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  1. I'll replay resident evil 0 for a platinum still have that somewhere count me in
  2. Ugh been sucked back into destiny >.< thought i left this behind with the xbox one

  3. work during week is my break, on weekends if I get stressed on a game I normally go for a drive or eat sometimes both
  4. Just saw a thread for asking how to idle in battlefield ffs. Play the dam game, do not download the dlc for free if you have no motive to play it. Do not ruin other players games by idle it is a fun game.

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. DamagingRob


      I've idled in single player games. I don't know how I'd feel about idling in multi, though.. Like Daniel, I would think that would bring down others' enjoyment. But I also can't blame people that want those trophies, and don't want to play the game for 25+ extra hours. *Shrugs*

    3. -Dark Mark-

      -Dark Mark-

      I'd just chalk this up to being one of the problems that arise when serious trophy hunters mix with people who just want to play the game. Nothing you can do really.

      Not to say that serious trophy hunters don't want to play the game, but there are gamers who want to level a gun because a trophy requires it and then there are gamers who want to level a gun just because they want to use it.

    4. kuuhaku


      Idk. Some people might enjoy getting free trophies. Do not ruin other players games by telling them how to enjoy their game. Let them enjoy it the way they want to.

  5. Titanfall 2 ps4
  6. You will have to complete it again like the first time and it will pop again.
  7. If you redo what was required it will pop again.
  8. Umbrella corps - ps4 Rebirth 2 - vita
  9. I have not had rage from a game in a while, working away helps as I take breaks from the ps4.
  10. Should platinum umbrella corps tonight before i leave to work away next week :D

    1. Aranea Highwind

      Aranea Highwind

      Good luck. The grind on that game is real. Once i was able to platinum Umbrella Corps, i deleted the game immediately.

    2. Daniel


      Yeah gunna do the same :( 10 more games left to play

  11. Resident evil went downhill after resident evil 5 Assassincreed went downhill after brotherhood Call of duty went downhill after black ops Battlefield went downhill after battlefield 3 Mortal kombat should have never left the sega master system
  12. TBH stop buying cod's after black ops, but if sold stand alone I would buy mw remastered for the plane level at the end
  13. Doom Would recommend this game.
  14. Fixed or OTS camera angles I will still buy it, Would like to play code veronica with OTS camera but still they should put a filter in options to play with fixed for us old school players.