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  1. Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic 1-2
  2. Homefront: The revolution I couldnt wait to finish the story and uninstall it. Boring, repetitive, full of clichés, uninteresting characters, the main character doesnt talk at all (just stands there like an idiot when they question him), the gunplay is terrible compared to any decent FPS games... I dont know why i forced myself to finish it... The only good thing i can say about it is its graphics, it looks good, but nowhere near like UC4, HZD, GOW
  3. Thats not how it works. For those prices Sony could make an absolute monster that beats any PC today. First of all Sony's policy witch consoles is that they make the profit with software sales and not the hardware, The launch price of the PS4 was $400 and the cost of making it was $380, i think they will use the same method with the PS5, selling it for a tiny bit more than manufacturing costs. Secondly, Sony makes a long term contracts with hardware companies and orders several million units of each hardware part. (APU, SSD,RAM, PSU etc) In the electronics industry, the more they manufacture of something, the cheaper it gets (cost/unit), as most of the costs come from setting up the factories and production lines, but when they are set up, they only need raw materials and maintenance. The PS2 sold over 150 million units, the PS3 over 80million and the PS4 is over a 100 million and still going, selling hardware parts for a succesfull brand like this is a very nice business opportunity and a way to make some reliable profit, so i can see many companies wanting in on this and if they want to get the contract they have to sell the hardware for cheaper than their competitors. SSDs were really expensive in the past, but their prices dropped a lot in recent years, as more and more companies started making them. Right now you can get a 1TB SSD for around a $100, Sony will get them for much cheaper. Ray tracing is a new trend now as modern hardware can do it in real time, but its an old technology, its not that special, its not gonna make GPU manufacturing costs that much higher, Nvidia is a greedy pig company and they are just using ray tracing as an excuse to increase their video card prices and they can get away with it because AMD has not released their own video cards with ray tracing yet, but whenever they will the prices will drop significantly. So my estimate for the price of PS5 would be 500 USD and maybe 550 for a model with a bigger SSD, like 2TB. If the rumour about releasing the PS5 and the PS5 Pro at the same time is true, then i would put the Pro's price to around 700USD or 800 max.
  4. ohhh, i got a code! Thanks for the post! I usually i dont read through these e-mails, so i would have missed it.
  5. They exist, but they are usually worth buying, unlike most of this "free" PS Plus stuff. Anyways, i've never played any of the Sniper Elite games, maybe i'll give a try to this one.
  6. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (Darth Malak and Revan)
  7. Just bought Pantsu Line.
  8. I dont have this kind of experience personally, but i have a friend who is very unlucky with trophies and i think his story qualifies for this topic. He wanted to platinum The Witcher 3, he completed the story a few times before, so he was only missing a run on the hardest difficulty (Death March) thus he decided to do that, but since he expected this to his last run, he also decided to do everything the game has to offer, since he loved this game, so he did a 100+ hour playthrough and when he finished the story, The "Walked the Path" trophy got glitched on him and he did not get it. He played on Death March from the start and never changed the difficulty. This is the only trophy he is missing for the platinum now and ever since, he couldnt get himself to do it again. But the story is not over yet, there is another case. A few months ago, he decided to get the platinum for Assassin's Creed Unity, because he is a fan of the series and he already platted all of the other AC games that came after Unity. He already played AC Unity long ago, but he did not own the game back then, he got it lent to him to play it, so he played the story and completed some of the side activites and gave the game back. Later he bought his own copy though and now he fired that up to play and he was shocked because his older save game was not working. Turns out that the copy that was lent to him was from the UK and he bought the german version and the save games were not compatible, even though it is the same game and same region basically. Well no matter, this wasnt going to stop him, he played the whole game again from the start and was getting close to the plat. Now there is a glitched tropy in Unity, what we didnt know at the time, its the "I Got Skills" trophy and sometimes it wont pop, so its highly recommended to upload your save to the cloud or an USB drive before you learn the last skill. Of course he didnt do that and of course the trophy got glitched for him and he didnt get it. So now this the only trophy he is missing for the platinum and he need to play all of the missions in the game again for which he doesnt have motivation now.
  9. Sounds good, I'll be really happy if it will play in London! It's about time we get a GTA style game that plays in an European city. However, i dont really understand the need to be able to play as any NPC. Instead they should copy GTA V and make 3 main characters with their own story and the option to switch between them.
  10. Well, its really stupid naming it that, but its still better than Star Wars: Battlefront 1-2 which have the exact same name as the older games.
  11. My favorite game soundtracks are: Star Wars: Knight of The Old Republic Link Halo series Link Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy Link Battlefield 1 Link Nier Automata, Its legendary soundtrack is the biggest reason i like this game! Link World of Warcraft (Mostly Classic and WoTLK) Link Link2 Aion: The tower of Eternity Link Link2 Link3 Link4 Final Fantasy XIV Link
  12. I just imagined your victims reporting to the police like: -Somebody broke into my house! -What did they take sir? -My Trophies! -Are you a hunter sir? -Yes, im a Trophy Hunter!
  13. I think my biggest mistake in gaming was lending my games to people. This happened 10+ years ago, when i was still in school, i was way too naive and i gave my games to basically anyone who asked. (friends, classmates, friend of friends) This quickly resulted in most of my games getting broken, the CD/DVD got scrached and wouldnt work anymore or some people lost the manual or broke the game case etc. (these were mostly early 2000s PC games) I was shocked how people didn't take care of stuff that wasn't theirs and i made a vow that i would never lend my games to anyone ever again. Which i kept until now with only one exception. The games that i collected since then are all in mint condition, because i take care of them!
  14. Why not? Although it is too late, cos i already bought it. I've played a little bit of the X360 version and liked it. I know that getting the platinum in Star Ocean The Last Hope is hard, but im not going for that, i'll only play it for the story.
  15. Nice sale, there are a crapton of japanese games! I'm thinking of picking up these: - STAR OCEAN - THE LAST HOPE- 4K & Full HD Remaster - FINAL FANTASY XV Season Pass - FINAL FANTASY XV ROYAL PACK I got FF XV before any of the DLCs came out, but never got to play it, now i'll give it a chance.
  16. Just got this two from japan!
  17. Got the japanese version of Borderlands 2. Why? Because the cover art is just so much more badass than the on western versions. (and i love Maya) I was also hoping for a japanese dub for the game, but unfortunately its fully in english.
  18. With the exception of Heavy Rain, the other two game's copyright is owned by Sony. Which means, without Sony's agreement, it is not possible to publish Beyond Two Souls and Detroit Become Human on PC. I dont understand how Sony agreed to this, it is an own goal for them. It is even worse thinking about what could this mean long term, Microsoft already decided to release all xbox exclusives to PC, maybe Sony wants to follow the same example. Up until now there was a feeling of a guarantee that none of the PS exclusive titles would be released on other platform, because they a a pillars of playstation, they are a reason to own a playstation, hell i bought my PS3, because i wanted to play with the Quantic Dream and the Naugty Dog games. After this, the guarantee is shattered and i wouldnt be suprised if Sony started to release other big PS exclusives to PC. The day Sony announces they are bringing any more PS ex titles to PC, will be the day i leave playstation gaming. There are only so many bullshits that i can take, Sony's game censoring policies already pissed me off and now this... i dont want any more!
  19. Im still looking for new gaming friends! If you want to play multi/coop games, boost trophies or just want to chat, fell free to add me! However, at least write PSNP in the friend request and please don't send close friend requests! PSN id: gabor434
  20. Tales From The Borderlands
  21. +1 I bought P5 limited steelbook edition and now they want me to buy the same thing again with a bit of extra content for a full price? No thanks! If its not gonna be a DLC for the base game, im not gonna buy it!
  22. ...
  23. Got Assassin's Creed Odyssey Spartan Edition. There was a promotion in the Ubisoft store, so i got 20%off for 100Uplay points and they also offered free shipping, so in the end i got this for a somewhat reasonable price. (still more what i would have liked tho) But finally i can Sparta kick people from ledges in ancient Greece, so it totaly worth it!
  24. My copy of Vallhalla arrived too from LRG. I swapped the cover cos i dont like chibi character designs and this side looks way better anyway. 😜
  25. Wait, you have to buy a season pass 2 to get these??? If so, than that is absolutely disgusting!! I bought Tekken 7 on day one and regret that decision, because the base game barely had any game modes to play and the character customization was a huge dissapointment. And the pre order exclusive character Eliza can be bought now in PSstore, so they lied about that being exclusive to pre orders... I wont buy any Tekken game or dlc ever again or even if i will, i will buy it second hand for dirt cheap, so they wont get any money from me...