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  1. 2nd Account Update #11th Platinum. Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!  

  2. Thanks for the follow Pal.

    1. PvtVoid


      Same to you Luky!

  3. Can Finally Say Happy New Year Trophy Hunters! Hope you all have a good 2019!

    1. RedRodriguez87


      Happy new years!

    2. ee28max


      Happy New Year! :) 

  4. Congrats man.

  5. Will be adding you on PS mate if you don't mind. (:

    1. Deluziion90


      sure everyone is allowed to hehe. PSN: Deluziion90

    2. LukyAF


      Will be my second account thought just too give you the heads up hehe not this one.

  6. Update on my 2nd account: #3 Platinum - Spyro the Dragon.

  7. PSN ID: TrophyJL - Yes! this is my second account 😂 Send me a Message saying you're from here.
  8. Thanks for the follow man.

    1. ruffedgz


      np thank you for the follow as well

  9. :platinum: #14 - FarCry Primal. 

  10. Keep working hard on this site man, You're doing a fantastic Job (y)

    1. Platisfaction
    2. LukyAF


      Not a problem buddy :)

  11. Yo Luky!  Thanks for the follow. :)

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    2. LightningCharm


      Btw I saw you made ACO your 10th platinum.  Very cool!

    3. LukyAF


      @LightningCharm Ty very much :)  Need any help with anything gaming wise, Just gimme a message Happy to help others.

    4. LightningCharm


      Cool beans, man.  I appreciate it!

  12. Life: I know its a hard task but I've Stopped Smoking on 19th October 2018 for 2 years. witch I'm Proud of :).

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    2. LukyAF


      @snakebit10 May as well just keep it that way ey man, smoking's not worth it too be fair.

    3. dermarx


      Yes, I will. More money to spend on games :awesome:

    4. LukyAF


      @dermarx best way too think about it ngl, always do that myself 🤓😂


  13. Only Real Trophy Hunters add me, and Also If you're a PlayStation+ Member. Message me to tell me you're from PSNprofiles. PSNID: LukyAF