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  1. So uhh.. My aunt who had recently passed was cremated and so my father went up to his parents to go retrieve some of her ashes and this guy comes home with a fricken folgers coffee container stating that she's in there.


    I just.. REALLY?! 😂 It had to be a folgers coffee container? Not maxwell house or or or john houtte I think it is? Not like some tims brand of coffee or mcdonalds no it was the same one as my gamertag has been since I joined kongregate (on pc) about 12 years ago hunting for "trophies/achievements" and couldn't think of something so I looked at my first thing to my left and added 101 at the end and it's been that ever since for like.. everything 😂 kinda floored over that haha.


    Side note: I hope everyone is doing well and has called some loved ones! Take care :)

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    2. Kristen Danielle

      Kristen Danielle

      I'm glad you appreciated my utter lack of tact. I was worried after I posted it and couldn't delete it. lol

    3. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      Remember its good to grieve and although not always possible, it does help if you can find some humor in any bad situation. Whether its random, or just funny memories etc.

      Take care!

    4. Folgers101


      I was also worried about how I worded it that someone might jump at me for laughing at the dead or something but that definitely was not my intention just sharing the unique moment really. Trying to find something to lighten the situation! Thanks everyone!