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  1. Wait, you have to buy a season pass 2 to get these??? If so, than that is absolutely disgusting!! I bought Tekken 7 on day one and regret that decision, because the base game barely had any game modes to play and the character customization was a huge dissapointment. And the pre order exclusive character Eliza can be bought now in PSstore, so they lied about that being exclusive to pre orders... I wont buy any Tekken game or dlc ever again or even if i will, i will buy it second hand for dirt cheap, so they wont get any money from me...
  2. A lot of people here overrate digital game sales on PS4, without looking at any actual sales data. It just takes a quick googleing... Anyway here it is Link. According to Sony, in the latest full fiscal year, 32% of the sales were digital, which mean 68% of the PS4 games were sold physically... Yes digital sales are slowly rising, but physical games still dominate the PS4 market, so people who said that releasing next gen with digital games only would be suicide are quite right! Personally, i wouldn't buy a PS5 if it didnt come with physical games.
  3. I dont want to open it yet, but from the side it can be clearly seen that they are just the normal versions of the two games stacked together and that slipcase is made out of paper, so there is no steelbook.
  4. I see a lot of people got Shining Resonance, finally my copy arrived too and i bought Far Cry double pack and Guardians of the Galaxy cos they were on sale in a local store for cheap and i couldnt leave them.
  5. Got this masterpiece today, i love these interactive-movie like game experiences.
  6. Well i already play on my PS4 or Vita 95% of the time, but there are still a bunch of games that i wanna play or plat on PS3, so i dont think i will completely stop using the PS3 in the next few years. After i finished with every game that i wanna play, i might stop using it, but i will never sell my PS3, that is for sure!
  7. I got this game from ebay for cheap, i dont think i'll ever play it, but it is +1 game for the Vita collection! With this,i have 35 physical Vita games now. I got the French version too and downloaded the audio dlc from the Hun store and it works, so i think it will work from any EU PSN store.
  8. My first PS4 game was Killzone Shadowfall. The funny thing is that i bought it way before i got my PS4. Bought the game in 2014 May and got the PS4 in september. The reason i got it so early was because it was a brand new copy for 10dollars and i couldnt leave it for that price.
  9. Got this amazing game to play it again before the new one comes out. I had it for Xbox360 but sold that copy and bought this instead.
  10. My 666th trophy. Diablo 3 May His Death Satisfy You Kill Malthael in Hardcore mode. It is very fitting! I did not plan this i swear.
  11. Well i was just browsing ebay for vita games and i found 2 Danganronpa V3 listings for 35 and 40Euro with buy now and since Satoshi asked me twice before where did i get my copy, i sent him the links in pm and he bought the used copy for 35Euro, the one for 40 was brand new. "EU shippings are quite fast" Not in Hungary, the local post service sucks, so i usually have to wait 2 weeks to get my games from the UK or France. "Because yuri shall prevail" I can't disagree with that.
  12. Well that arrived fairly fast, have fun with it! its an amazing game! And is that a Ram and Rem mousepad? How dare you to put your hands on Rem my number 1 waifu?
  13. I ordered my first game from Limited Run Games, VA-11 HALL-A. They made a decent amount of copies of this so it didnt go sold out in an hour. It will take a long while until it arrives, so i thought i'd post it.
  14. I hate these reprint versions, way to ruin the cover art, they should just reprint them with the same cover, no one cares if its a big hit game or best game or whatnot. You should look for an original cover image on google and print it. Yes, they are priceless treasures. But i dont have infinite money, so i try to get them as cheap as possible.
  15. 50+ what? hours? dollars? Im planning to import it for my Vita collection.