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  1. I do apologize in advance if this is being discussed elsewhere already, but since I'm not spotting anything in the games actual forum to it, I figured I'd just post about it. Ubisoft is shutting down the to servers permanently on a few of their older titles. You can certainly bet you'll no longer be able to get Platinum anymore once this takes effect. Grind this MP fast and very soon to whoever wants this while it's still available. Playstation servers will not be affected, PC only.
  2. Guys, how about we just have a designated modder on this site that personally unlocks the trophy for you provided you've gotten everything else (base plus DLC). Imagine if a moderator on here personally approves each unlock of Big Leagues provided you fit the criteria. Back when I started this game, I wasn't ever browsing before hand to see if a trophy is unobtainable on a particular game beforehand like I do nowadays (not that I would of skipped this game entirely just because of Big Leagues), but it does suck for me because sooner or later I'll have the entire franchise at 100%, with the exception of BO2. Oh well, at least when I won't be on Earth anymore, none of this would've mattered anyways.
  3. No. At least for me it didn't. I had the game 100%'d on the PS3 version, and upon starting up and the PS4 version (and yes, I did the changing my soldier to PS4 as active before on Battlelog), nothing unlocked for me. Supposedly, this feature was discontinued some time back, but I do recall looking at one persons profile who did still somehow manage to get them to unlock as early as a year ago or so.
  4. If you're referring to the remaster version on PS3, then yes. It doesn't have any online/MP trophies whatsoever.
  5. I suppose when you derank yourself using the Warlord Exploit, it should unlock then I'm assuming.
  6. Someone could show me a nice bundle of $500 and I wouldn't do this trophy again. It's pure insanity and really tests your mettle.
  7. On one occasion, round 23, the other occasion 38.
  8. Getting to the War Depot room seems freaken impossible in itself. Out of 8 matches, only encountered it twice. Edit: Pretty certain that the guy was full of shit with the second supposed workaround. The way he talked seemed very fake and uncertain.
  9. This trophy can go burn straight in hell. Treyarch have really outdone themselves this time around. I hope there's a special pot brewing in hell for the f*cker(s) that thought this was a funny or good idea to include this trophy. This is many many times harder than any other trophy in the game by an insane margin. Can't recall the last trophy that tested my sanity so much.
  10. You're right. That's the one I was thinking of, it had slipped me.
  11. So did you actually gather 12 players and win 5 matches with the Division rank infection to confirm, or are you assuming it won't work? Because this actually seems like it would work in theory.
  12. You, my friend, nailed it by the word. Glad there's still rational people out there.
  13. Trump is retarded and says a bunch of stupid shit too often, and Biden is just, well quite literally, your average Joe. Honestly, these aren't very good choices either way you look at it, but I personally believe Trump has ran his course.
  14. Don't know what your saying man. The trophy description quite literally says "complete the game on unmodified Serious difficulty".
  15. Unless you can pull off consistent Diamond Cups (which is literally impossible on the PS3 and Vita version because of the small player count) you're looking at approximately 3 months on daily/weekly challenges. I managed to always get Gold cups on every Daily and Weekly Challenge for the PS3/PS4 version, however, I wasn't always to get every single Gold Cup for the Vita version. Not necessarily hard, just takes lots of dedication and persistence.