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  1. Soooooo close to passing 2000th in Canada! I also made it past 45k worldwide! Now to actually make it past 2k and start working my way past 40k!

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    2. Folgers101


      What's a rata game? Haha I'm just a platinum hunter and 100% er so maybe that's why my placement doesn't decline as much.. plus the incredibly hard platinums I've acquired too! 

    3. PooPooBlast


      My bad! Meant ratailaka games (and the like). You know those plats that require little to no effort to obtain. 


      But good for you! Play at your own leisure and as long as it doesn't feel like a job, you won't feel that trophy hunting is becoming a burden. 


      Good luck and cheers! 

    4. Folgers101


      Oh! Yea no I'm trying to stay away from easy plats. I want my list to be full of real games and real plats something you need to work for rather than it be given to you. I know that if I were to play those types then my rankings will change a BUNCH but it's just not in me to do that. I feel like it's the same as hiding certain games from your profile to smudge your numbers 🤷 but to each their own! :)