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Why doesn't my name have an "h" you ask? Because in my home country you don't add unnecessary letters that you don't pronounce. You simply pronounce every letter that a word, or in this case name, has. Enough about my name.


I'm the 2nd youngest in my very massive family. My parents were born in Romania, and like many others living in the country at the time, fled the country after the execution of Romanian Dictator Nicolae Ceaușeșcu in December 1989 (25th to be exact, what a nice present for the whole country). My parents, along with what would be all my older relatives, fled to Germany, where they lived (I wasn't born Romania or Germany) for approximately 6 years. My family say and always talk about how being in Germany was the best part of their Iives. Eventually, one of my parents win the lottery visa, and acquire Green Cards and then are allowed to either go to USA or Canada. My dad obviously wanted America, so we moved to California, and have been living here since 1996.