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  1. I don't know why every guide fails to mention or contradict the fact that there is indeed a chapter select option in the menu. It's not much though, you can only select the starting points of the 5 chapters but it's more than nothing. Especially useful is the chapter 2 starting point since it puts you just before the punching minigame that's needed for the Drunken Master trophy which is very likely to be missed during the first walkthrough. You can only select a chapter starting point - after selecting new game - if you already passed that point during your play, the latter starting points are grayed out, hence not available.
  2. Here are a few answers to questions mentioned in this game's topics, and to which i couldn't find answers on the internet. First of all: how many levels this game has? There are a lot of contradictious information on that, so here are the PS4 version's numbers: Winter levels: 285 Summer levels: 30 Halloween levels: 30 Autumn levels: 30 In that order. So it's not 485 here (like the wiki says), not 195 summer levels (like the PS Store says), it's 375. Which is a lot. I mean a LOT. A lot in number of levels and in terms of time. The reason why it takes definitely 100+ hours to 100% this game is not the huge ammount of levels though but the conception behind the determination of the numbers of rounds given to complete each level. Like Nutrageous69 said in another topic "(...) it became obvious the devs reduced the number of turns for each level by about 5+ turns thus making many levels go from hard to plane stupid luck based". I don't know who decided the number of rounds available for completing the levels, whether it was the devs or people behind or above the devs, the point is that the outcome is outrageous. I honestly haven't encountered another free to play game that tried to force you into buying power-ups so aggressively and disgustingly like this game, not even remotely. So the main reason for the huge time consumption is not the ammount of levels, but the fact that you'll keep running out of rounds trying to complete the level at hand, and you'll need to retry, some levels dozens of times. For the above reasons i don't have any pangs of conscience to let you all know how to eploit the save method for a useful daily login reward every day (imo the useful daily login rewards are the frostwork or star (character power-up), the snowball and the icepick). There is no big secret here, it's very simple in fact. The game only saves when you see a white frostwork in the upper right corner of the screen. When you play the game for the first time in a 24 hour period after you're last reward, the game pops up the reward screen in single player mode where you can choose a hidden reward in a 3x3 matrix. The moment you choose one of the 9 squares, the game saves, so if you're not satisfied with the unveiled reward, and you want another try for a different reward, you need the save file(s) you had before making the reward screen pop up. Those who have PS Plus subscription are in more convenient situtation than those who don't have. Subscribers just need to upload there save files to cloud each day before starting the game for the reward, those without subscription need to use an USB-device for saving the save files which is a bit less convenient. So, as you see, it's really simple: if you're not satisfied with the login reward, close the game, download and overwrite the save files with those uploaded by you beforehand to cloud or your USB-device, then start the game, and you'll eventually have the chance for a different reward. Repeat this process until you get the reward you need, which is not always the frostwork. Using the method detailed above you'll be able to in fact enjoy this game that is so much fun imo, just the above mentioned conception kills the joy if you let it. I personally only started (ab)using the above method during the Halloween levels, so if you look at my trophies' timestamps you'll notice that i completed the 30 autumn levels in less than 10 days, and by that time i didn't really care how much time it takes.
  3. If anyone else is struggling with this trophy like i did, here are my advices. I wasted hours trying to get this on various levels' arena but i always ran out of time. The AI is totally useless here and the timer seems to go down faster - or fill back up slower - when you have both hunters alive. I tried alone, both with Maddog and Irina on their own after having the partner killed, but i could reach the giant only once (on level 5), and that was with Maddog but i ran out of ammo or was killed by the giant, i can't remember, but that's irrelevant. The guide - on, written for the PS3 version - recommends the first level arena - happening before the end of the level -, but i couldn't complete it there either, though i tried only once or twice there. I killed most of my hours trying to do it on levels 5 and 6. Then, while collecting the leftover archive pieces, i easily managed to complete the arena on level 7. By that time i mastered the control of Irina who is by far much more efficient in mass murdering than Maddog but a bit harder to handle, because she hits with the lightning in a straight line in the direction she's facing, and it's not always clear or apparent where that straight line of lighting will land. The level 7 arena happens while you are in the big elevator platform - that's also at the end of the level -, where nothing spawns off screen and that's the crucial difference from the other levels. There are no obsticles to stand in your way or in your line of sight, it's just a square platform. I camped in the lower left corner, had Maddog on neutralize (close formation), and just kept spamming the lighting in the direction of the spawning enemies. Watch out for Irina's energy, so she doesn't run of it, but that needs to be your only concern. Of course i did it after fully upgrading everything in the store.
  4. So to anyone interested in this title: though i couldn't access the endless mode after beating the blacksmith encounter, i could play the story mode on hard mode - bear in mind that i could play on hard mode and only on hard mode in story mode because hard mode was the mode in which i completed the blacksmith. And at the beginning of story mode on hard the dealer shuffled the devil's blind wager encounter in - which is one of the 3 encounters you get for completing the blacksmith - though i couldn't put it in the deck myself because i could not see it among the encounter cards. (The other two encounters that you get after beating blacksmith i could put them in my deck.) So if you happen to be in my shoe just go on after beating the blacksmith, you'll get all the encounters and equipment cards eventually during the story mode - against the dealer, at least that's what i did. The point is that i got the platinum even with this bug present. If anything is blurry in what i wrote, just post an answer to this message, i'll be notified. Despite everything this is a splendid game with unique mechanism - i loved it.
  5. I ran into a bug in this game so i warn everyone who is about to acquire the platinum. The problem (or bug) is that after beating the Blacksmith encounter, the endless game mode becomes unaccessable. Each time I try to access it either by choosing the endless game mode (in front of the dealer) or by choosing the middle card on the deckbuilder screen, it crashes with this message: An error has occured in the following application (CE-34878-0). First I thought that something went wrong during the saving process so after looking for solution and recommendations on the internet i deleted then reinstalled the game, downloaded the uploaded save file from the cloud, which was just before completing the Warlord III encounter. So I overwrote the save files from the ones from the cloud (during the deleting of the game the PS4 didn't delete the save files) and beat the blacksmith encounter again, but the game unfortunately crashed again at same point as before making it impossible for me to complete all the encounters in the game and by that getting the platinum. I sent an email to the developers, and now i'm hoping that they will answer and/or patch this thing. I surely won't start over, not with no guarantee it wouldn't happen again. Dissappointed...
  6. I'm at 65% completion and can't go on, because no matter what i do the game won't save my progress. I don't know what triggered this glitch, but it is unfortunately present in the 1.02 version despite it says in the 1.01 version notes that this glitch is resolved. Well, it isn't, so i sent the developers (Four Circle Interactive) an email. I'll update this topic in case of any positive feedback from them.
  7. Unfortunately this whole game is glitchy like hell. I played it mainly on Vita but couldn't finish it because it made a game save at certain point (around the 30th level) and every time i loaded the game (even on PS4) that save was loaded not the one that was created before i closed the game. And i couldn't help it, i uploaded a different save then downloaded it, i deleted the game save from the menu etc. Nothing helped, and its so disappointing. I tried to walkthrough without closing the game but at a point it crashed and needed to be restarted and than the glitched game save loaded. This game is just poor in every aspect so if you are about to go after the trophies save yourself from a lot of rage and play with anything else. This game is a fine example of sloppy programming.