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  1. I made it past 2000th in Canada! Now to hold this placement and continue making it better!

    1. Folgers101


      3-5 year type of journey down from 5000th or whatever it was 🤣

  2. 7th so far for the 100% of Immortals fenyx rising. I hope they don't have a fourth dlc I was so not happy with this game. Especially this third dlc :/ 

  3. I would very much like to make my 100th platinum to also be my 100th 100% as well as more difficult/of a lower completed percentage than my 50th being olli olli 2. I guess I need to figure out which games I can use that I've already started/platinumed to bring that number up prior to tainting my profile with easily completed indie games 🤣🧐

  4. It will always run down to your perspective of what's hardest and the fact that one of the videos said that is REALLY funny 🤣 anything to me that says ultra rare and is below the 3% ish mark for me but 3% is giving it too much credit as well. I do have my own list that somewhat pops into my head like super meat boy, olli olli 2 maybe I am bread? White knight chronicles would be and is an absolute grind I'm working on it currently on and off of other things.. I think wipeout hd on the ps3 that racing one could be hard? I haven't played it. 🤷
  5. Sadfaces
  6. There are youtube videos that do a "top ten hardest platinum of year ____" those are fun to watch
  7. Playing borderlands 2 right now through the handsome collection and I had to buy a dlc separate the commander lilith one. I thought the handsome collection was supposed to be like a complete edition? And now while playing that borderlands 3 comes out with this awful dlc yikes -.-
  8. Soooooo close to passing 2000th in Canada! I also made it past 45k worldwide! Now to actually make it past 2k and start working my way past 40k!

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    2. Folgers101


      What's a rata game? Haha I'm just a platinum hunter and 100% er so maybe that's why my placement doesn't decline as much.. plus the incredibly hard platinums I've acquired too! 

    3. PooPooBlast


      My bad! Meant ratailaka games (and the like). You know those plats that require little to no effort to obtain. 


      But good for you! Play at your own leisure and as long as it doesn't feel like a job, you won't feel that trophy hunting is becoming a burden. 


      Good luck and cheers! 

    4. Folgers101


      Oh! Yea no I'm trying to stay away from easy plats. I want my list to be full of real games and real plats something you need to work for rather than it be given to you. I know that if I were to play those types then my rankings will change a BUNCH but it's just not in me to do that. I feel like it's the same as hiding certain games from your profile to smudge your numbers 🤷 but to each their own! :)

  9. Terraria platinum as my 97th.
  10. 9 years!! 9 years and terraria is finally done!!! A weight has been lifted from my shoulders and profile!

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    2. Folgers101


      Thank you!

    3. NERVergoproxy


      Wow that is amazing. I just finish Wolf Amongst Us on Ps3 thxs to Ps Now, said it took me almost 6yrs. 

    4. Folgers101


      That's awesome to hear! It's always such a great feeling!!

  11. I've had terraria on my profile for almost 9 years and haven't gotten the platinum yet.


    That is until my buddy acquired a ps4 awhile back and started downloading games and he has always had some type of vengeance for this game beating him way back when so he too wanted to platinum it. Finally been able to get all the pets and use all those crafting stations that was holding me back.. now for all the armor. 49 sets and we have about 35 of them! I can't wait to see this platinum pop after all these years! 

    1. eigen-space


      I also have this unfinished on my list. I think it's super fun to create houses and whatnot, but I never took the boss battles seriously so didn't put much effort into getting past them. But once I get in the right mood, I plan to go back to it seriously for trophies.

    2. Crispy_Oglop


      Everything about this game hits the things that I would love and enjoy. But the 2D aspect is really hard to get past. I keep trying to get into it on PC but it hasn't clicked yet. I'll keep trying 😂

    3. Folgers101


      I was a huge minecraft fan and got into this game because it's similar just on a 2D plane instead of a 3d one! The sound track is great too and the bosses are a fun challenge. I thoroughly enjoyed the game it's just the grind on it is so much I got overwhelmed with all the different things to go for and do on this trophy list the burnout was crazy! It's good to be done though it's a HUGE relief to finish it. If you've started it then continue playing/try to do more! Otherwise I don't suggest having it plague your profile like mine 🤣

  12. So uhh.. My aunt who had recently passed was cremated and so my father went up to his parents to go retrieve some of her ashes and this guy comes home with a fricken folgers coffee container stating that she's in there.


    I just.. REALLY?! 😂 It had to be a folgers coffee container? Not maxwell house or or or john houtte I think it is? Not like some tims brand of coffee or mcdonalds no it was the same one as my gamertag has been since I joined kongregate (on pc) about 12 years ago hunting for "trophies/achievements" and couldn't think of something so I looked at my first thing to my left and added 101 at the end and it's been that ever since for like.. everything 😂 kinda floored over that haha.


    Side note: I hope everyone is doing well and has called some loved ones! Take care :)

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    2. Kristen Danielle

      Kristen Danielle

      I'm glad you appreciated my utter lack of tact. I was worried after I posted it and couldn't delete it. lol

    3. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      Remember its good to grieve and although not always possible, it does help if you can find some humor in any bad situation. Whether its random, or just funny memories etc.

      Take care!

    4. Folgers101


      I was also worried about how I worded it that someone might jump at me for laughing at the dead or something but that definitely was not my intention just sharing the unique moment really. Trying to find something to lighten the situation! Thanks everyone! 

  13. I feel like I'd be lying and smudging my numbers if I hid anything. As soon as I became a member and realized I had hidden trophies from way back when I had to change that. The last time I made a post like this I got attacked big time for this outlook 🤣
  14. Had to take a break for a couple weeks because a beloved aunt of mine was losing her battle with cancer and finally lost it on the 12th so my ambition and motivation slowly left those upcoming weeks and now I'm just barely getting it back. I do plan on getting past 2000th in my country rank and continue getting further along world rank! Hopefully the 100% of nioh will get me there! Take care everyone and call your loved ones! :)

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    2. ihadalifeb4this


      My sincere condolences. 

    3. MaximumOverdrive


      I'm sorry for your loss. Also had an aunt who lost her battle with cancer last year.

    4. Folgers101


      Sorry to hear that maximum overdrive.. it can be a tough thing. I've acquired some keepsakes from her and things are slowly starting to pick back up.. but it definitely put things into a better perspective for everyone involved. I hope things are going good with everyone else! If not I hope they pick back up :)

  15. Couldn't tell you. And my time stamps won't be much help either 🤣 some games I play in between others some games I stay up playing only that one 🤷 I don't have much for memories of that game either even though it wasn't too long ago. But I'd say AC origins is probably easier because you don't have to deal with the BS fishing! Hahaha
  16. Nioh 2 and it shall be my 95th platinum! Then I'm probably going to go onto imortals fenyx rising
  17. This whole game is a walk in the park don't have any worries about it. You might get a liiiitle stuck on a level or two but it's nothing a couple retries won't fix
  18. Olli Olli 2 as it's an incredibly difficult platinum. I saw it was in a top ten hardest video (for it's year) on YouTube and it was like #3 or something on the list. I also got attack on titan 2 the very same day like a few hours before hand so that was very eventful those platinums were a ton of grinding (no pun intended) and I'd also like to give a shout-out to AC valhalla since on its leaderboard I stand at 24th in its first achiever list (was 23 but it moved)
  19. I shared a name with tokichiro in nioh 2 As of posting this that was about three hours ago
  20. Well.. I'm done with cyberbug.. good riddance 🤣 now onto nioh 2 and it's dlc's! 95 trophies to get! And I really need to start thinking about my 100th platinum! yikes!

  21. Ever since I joined this site a few years ago I've been getting whacky psn messages from bots wanting me to go to their umm.. let's just say "adult" website BUT! To access it I need a credit card! 😂😂 I swear I never got these messages before joining here LOL

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    2. Folgers101
    3. BlackSquirrell1


      They've been spamming me since, well, a really long time ago.  And, that was before joining this site.  I finally just turned off messaging from anyone but my friends, or people I plan on boosting with.

    4. Folgers101


      Fair enough! I never exactly played online multiplayer nor did I have my account on any site until this one and that's when the messages started 🤣 I want people to be able to message me if they want to do a boosting sesh though so I don't turn my stuff to private.. maybe should though but 🤷

  22. Okay I caved.. bought cyberpunk.. I guess it'll be my next stream game until it's platinumed/100%.. I really couldn't think of something that'd be decent to stream so

  23. I actually get made fun of for "small hands" and I keep getting told that's why I like ps4 controllers.. I also can't crab/claw xbox controllers 😂
  24. Wait what 😂 I crab with my right hand idk if that changes anything but I had zero problems ahaha felt like a normal "run of the mill" rpg to me
  25. Go ontop of one of the buildings with a hay roof and set that on fire. I'm the 23rd platinum achiever says this site and I used powerpyx's guide for location but instead I lit the roof on fire and jumped up and threw their spears back when I could in between shooting them with arrows. Got it first try. It actually kind of felt like a bogus trophy for me kind of like out of the way and something I had to stand around and wait to do? While everything else I was running around and actively doing something in the game as opposed to sitting and waiting? Idk just my thoughts on that there but yea light a roof on fire shoot arrows at them and throw spears back really easy. My only problem was fishing ahahah those little guys never spawned right.