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  1. Played the first game years ago and found it very enjoyable in terms of progression. Picked up Darksiders 1 Definitive edition for PS4 and looking forward to play that and DS2. Interesting, I'll keep that in mind and prepare some Netflix stuff to run along just in case.
  2. Didn't have any problems getting all MP trophies (but that was about a year ago). Level 55 isn't bad at all, I think I finished MP in a matter of days by just enjoying the game. Of course you can always get a small group together and boost most of the trophies / even grind to level 55 if needed.
  3. By the looks of it (just from looking it up in google) MyTeam has some 2 offline game modes - I wonder if it's possible to get cards / runes from these modes. I noticed that you are almost finished with the game (congrats on that :)) any chance you could help me out with the runes?
  4. I really hope that it's possible, otherwise...well it sucks... Thanks for the info, I'll give it a try later today once get back home.
  5. It's a shame that the game is so old and this thread will be lost in no time. Just a bump - hopefully someone has an info.
  6. Hello everyone, straight to the point here - I just found out that NBA 2k16 servers are shutting down at the end of this year (we are talking about less than two weeks). I was wondering if the game can be platinumed if all online trophies (Play Now Online and MyPark) are completed? I'm really concerned about Fortune Hunter. I'd assume it's possible to get all the runes through offline gameplay (without blackmarket, store purchases or card trading).
  7. Black Friday deal, better VR experience and just to have a better machine for 4K tv in the future.
  8. I'd be down to play but still waiting for Double XP event...grinding levels otherwise takes too much unnecessary time (at least for me). The game is pretty good and it's a shame that it died so fast.
  9. Put down a detailed guide for the game; waiting for approval.
  10. Yeah, already figured it out cheers though.
  11. Only have troubles unlocking GATE JOB and THE REGGIE WATTS ACHIEVEMENT AWARD trophies. Everything else is pretty straight forward.
  12. Contact Sony and they might replace your DLC codes with new ones, just provide the proof of purchase. I just bought Destiny Collection Edition last week from amazon and had a similar incident (not really). Before buying the game I read some reviews and some people claimed that their DLC codes were also expired - I still gave it a shot and got brand new codes that expire sometime in late 2018. You can't really blame anyone for this...retailers order thousands of game copies and sometimes don't sell everything. I mean, at the end of the day you are buying almost a 3 years old game (and not even the latest edition, which is a Collection Edition) codes DO expire you know. ps. so your rant about the gaming industry is somewhat...meh
  13. Dunno, seems like a typical AC trophy list, so 22% on PSNP is exactly what you'd expect.
  14. I've played the game twice on PC with Vive, though it was much shorter (some scenes from the trailer were new to me). It's really amazing but don't expect any story. You pretty much jump from one scenario to another meeting bunch of weird characters. Gonna pre-order for sure.
  15. This is exactly what I've been looking for all this time. A stable list that always gets updated. ...but I'm pretty sure that this is not even near to be a complete list - still nicely done, didn't know that dead star's servers shut down.