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  1. I'm sure the people responsible for the currency system, trophies, dlc, and the whole game intended you to be playing it for more than a week : ) So it's not the grind that needs to change, it's our mindset going in. I also fully expect MTX to be implemented at some point. The game is set up perfectly to take advantage of them. They've already decided to charge $90 for an Ultimate Edition that doesn't even have all the dlc included so I'm not putting anything past them. I'll be waiting for a price drop and to see if any trophies get added later.
  2. So, I like these old school looking shooters and all, and I like getting trophies, but with the rash of cheap, 11 Golds and a Plat junk he's popping up every week, I hesitate to buy these he's any more. I know it's silly and I should just play what I want, but I'll be honest and say that most of the cheap games I buy are JUST to kill time and get trophies. I don't NEED to play them, I typically don't know about them til they release and I see the list and gameplay video on the store. Now, though, I feel like I'm feeding in to the quick cash grab bullshit that we see every Sunday : / I wonder if others are kind of feeling the same way?
  3. That's good, at least. Hopefully it stays that way.
  4. Wow, I forgot about that dlc roadmap. Three volumes of dlc and you don't even get them all for $90. Then they have battle passes and all types of other bullshit. I read a review that mentions the cars you unlock are almost exclusively RNG blind packs and you can get doubles : / They also said you can "buy" them but didn't specify if that meant MTX or in game currency (because they write half assed reviews). Whatever. The only reason I care about this game is the cool Hot Wheels cars, but once I get a fast car that can win races (through RNG, mind you), why switch cars? I don't care if I ever play this or not. I just refuse to put up with additional paywalls once I purchase a game
  5. Based on this lineup it seems the tactic is just to give shitty games all around.
  6. I'm so tired of thinking I'm going to watch a fun kids movie and it turns out to be a tear-jerker like "Up" or filled with trauma like Lion King or something. If I am watching that kind of movie, it's because I want to have a good time! Not feel like shit for two hours. I'll tell you the best movie I've seen that had plenty of opportunity to be heart-wrentching but wasn't, and that's Peanut Butter Falcon. Regardless of what you think of Shia Lebouf, that movie is great the whole way through.
  7. Oh wait, now I see the problem. I was talking about Knack being a kids game but the difficulty not matching. You are talking about Kena.
  8. Dude, the character models, voice acting, totally obvious villains, absolutely terrible cutscenes all SCREAM kids game. Bambi is heavy on the death theme, you telling me that's not a kids movie? Cinderella is heavy on psychological and physical abuse, also not a kids movie?
  9. I haven't played Kena yet, but this reminds me of the first Knack game. It's definitely for kids, story wise and presentation wise, but the hard difficulties were total bullshit.
  10. As I said in the PS5 thread, the game looks ok but I'm waiting to see if the dlc adds trophies. They're currently asking $90 for the game and dlc, so that's a big "no" from me, haha.
  11. Hey buddy, it sucks you're having so many issues with this game. The only thing I ended up buying that I'm SURE I bought and it counted was the dash ability. That is necessary to complete the later levels, as you've discovered. I think I bought a health upgrade? But not sure, I didn't spend a lot of time with this game.
  12. I didn't even see this list pop up due to the never ending onslaught of crap games and their stacks : / Anyway, the game is getting a lot of hype, but so far the trailers have just looked "ok" to me. With them wanting $90 for the full package, I was always going to wait it out anyway. If there are trophies attached to the dlc I'll wait for the complete edition blah blah blah... I wish I could just get excited for a game anymore : ( The cars will be cool, though, that much seems certain.
  13. I hate this challenge. The fight is slow as hell to begin with, and not being able to interrupt the healing process, it makes it even longer. Dying late in the fight due to something stupid is crushing. The worst part is, despite being as careful as I can, sometimes this morherfucker will do two stomach opening attacks in a row unexpectedly and the spear I throw hits him while he's got his mouth open thus negating all my work up to that point. Edit: ok, I just got the trophy. I had to not even hit him when he was dizzy, and I don't just mean dizzy from rolling into an iceberg, either. I never once stunned him with repeated attacks, never stunned him with spears, and I got the trophy first try with this method.
  14. How does a crap game like this get a sequel but Bloodborne and Days Gone don't!?!?! Nah, but seriously, we didn't need the first game, let alone a second one
  15. This isn't the genre of game I typically play, but it just looks so neat that I might get it anyway.