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  1. Wow, good timing then... I just abused it the night before the patch after putting it off for months.
  2. Just got the platinum... thanks so much for posting all the riddles! The hardest one for me was Night Drift with no points... I kept barely messing up lol
  3. Anyone have any idea if this fixes the name glitch where setting your name as an item code gets you that item when someone says your name?
  4. Boo. Maybe not so fixed after all
  5. The game just received an update and one of the patch notes is “fixed a trophy issue”. Maybe there are no more glitches trophies?
  6. I definitely would much rather have had the speedrun trophies than the Pantheon of Hallownest. It took me so long...
  7. I just beat the game with 112% completion and the true ending with Voidheart and The Hollow Knight popped right before credits started.
  8. I banished them and didn’t get the trophy either but had a backup and just beat Nightmare King Grimm and it popped then. NIGHTMARES END TROPHY IS MISSABLE or glitched like you said but better to assume missable for now
  9. I did the ending today where I banished the Grimm Troupe from dirtmouth instead of fighting Nightmare King Grimm and it didn’t unlock the trophy for completing their tale. I’m gonna get an older save file and try it while doing the other ending but this trophy may be missable. I’ll update this post if it pops. Edit: just confirmed it... got the trophy as soon as I beat Nightmare King Grimm. This trophy is unfortunately missable or bugged (probably missable)
  10. Yes, the attempt is lost when you put the mission on the board I believe... regardless it definitely uses the attempt if you return from mission. EDIT: Oh wow my page was not updated. old post, oops
  11. Yup, took me around 40 or 50 to get giant Great Jagras. Has there been any news on whether or not there will be more events like this with multiple monsters? EDIT: Saw that someone linked to this: http://www.monsterhunterworld.com/eventquest/MHW_EventQuest_EN.pdf Looks like there will be more event quests for other areas like this one. Great news!
  12. I think for that one you just need to attack them when they have the orange circle under them after a perfect parry or a charge slash. It'll do the little cutscene attack and I think that's what it means when it says melee attack. Someone got this in Furi mode, so I think it's even more lenient than that:
  13. FURI Just finished this up today. Great game, my game of the year so far, and my favorite PS+ game for sure.
  14. Basically every attack is different. There's less time to react to the aoes, more projectiles, fewer health pickups, attack patterns are different... I think it's quite a bit more difficult, but after trying each boss in practice mode, I got S-Rank on my second run and could have gotten it on my first, so once you really get Furi mode down I don't think it's too bad. Try out The Chain on Furier and you'll get an idea for the differences. It's so much more fun, too.
  15. Got the platinum! These are my stats from Furier mode. Absolutely amazing game and my game of the year so far.