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  1. A bit of a misleading title...
  2. The Apple of Eden from Assassins Creed series. Because controlling people sounds amazing and can come in handy in 2019.
  3. When staring into the face of adversity, show courage and persevere.
  4. I found that scene after end where Laswell and Price are talking and ***SPOILERS*** Price pulls out a bunch of documents of the original MW Trilogy characters, such as Soap, Ghost, and Shepard, and mentions Zakhaev and his son Viktor very interesting. I discussed this with my brothers a bit, one was saying that this means this game was a prequel to the initial trilogy, and I'd personally agree with this, except the fact this game takes place in present day 2019, whereas the original CoD 4 takes place in 2011. I personally believe they're just setting up a potential sequel similar to this year's release, and that is a reimagined reboot, with the same characters we know. So we'll get the same characters, but in a whole different universe with its own timeline. Similar to how we saw Nikolai return, and how in the end it turned out Kyle was Gaz. Just my thoughts on this.
  5. F*ck this shit. One of the rare times in my life I buy a game at launch, and can't even play it the same day. Why everything needs to update to play campaign makes no sense. Why couldn't they have done where initial 34GB installation update has the bulk of the campaign ready at least. Whatever.
  6. I too can attest to this. I found it annoying grinding this when it was in it's prime (launch year thru June 2016). You'll definitely have your doubts if you start this.
  7. Okay, what is the deal with this trophy/operation that it never almost shows up and right when I'm on some other game, it magically came into rotation or something like that. Is there any way someone can keep me posted whenever the operation might show up again? Having to swap disc's back and forth to maybe see if it's there is too much of a hassle for me. It was exactly two weeks after July 7, which seems to be when the last batch of players got it. Is this coincidental, or intentional?
  8. I sense the inevitable "if you need help with a trophy please create a boosting session to find other players" post from a moderator. And then followed by the thread has been closed.
  9. Whoever said, or remotely tried to imply that beating Stormy Ascent's time trial (Gold) could be a better alternative for those that can't maybe complete one of the base game's time trails is the biggest fool I know. That level (Stormy Ascent) is the level that was designed in Hell by the Devil and his followers to torture people like us who like getting 100% in games. That level is the hardest by a huge margin, not even comparable to anything else in my opinion.
  10. Well if it's any consolation, after that one update in late November if I recall correctly, which gave everyone every Specialist character, and therefore the trophy. While a good portion of them weren't terribly hard to unlock it saved everyone the hell of the harder ones (looking at you Prophet and pre-nerf Nomad) , it certainly made the game a tad easier to Complete. And for about a week or so when Treyarch released Masom, he was insanely difficult because of the fact that you had to unlock Reznov first (which is already one of the hardest, if not the hardest to unlock), activate the Numbers station terminal, and then to have finished 3rd place was pure hell. So the trophies in Blackout have gotten easier overall when you compare them to launch. Not to mention that many of the limited time modes made so many of the characters easier at times. Zombies mode close to launch had many variations of the infamous "Mutations Glitch", which made every easter egg and so many miscellaneous trophies much easier to acquire. However, that only lasted for about 3 months from launch, until they fixed it for good. But all in all, I personally still imagined that it would of been even rarer than what it currently sits at.
  11. Treyarch just tweeted that Gorod Krovi is getting fixed. Is this really happening? It feels surreal.
  12. Damn, if it's as long as most of you claim (never played RDR2), it's obviously a no brainer, and that is NO. $50 is chum change when I reflect back on how much useless shit I've purchased in the past. The only way I'd ever consider something in that regard is if first off, it's a game I enjoy enormously. Second, I would need to have a shit ton of free boredom time on my hands. And third, the pay would need to be amped up immensely, at the minimum a few hundred $'s, but the more I think about that, its still shit. I'm just laying out a worst/best case scenario that would probably never happen anyways. On a side note, I've never been asked anything along the lines of trophy unlocking help. I guess I don't have a big enough list of games where someone would ask me yet.
  13. Was thinking about this too.
  14. Thanks for attaching the tweet. Couldn't figure out how to do it fast enough before someone beating me to making this thread.
  15. YES!! About darn time. Ran into a full match of it just now and got the trophy.
  16. Since I'm currently grinding this on all 3 versions for Platinum, the PS4 version has by far the most played participating in challenges as it was a free PS+ Game some time last year or so. I play every day in the morning, approximately 5-6 hours after the challenge resets, and usually the daily challenge has anywhere from 3-4 thousand participants, and if you play closer to when it resets, you'll have a pool of about 7-8 thousand. So scoring Gold is not that hard. The Daily Extreme at its peak will probably have like 5 thousand or so participants. The weekly challenge currently has over 10 thousand participants, and theres still over 4 days until it resets. The Weekly extreme currently has like 7 thousand or so if I recall correctly. So all things considered, PS4 is by far the easiest to consistently score Gold. Hopefully this was helpful.
  17. Well, given that I haven't done too many games, I certainly wouldn't want to do Black Ops 4 again, and although I'm not quite there yet, any of the Rayman Legends Platinums.
  18. God, you're best bet are those Triple A big title games, such as : Resistance Burning Skies Assassins Creed Liberation Rayman Origins and Legends Black Ops Declassified (although most people say it's shit) And obviously the aforementioned Killzone Mercenary and Uncharted Golden Abyss.
  19. Using my own 4 PS3's, I self boosted everything (besides the competitive matches) in approximately 3 weeks, with varying hours of 3-6 every day. But my Lord was it boring. I won't consider the PS4 version until I have the same set up like I did on PS3.
  20. I got my last two treasures literally within one minute of each other. I was in utter disbelief when I got them back to back so fast, and I even have my trophy timestamps to whoever doesn't believe me. And I probably hadn't specifically grinded for treasures more than 3 days when this had happened. Best feeling ever.
  21. Since I did both of these to completion fairly recently, I have a generally good idea of how much time and effort these take. Straight off the bat, Uncharted 2's and Uncharted 3's DLC trophies are incomparable. What I mean by this is 100%ing 2 is overall 3x easier/faster to complete as opposed to 3. To give you some context, I had 4 PS3's to myself, and I had a buddy with 2 PS3's (who happened to be 2/3 done already) and together we tackled the bulk of the trophies in approximately 10 days (I'm being vague with this estimate, won't dissect everything too much), with around 1-3 hours of boosting per day. And the only way we did it so fast was because it was just 2 people (me and him) who were going for the trophies, as the rest of the consoles were idle/dummies. The Coop trophies I was connected with a quote on quote "God" player who was reknown for helping almost anyone out. So altogether, I got 100% in 12 days span, with approximately 50-60 hours of playtime. Uncharted 3 on the other hand took approximately a months' span, with playing as little as 2 hours per day to 5 hours max. And keep in mind I had the 4 console, and split screened each console, and this allowed me to grind lots of wins by myself and so many other miscellaneous trophies alone. And that torture of grinding treasures was pure hell (not sugar coating it at all), but from what I gathered from others, and being present in a Discord group (although I hardly used it for trophy grinding) I got all my treasures fairly fast and efficiently. That being said, Uncharted 3 took me around 120 hours to complete. But oh man can this vary a lot, depending on what kind of players you encounter when doing Co-op runs for treasures. Now that I reflect back, I can describe 100%ing both of these was really a bittersweet-adventure with lots of good memories and friends. And I'm so glad I went with my gut instinct to start these before a server shutdown announcement, and thank God that I did. Hopefully my post was somewhat helpful.
  22. For me, it'd have to be Black Ops 4. All those damn Blackout characters, and a shit load of Zombie trophies.
  23. So if my (your) current high score is 460m, you're good to go? Is that how the glitch works, no one can actually get more than said amount? And is there a way to see your current standing for a specific challenge (like this one today)? Sorry for questions folks, I only played this as of one hour ago.