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  1. It was proving useful up until that point. It discouraged me because every other attempt brought me like 2 mil or 3 mil. So I've put the game down again for the time being 🤷 but yes the guide is amazing and quite useful. I got quite a few trophies in the first half hour and everyone watching was sitting in amazement. I'll pick the game back up in a bit I've got other stats to work on though!
  2. I got 6.3 mill on rampage in bathroom and no a++ I think the requirement is 7 million for that level. Could be 6.5
  3. You're an absolute madlad my guy. You've made this significantly easier and I applaud you for doing this guide.
  4. Trial of the lovers - dragon age Inquisition dlc to 100% the game
  5. Unfortunately when I started my account years ago I wasn't muuuuch of a trophy hunter/completionist but now all this time later I'm freaking out at the fact that I have 4100 unearneds. I'm trying every day to bring up my completion rate, my A ranks and S ranks but it feels like every time I get one game completed a friend of mine buys me another game or two that HES interested in seeing be played and it just adds to my stats 😭😭 kind of nice though because all this time later dlc's and base games are going to be cheaper. But there's the problem of server closures and what not too that could make things difficult.
  6. I have no idea if it's still bugged or not. I think it took me 2-3 hours to run through every single location without jumping to sanctuary using Google to show me every spot on every map. After I ran through it all the last couple trophies popped for me after each location that was "glitched" had then been "completed"
  7. I have Olli Olli 2 welcome to olliwood. Supposed to be up there with super meat Boy. I have rogue legacy and shadow warrior 1 as well. I saw some YouTube videos that gave some "hardest platinum" lists for certain years and I went and did some of them. Super meat Boy is on there too!
  8. This game was fairly easy from the get go. Only took like a week and a few days to platinum it and the fish I left for the very end it only took an hour and a half to 2 hours at the village fishing spot so it wasn't all that bad. I've had longer grinds for less lol. All in all the game is very easy. Maybe I should have used speed boost potions but honestly never did. I don't exactly have any advice for anyone except if you aren't patient don't leave the fishing for the end do it in between some things here and there and give the astrologer exactly what he asks for so you don't get a bugged out trophy same goes for any and all missions. Save your bones, skulls, blood and fat from like.. every corpse and after your church/graveyard hits 50 and 200 just burn the bodies after that instead of burying more. Make sure if you've got the dlc to add as many zombies as you can to each of their outposts and as many of them as the game will allow to half automate your resources to make the rest of the game much easier. Your garden is kind of pointless except to coax the donkey to bring you corpses and to help with some food trophies as you can make health potions and energy potions in place of the food. Your tavern when you can unlock it is your fastest and easiest way to make money so you'll need the grape/hop farm going almost constantly to keep the alcoholics buzzed and spending. Hope this helps others.
  9. Heck yea it is!!
  10. Used to be able to acquire diamonds by getting a creeper to explode near them not sure if you can still do that but I know it was possible at one point in time as I had done it other than that I have no idea about the dragon it seems it's been explained though so
  11. 70th platinum trophy "remember me"
  12. #69 Thief
  13. I have never heard anything about points and passes for trophies?
  14. Platinum number 68 was dragon age origins
  15. Even al gore? Cause at one point you unfriend him in a quest