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  1. Blitzball is horrible. Lets give you a super hard team on the very first game. Really, 3 hours to get beat multiple times. No real way to win either but luck.
  2. I just got these today with no issue. I saved before I did parley. Killed all the elves first, then reloaded and did the other way. Both trophies popped.
  3. I do believe this is glitched. I played the mexican bowl last night but it didnt save it. The one you tried it saved it. So not sure whats up. I am going to get as many as I can this round and probably sim to the bowl week next season to get the ones I missed.
  4. I kinda look at my completion percentage more than my rank. I'm way to low to even worry about it. If I cant get a plat than so be it, but I try to keep my completion above 70 percent. Thats just a personal issue I have though, lol
  5. I just got to the bowl week on first run. Ill try to play that bowl tomorrow and see what it does!
  6. I know this started last night around 10 eastern.
  7. I curantly am playing a couple of ps3 titles I never got around to play. Forgot how much a joy it was to play ncaa football with no online trophies. Older games cant be compared to newer ones. Everyone will be talking the same thing in 5 years about the ps4. Infamous is on my back list of games to play. I am a little anal about games though. Cant really start a newer title, especially good games, unless I start from the first title in the series.
  8. Follow up. I just got this achievement randomly killing spawns on side quests. I have 2 trophies till plat now. Gotta finish the 100 side quests for each ones and the plat will be mine after 2 years of dabbing at this.
  9. I started this game 2 years ago and still havent been able to get all the weapons to 100 yet. I ended up having to start over since my save didnt go to the cloud so i am slowly getting back to end game.
  10. I know this would sell well everywhere, I wish this would happen (xenosaga too) but at this point if micro transaction cannot be implemented then probably EA won’t think twice about doing it!
  11. I tried it and wow, brutal is crazy. Don’t see how they think beating this without tweeks is even possible.
  12. I was afraid of that!
  13. Can you use chapter select with tweaks on to complete these 2 trophies? I just finished the run through on hard and was curious if this will work and how to set that up.
  14. I remember owning a game shark back in the day, it never stopped me from buying the actual games. The article states it popular in japan (probably everywhere). How is that necessary a bad thing for game developers. The quicker one person beats something, the quicker they can go out and spend some hard earn income to buy something else. I wonder how soon it will be before this such ban will travel west.
  15. 1. Final Fantasy VII (One of my first RPG I ever played) 2. Kingdom Hearts (I need to go back to these soon) 3. Xenosaga (Wish they would bring this to ps4)