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  1. A friend found me a copy of white knight chronicles! Can finally cross that off my list and play that gem of a game once again.

    1. ruffedgz
    2. MidnightDragon
    3. Folgers101


      Thank you. Its almost 7 years old it has a low platinum rate and i loved it when i first played it. Definitely made my top three.

  2. Feels like this backlog is never going to shrink :o long way coming and long way to go still.

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    2. Folgers101


      What kills the vibe of getting them completed is the unobtainable platinums and trophies from closed servers and whatnot for the other ones! Why did we wait so looooongg!!! hahaha

    3. Masamune


      Thankfully all the games on my list can be done completely offline. xD 

    4. MidnightDragon


      The struggle is eternal! 

  3. What's the point in hiding games from your profile? 

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    2. Folgers101


      Well I had asked because I was curious. and my opinion of it is that you're pretty much cheating your numbers. I don't care that people do it I just don't think people should? and I've already said that I don't mean to offend anyone if anyone here does it. it doesn't bother me any and I'm not assuming EVERYONE else is doing it. I don't care I don't mind but I don't like it so where in any of this did you think it was okay to just strike out like that? it was a legitimate question because of my curiosity so I explained why I don't think it's right

    3. DaivRules


      Strike out? I was just giving my opinion.

    4. Folgers101


      Seems more like you just got angry thinking you were being judged for your hidden games and struck out. I didn't call anyone anything but you on the other hand thought that I was and got defensive as well as semi aggressive and then tried to play it off with your last comment like it was "just an opinion" of me.

  4. Heck yea it is!!
  5. Just got my 71st platinum AND 5000th trophy (in one) it looks so nice i almost dont want to touch it :o

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    2. Folgers101


      The reason why it's so low is BECAUSE of it's difficulty I went through with it only for that reason I'm not satisfied with anything that's easily obtainable I want the quality over the quantity ya know? if you've played the game you'd understand why it's so low your fingers need to know gymnastics I swear cause some of the things they get you to do just blew my mind and still do to this day one year later. and only 40 people have gotten that platinum since I did too and the percentage hasn't changed at all either  (says this site) so I wouldn't know what else to tell ya except all of the absolute best luck to you xD Dragons dogma yea it shouldn't take too long but it's end of game, new game plus and do certain missions before certain other missions and complete them all type of stuff it's the ONLY one that I am actively putting off but it seems it's time has come haha back log will shrink one day I swear it!

    3. WhiteDragonAura


      lol Yeah man I can only imagine the tricks your fingers learned trying to ace that game.  I ain't that brave or crazy to attempt a platinum like that so lots of respect to ya pal! :D  Ah yeah..the dreaded backlog.  I feel ya, dude.  All right Folgers, best of luck with Dragon's Dogma. ✌️

    4. Folgers101


      Thanks! Best of luck to you too.

  6. Just about to reach my 71st platinum! a couple more days I think and it shall be done! it will also mark off my 5000th trophy in total which is a milestone for me!

    1. ee28max


      Awesome, good luck! :) 

    2. Folgers101


      Hey! Thanks! Although it's minecraft it's still something right? haha


    3. ee28max


      Of course! A game is a game :) 

  7. Used to be able to acquire diamonds by getting a creeper to explode near them not sure if you can still do that but I know it was possible at one point in time as I had done it other than that I have no idea about the dragon it seems it's been explained though so
  8. 70th platinum trophy "remember me"
  9. #69 Thief
  10. I have never heard anything about points and passes for trophies?
  11. Platinum number 68 was dragon age origins
  12. Even al gore? Cause at one point you unfriend him in a quest
  13. 197th person to get the olli olli 2 platinum. not an overly impressive accomplishment but olli olli 2 is very difficult and if I found the game sooner I would have been closer to first than I am
  14. That seems a bit odd that they wouldn't update them both at the same time
  15. Wanna do the sixth hit list mission online with me?