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  1. Yes, apparently that was it, missed that one. This trophy is very unclear, when you google it every site describes it differently. But I got it now, thank you!
  2. It's definitely bugged. I've done all the locations. 1 in the normal world and 5 in the afterlife (of which apparently one doesn't count). But no trophy popped and no outfit unlocked... I also revisited every location to see if I missed something, but I didn't.
  3. I have tried the game every day since it's released but I did not play a single game yet. Every time I try it says 'A network error has occurred'. Sometimes the counter reaches 0 and it says waiting for players, but most of the time the error message comes before that. I have NAT type 3, but could it really have something to do with that? This would be the first game ever that I can not play because of my NAT type.
  4. Do you need to complete these events with someone or can you also complete them alone? Most of the time my random co-op partners go for another mission in stead of helping with the event. What I did then was leave the co-op section and complete the event alone, but I'm quite sure I already did 5 of them by now... Edit: Never mind, finally got it.