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  1. Soooooo close to passing 2000th in Canada! I also made it past 45k worldwide! Now to actually make it past 2k and start working my way past 40k!

    1. visighost


      Good luck! People fight hard for these round numbers, so you may need to keep at it for a while till you get to a stable spot...

    2. Folgers101


      Been stable here for quite awhile! I took a year break and only lost 70 places in country! I don't think with the platinums and what not I have I'll lose much placement 🤣 thank you though! 

      Four years ago I was at 5k in country which isn't the best for growth but it is something 

    3. PooPooBlast


      I can tell you from experience that you'll get there pretty soon! 


      Case in point, my progress in terms of trophies has stagnated recently (I earnt about 60-70 trophies only across 3 months) and I'm somehow still ranked below 1000. 


      Our Canadian brethrens don't seem to play many rata games I suppose?? :lol:

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