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  1. Even al gore? Cause at one point you unfriend him in a quest
  2. Anyone able to help with the online coop trophies? As well as "they'll tell two friends"?
  3. 197th person to get the olli olli 2 platinum. not an overly impressive accomplishment but olli olli 2 is very difficult and if I found the game sooner I would have been closer to first than I am
  4. That seems a bit odd that they wouldn't update them both at the same time
  5. Wanna do the sixth hit list mission online with me?
  6. I'd like to be able to get this trophy as well as finish off the rest of the trophies I need but sadly I no longer have the game.. If there is anyone who could help me get the other online ones when I finally have the game again that would be fantastic thank you
  7. I got a job out of my ranking.. and the guy in first hakoom I believe his name is has Guinness world records as well as money I'm going to assume from all of this leader board stuff
  8. Finally done with Darksiders and I think I might be finishing God of war 3 next. Got that one finally trophy that's been eluding me for years "are you horny to win?" haha. I wonder if I should maybe save that for my 69th platinum just for the lols

  9. I never realized how small and easy ps3 games were haha

  10. All these old platinums from 6 years ago that need to get finished up are gonna feel like a chore hahaha

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    2. Folgers101


      I was having a really tough time figuring out a name for my psn years ago and the first thing to my left was a can of folgers so I just added 101 at the end and that's that haha. I wish I could play uncharted to finish that one too but I no longer have the game I have a few lined up and a few of the souls games I still plan on finishing but I feel a bit overwhelmed xD

    3. Folgers101


      I think I've decided to finish off dantes inferno and then darksiders 1 and 2 just cause I have those for discs right now!

    4. Folgers101


      I got uncharted one and two! So I can finally cross those two games off my trophy advisory! I bought a few others I can cross off my list as well :)