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  1. This game is just laggy. It's awkward and clunky all the time. Im running into the same shit with Jedi Fallen Order. The controls and response times make the Don't Kill Anyone run a real pain.
  2. I feel like if I had the four playable characters around me, Catwoman is the one I'd notice first as well, haha. She is the hardest to get all stars with, but at least it's a completely different skill set than Batman so she offers some originality. Her whip cancelling combos is so frustrating, though. I didn't get all trophies on the PS3 version but I did on PS4. Took forever, wasn't very fun, story of most rare trophies i have, haha.
  3. Very weird list. The game looks great, though. I hope that last trophy for getting the Blue Flame is at the end of the game because im kind of lame and may just stop playing once I get 100%.
  4. This is easier than the original and you use the chicken a lot more. The "extra hard" platforming sections from the first are replaced with much easier versions. The final boss is way, way easier, too. If you were able to do the first game, you'll have no problem with this one, even on Hard. It's still an awesome game and one of my favorites of all time, it's just easier.
  5. This is really all you need for the platinum. Videos aren't necessary, more explanation isn't necessary, what is written here is plenty. Thank god they let you skip scenes you e already seen. Makes this much more palatable. All FMV story games should do this.
  6. I realize they announced and released COD early. Great, that was their decision, it's not like I owe them for that. Missing the day when you announce the Plus lineup and not saying anything is unprofessional and shows a lack of caring about the customers. The people who pay for the service.
  7. Because we're the customers and they should have at least the tiniest bit of respect for us. They have a schedule, they typically follow it, so when something will miss the schedule, at least acknowledge that it happened. Typing up a very simple explanation or apology would have gone a long way in showing that we matter a little bit. But nope, they just uploaded the crap announcement, and then uploaded three more posts in quick succession, like nothing even happened.
  8. So we all know Sony didn't get the announcement out yesterday, whatever, I guess shit happens. But then today when they update the Blog and have the announcement in there, there's no recognition that it's a day late. No "sorry we missed the day, things were crazy here" or anything like that. No acknowledgement of their lack of communication. I just hate that shit so much. If I wasn't permanently banned from the Blog I'd be writing this there.
  9. Im guessing the update somehow borked the store? It's been crap for a long time but today is pretty bad. Sony had too many things scheduled for the same day, apparently. System update, Sale update, State of Play, and the Plus games reveal, which, as of 5:10 Eastern Time, hasn't been posted. I guess that's too much for a small, local company like Sony.
  10. No, because again, the costumes are over priced to begin with. All of it is. Just grouping it all together doesn't make any of it a good deal.
  11. Thanks for posting these lists, but I think a reformat is in order, haha.
  12. So because the rest of the dlc is overpriced you consider an overpriced bundle to be a deal?
  13. Looks like a game that's kinda hard made way harder by sucky mechanics. I'll be avoiding at all costs.
  14. Well I mean, at least this one is free. Wear the Purp is funny, too. Not the whole song, just that you pour a drink in yourself.
  15. Nice guide, good to know you can just shake the controller the whole time, I thought you had to stand up and shit, haha.