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  1. Nioh 2 and it shall be my 95th platinum! Then I'm probably going to go onto imortals fenyx rising
  2. This whole game is a walk in the park don't have any worries about it. You might get a liiiitle stuck on a level or two but it's nothing a couple retries won't fix
  3. Olli Olli 2 as it's an incredibly difficult platinum. I saw it was in a top ten hardest video (for it's year) on YouTube and it was like #3 or something on the list. I also got attack on titan 2 the very same day like a few hours before hand so that was very eventful those platinums were a ton of grinding (no pun intended) and I'd also like to give a shout-out to AC valhalla since on its leaderboard I stand at 24th in its first achiever list (was 23 but it moved)
  4. I shared a name with tokichiro in nioh 2 As of posting this that was about three hours ago
  5. Well.. I'm done with cyberbug.. good riddance 🤣 now onto nioh 2 and it's dlc's! 95 trophies to get! And I really need to start thinking about my 100th platinum! yikes!

  6. Ever since I joined this site a few years ago I've been getting whacky psn messages from bots wanting me to go to their umm.. let's just say "adult" website BUT! To access it I need a credit card! 😂😂 I swear I never got these messages before joining here LOL

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    2. Folgers101
    3. BlackSquirrell1


      They've been spamming me since, well, a really long time ago.  And, that was before joining this site.  I finally just turned off messaging from anyone but my friends, or people I plan on boosting with.

    4. Folgers101


      Fair enough! I never exactly played online multiplayer nor did I have my account on any site until this one and that's when the messages started 🤣 I want people to be able to message me if they want to do a boosting sesh though so I don't turn my stuff to private.. maybe should though but 🤷

  7. Okay I caved.. bought cyberpunk.. I guess it'll be my next stream game until it's platinumed/100%.. I really couldn't think of something that'd be decent to stream so

  8. I actually get made fun of for "small hands" and I keep getting told that's why I like ps4 controllers.. I also can't crab/claw xbox controllers 😂
  9. Wait what 😂 I crab with my right hand idk if that changes anything but I had zero problems ahaha felt like a normal "run of the mill" rpg to me
  10. Go ontop of one of the buildings with a hay roof and set that on fire. I'm the 23rd platinum achiever says this site and I used powerpyx's guide for location but instead I lit the roof on fire and jumped up and threw their spears back when I could in between shooting them with arrows. Got it first try. It actually kind of felt like a bogus trophy for me kind of like out of the way and something I had to stand around and wait to do? While everything else I was running around and actively doing something in the game as opposed to sitting and waiting? Idk just my thoughts on that there but yea light a roof on fire shoot arrows at them and throw spears back really easy. My only problem was fishing ahahah those little guys never spawned right.
  11. Completed days gone for the 100% completion yesterday! Was going to maybe play some old ps3 games buuuut mine went kaput. Now I'm on the hunt for one that's not over priced.. everyone in the area I'm in is asking 150$+ for theirs with like no games or controllers hahahaha. Kinda need a stream game now too for the ps4 not sure what to play since I'm broke lol.

  12. I was half dreading these challenges when I looked at them at first glance then found a youtube guide maker his name was "mr reign" he did a fantastic job on creating guides for every one of these challenges. If I put actual time and effort into these I would have had them done in about 2 days maybe 3 days at most but for some reason I dragged it out and did one challenge every day maybe 2 because they were the last few trophies and I guess I was maybe burnt out after racing through the game in a week's time lol they're significantly easier than they look.
  13. Since my last post on here on July 7th to now (december 5th) I've brought my unearneds from 4100 down to 3700 but I've recently bought 3 games that brought it back up like 100 so I'm working on those ones (days gone, stardew valley and star wars jedi outcast 2) and then I'll probably work on the others soon even though idk where to start again or what to finish off since it's mostly ps3 games and their online servers are shutting down one by one for the games lol
  14. Im the 23rd platinum achiever here! It does take like 100 or so hours. I was playing 12+ hours a day and the type of gamer I am is as soon as I'm allowed to free roam I go do all collectibles and side quests first before main story. I kept regular saves in case there was a bug and just kept going. It's completely doable in one week. The ONLY thing I had troubles with was trying to get those darn fish to spawn!! I watched all cutscenes and played on normal mode though.. game was surprisingly easy.
  15. Time for the days gone dlc! That'll be my 72nd 100% and it was my 93rd platinum. I'm not sure about what to work on next for a stream game..

    1. snakebit10


      Good luck. I got one bronze on one of the challenges the other night. I think those challenges are going to be difficult. I mostly played it because of it running so much better on PS5 compared to when I played last year and got the platinum. It is a world of difference on PS5.

    2. Folgers101


      It probably is! My game has had TONS of lag on the ps4. I've also heard the challenges can be really difficult but I've got a few really difficult platinums so I hope this goes alright lol