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  1. Tim Burton's The Nightmare before Christmas: Oogie's Revenge, the Timesplitters trilogy and Klonoa are on my top.
  2. Did you try to beat ReMind DLC trophies??? I mean, Risk-taker was a real challenge...
  3. Hi there! I 100% completed Uncharted 1, 2, 3, 4 and Lost Legacy, thanks!
  4. Gluteus Maximus from Fat Princess. It is my rarest and possibly more time-attempting trophy in my list. You have to complete 12 rounds in a match arena like a coliseum where you (and only you) fight against hordes of enemies and you can't die. If you die, you have to restart from the very beginning. And you have to repeat it 6 times, each time with a different character. Just a pain in there.
  5. I platinumed Final Fantasy IX last week! Another one added to the list! 🤗
  6. ...

    Fifa 12 -> Servers closed.
  7. Thanks to you man, for all the work you're doing. And congratulations for having a baby these strange days we're living!!!!
  8. Hi there! I've obtained/completed by far: - Final Fantasy XIII - Final Fantasy XIII-2 - Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII - A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV - Final Fantasy VII - Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Working now on Final Fantasy IX and have Final Fantasy VIII in the queue to download. I guess they don't count but I completed every Kingdom Hearts game too.
  9. Just some Fifa 12 online trophies, but servers are closed... the only black spot on my trophy list 😢
  10. Hi guys, do you know if the trophies "All-rounder" and "Risk-taker" are stackable? Or do we have to play two entire playthroughs, one for the E-Z merits and another for the PRO merits? Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi! I own all the plats and 100%ed all the games from PS3 and also from PS4 except the remasters, I'd like to join, thank u and congrats!
  12. I wish this rumour turn into real.
  13. We've been waiting for this game for almost fifteen years, so IMO it does not matters in which difficulty we will play it. Just sit down and enjoy the final chapter of this wonderful and magical saga.
  14. Gluteus Maximus, from Fat Princess. Just incredibly insane.
  15. Dream Drop Distance platinum and 0.2 Birth by Sleep, A Fragmentary Passage 100% obtained!