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  1. When you finish the game you unlock chapter select which lets you change difficulties before you start. So yes it's basically a NG+ as you don't have to end the game when you finish that chapter or anything
  2. I wouldn’t say it’s particularly worth it if you can just get the original much cheaper. Other than a few pacing fixes there is very little in the way of meaningful additions to the game and a lot of what they do add leads to some tonal clashes, along with the new semester ultimately causing the game to just fizzle out as it fails to reach the height and buildup of the final hours of the original
  3. Hm, interesting that it doesn't give it at 360k then as yeah anywhere between that and 364k where it did for me is a strange number in terms of spacing out the rankings
  4. I've just finished getting it myself. But you have to do the PRO codes in a single playthrough across base game, remind and limit cut. For the base game you'll want to have every single code on but on beginner and NG+ that presents very little challenge, and worst case scenario you can just spend some time grinding out defense up and str up synthesis mats as those should bypass the default stat and zero defense codes. Remind you'll want them all on as well but when you get to the limit cut ep I turned off the code for no battle items so I could use potions and when needed turned off the no form change and no kupo coin. Ideally you just want to get about 20k points per data boss and you'll get the trophy at 360k or so (my final amount was 364k) and still have 4 data battles (including xion and master xehanort) left over as leeway in the case you need to turn off even more codes to do the previous battles. Overall it's not too bad as you have some room for error but it's still quite challenging
  5. Looks like a relatively straightforward list, nothing that sounds particularly difficult at a glance, just grindy. Love the icons too
  6. Yep fully planning on getting it Day 1 but if the price is insane or there’s almost zero content on launch again I might reconsider
  7. Looks like a much easier list than is normal for these games. May pick it up on release or later down the track with a sale. Should probably clear through all the other SO’s I bought before that though lol
  8. Against the better judgement of my finances I'll have to give it another shot then later
  9. Wait that works? I thought the billing address for the card had to be the same as whatever you register for the paypal account. I'm sure I've tried to do this before with my Australian debit card to no success once I go try to buy something in the store
  10. Anyone know exactly what the requirements are for the Treasure Demon trophy? Assumed given how easy the list is, it was to just catch one of them but nothing popped when I did that Edit: Seems it only counts the very first treasure demon you forcibly encounter
  11. Really hoping it'll get all the old cast members back, can't wait though. Was planning on just working through the PS3 copy I imported one of these days finally but this is a much better alternative
  12. Definitely interested in having a name in that hat, thanks for the opportunity.
  13. No chance the duplicate list is just the system being stupid given how far off the release is still? I'll still buy it anyway since I'd love a physical copy, though the preorder themes with Digital are really tempting. Really feels like a lazy dickmove by Capcom though.
  14. Glitched for me 1) Select Hard from options before starting a new game? Yes 2) Play the tutorial after selecting the difficulty? No 3) Win QTE stuff in chapters that aren't necessary (i.e. Lucas/Tiffany sex, Carla/Tyler boxing, Tyler basketball game) Yes, Yes, No 4) Play the game in more than one sitting? Yes 5) Did you jump around in chapters or play them in the order they'd appear in chapter select? Played them in order 6) Which game ending did you get? Oracle 7) Did you have subtitles on? No 8) Was your console online or offline while you were playing? Online 9) Was your controller plugged in, or did you have to switch wireless controllers at some point? Plugged it in to charge at one point 10) Did you ever have to reload a save/continue from last save point because you hit a game over? Yes 11) Did you get all the tarot cards? No 12) What language is the game and console set to? Game set to english, console set to English (United States) 13) If you were online, were you ever signed out of PSN, even for a moment? No 14) Are you playing a censored copy? No. I'm pretty sure this version is uncensored for everyone as well 15) What model PS4 are you using? Does it have the original hard drive, or did you replace it with a different one? Launch model with original hard drive 16) Did you have any other devices or accessories plugged in? No 17) Did you ever bring up the XMB while you were playing? Yes a few times 18) Did you use the PS4 Rest mode at any point? No 19) Did you use Remote Play at any point? No 20) Did the game ever crash? A few times but never during my most recent attempt to get the hard mode trophy with an entirely new save file
  15. Yup. The only thing I could think of that would be stuffing it up is in the QTEs if I lose too many lives I'll quite out to the menu and choose continue, instead of just waiting for the game over screen.