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  1. I liked the movie, I like twin stick shooters (that's what this is, right?) and I happen to have four controllers. As long as the game isn't trash and not more than like, $15 I'll be buying and playing it.
  2. Does this work? Can I get all the difficulty and NG+ trophies at the same time?
  3. I wouldn't hold your breath on that Darksiders pass. They just gave the game to Plus members, just spend the $20 on the pass. That's the entire package for $20, not a bad deal, and I ALWAYS wait for deals!
  4. I played this a few weeks ago. It's not nearly as good as I hoped. The whole game is just budget. It's an arena shooter, not scrolling. I didn't realize that. The perspective is also weird and you may get hit by enemies or bullets that you think are on a different plane or not be able to collect things for the same reason. A couple level specific trophies are a bitch, specifically the one for keeping a swarm of cicada alive for the entire level. The boss trophies aren't so bad, you can just die and restart at the boss if you mess up. It's probably best to stick it out and get the trophy because otherwise you have to beat the whole level again to get back to the boss. Boss rush is a very tedious affair. There are eleven bosses to beat and you only get one life bar for the whole deal. The sixth boss has infinitely respawning enemies that you can use to replenish your life, but it takes a while. The worst part is that the next five bosses can easily one hit kill you, so you can waste a LOT of time. You will most likely need a full life bar to get through the second half. It's pretty easy to take a hit because of the aforementioned perspective issues. I got the plat after four days of trying boss rush and I never ever want to play this again.
  5. Ugh, Play Link? Hopefully I can just play this myself like a normal person, haha.
  6. I just saw an article saying this game was rumoured to appear at gamescom and I guess they're correct! Maybe a surprise release?
  7. I just got the trophy today. I was extremely aggravated with the first boss because I kept doing stupid things to get hit. I finally got through untouched and then made a mistake on the second boss. I just let myself get killed and retried not knowing if it would still work or not. Well, lucky for me, it DID work and I got the trophy even though the description specifically says not to die.
  8. I don't think these challenges went over very well with the fanbase.... The game was only ok to begin with and had a lot of wonky mechanics. Not the best formula for a bunch of long ass challenges.
  9. Pretty short list, only one dumb MP trophy. I've been looking forward to this for a while, glad it's not a terrible list.
  10. Until Dawn was a great surprise and I'm really looking forward to this game. The list does look a lot like Until Dawn's which is good as far as I'm concerned.
  11. Why physical only?
  12. It's a hand rocket. Any other questions?
  13. I won't take sniper elite but I'll at least download Wipeout. I've never played them, somehow (🤫) but I know the trophy list is really hard. Maybe I'll just demo them on my alt account. I suppose it's not a bed month, even though the games are pretty old.
  14. I have recently read that you MUST be online to play this and cannot pause the game because of that. I need confirmation that I can play this offline (turn off internet on PS4) and pause when I want to.
  15. I did it with only one other person, every single online challenge we did together. Doing it with four players is easier, but the game still just does dumb shit like the last couple enemies are impossible to find and you fail. It's just lucky for me that this other player wanted these damn trophies as bad as I did.