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  1. I'd imagine Killzone Mercenary on Vita would be on the chopping block soon. And in all fairness, I'm surprised Medal and Honor 2010 and it's sequel Warfighter are still running. Let's see.
  2. Pheraps be greatful that you're alive in the 21st Century, and you get to play video games on PS4. Let that sink in. If these are your "honest" critiques of Sony, then my God have they done a good job at delivering the best possible experiences all these years. I personally don't see much merit to what you're saying, but I suppose if you think Sony is being lazy or whatever you were implying, then pheraps switch to Xbox or PC gaming and see if you enjoy that more.
  3. Why make such a bold claim like that? I literally thought I was screwed with the trophy as I had only started this 2 days ago. Then this morning, I randomly place a breach on a door, and killed a guy without even trying or remotely speculating that someone was there. So definitely not "Basically Impossible" as you worded it.
  4. Well, after getting a bunch of late 15's and early 16's one time after another, I quickly searched and found out you can use the previously picked up grenade launcher on the M16 to knock the first 3 targets with one G. Launcher. This literally saved me like 2 seconds and I ended up doing it the first time.
  5. So far the only 2 games I've avoided are Wolfenstein 2 and Battlefield Bad Company 1, and I'm certain these two need no explanation as to why.
  6. I still don't understand how the rarity isn't so much lower, as I don't see that many people are physically and mentally capable of completing this game on Veteran. Anyhow, for me personally, the hardest missions by far are Battleship Tirpitz (British) and Pavlovs House (Russian). These two require so much perfection at practically each step of the mission. Some worthy mentions would also be Pegasus Bridge Day, and certainly that Eder Dam mission.
  7. As I did both of these 100% last spring, it's still somewhat remotely fresh in my mind. Obviously, like a ton of others have already said, UC2 is many times easier in comparison to UC3, and it's not to say UC2 isn't somewhat tough already, just comparing to other challenging games here is all. A good starting point for you would be is not to think of it as a 2 game commitment. If you are really uncertain of what to do, start at out with 100%ing Uncharted 2. If this game strains you a lot, then do yourself a favor and pass on 3. 3 is simply harder in every way you look at it, especially grinding those Co-op adventure maps for treasures, and the treasures in general. Not to mention Overseer, which was a total bitch. Winning a collective of 250 matches as well. It's all terrible, but extremely rewarding. By far one of my proudest achievements, and so many others like me who got 100%. My biggest incentive in starting the journey to 100% was the sudden realization that these games could go offline any time in the foreseeable future. Given how first party games always seem to go offline sooner (looking at you Resistance franchise, Motorstorm, Killzone 2 and 3) I can't imagine Uncharted 2 and 3 staying alive much longer. I'd say the latest they'll still be alive is before the release of the PS5. Hopefully this helped you a just a little bit more.
  8. I'm certain I practically gave up on this one for good (was still debating it before) . As much as I want the entire series on my account, I just don't think I have the mental capacity and energy/strength to deal with this monster of a Platinum. I need to be realistic and realize there's plenty of other games that much better deserve my time and energy than BFBC1. I'd rather do BF:HL's 40,000 DLC kills again then put up with 10002 kills of this primal shooter.
  9. My personal favorite Assassins Creed is still Brotherhood, mainly for two reasons, it was my first AC game and what drew me to the series, and I just love the Rome setting. But honestly, the Ezio Trilogy is the best IMO. Origins/Oddysey are right next to it however.
  10. I wouldn't hold my breath on this one, and most certainly God forbid they ever do this, because only God knows how much some of suffered to unlock Reznov/Woods, and Mason when it was still really challenging.
  11. Or pheraps include a message when the game came out saying something along the lines "... will eventually be available for everyone at no cost". Wouldn't have spent 8 solid days in a row of only Blackout if I knew they'd pull this shit (obviously). Whatever, as bad is this is, the damage is minimal at most, at least for me. So long as they don't pull this shit with the Zombie/Icon characters, then whatever.
  12. Hey, at least we get an exclusive Blackout outfit(sarcasm), so its not that bad. Starting today on PS4, we’ve unlocked all Specialist characters in Blackout without requiring players to track down and complete their Character Missions, to ensure all players can play as the Specialist of their choice. For those players who’ve already put in the time to unlock their Specialists the old-fashioned way, we’ve got a special new Blackout-exclusive outfit reward for you called “The Numbers”, which we think you’re going to love. Players can also earn this outfit for each character by finding and completing these missions, which are now called Outfit Unlocks, after today’s update. And of course, more new characters are on their way to Blackout in the near future.
  13. Literally Fuck You Treyarch to bottom pits of hell for pulling this shit. Words can't express my frustration.
  14. Wasn't there a "Character Mission Spawn Rate increase" weekend recently? Pheraps that's why you all got more items than before.
  15. Tell me about it. Has got to be the most random thing Treyarch ever did, and rightfully so to be honest.