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  1. I've had terraria on my profile for almost 9 years and haven't gotten the platinum yet.


    That is until my buddy acquired a ps4 awhile back and started downloading games and he has always had some type of vengeance for this game beating him way back when so he too wanted to platinum it. Finally been able to get all the pets and use all those crafting stations that was holding me back.. now for all the armor. 49 sets and we have about 35 of them! I can't wait to see this platinum pop after all these years! 

    1. eigen-space


      I also have this unfinished on my list. I think it's super fun to create houses and whatnot, but I never took the boss battles seriously so didn't put much effort into getting past them. But once I get in the right mood, I plan to go back to it seriously for trophies.

    2. Crispy_Oglop


      Everything about this game hits the things that I would love and enjoy. But the 2D aspect is really hard to get past. I keep trying to get into it on PC but it hasn't clicked yet. I'll keep trying 😂

    3. Folgers101


      I was a huge minecraft fan and got into this game because it's similar just on a 2D plane instead of a 3d one! The sound track is great too and the bosses are a fun challenge. I thoroughly enjoyed the game it's just the grind on it is so much I got overwhelmed with all the different things to go for and do on this trophy list the burnout was crazy! It's good to be done though it's a HUGE relief to finish it. If you've started it then continue playing/try to do more! Otherwise I don't suggest having it plague your profile like mine 🤣