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  1. Heartless Hotel from Earthbound (Mother 2):
  2. Opening Theme from The Master:
  3. Rebel Galaxy
  4. Prince of Darkness from Lagoon:
  5. Mhhh it's 23-24 years since i played Wild Arms but ii have good memorys on it, so i think i will give it a try👍
  6. Salvage Chute from Bucky O'Hare:
  7. Peace Walker is part of the Metal Gear Solid (HD Collection). So yes, there is a physical version👍
  8. Vampire Killer from Castlevania:
  9. Chemical Plant Zone from Sonic 2:
  10. It is playable, there's also online support (private server).
  11. Briefing from Area 88 (U.N. Squadron):
  12. If i remember correctly that game had an autoskip function if you activade it, no trophies will pop.
  13. Gunfight at the sunset coral from Sunset Riders:
  14. There are 4 but you only need 3 for the Moonpresence to appear.
  15. Stalker from Castlevania: