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  1. found mine in coral highlands at level 5. it was also my highest region
  2. This trophy nearly broke me. Crown Hunting is one thing... at least you're playing the bloody game but this? nearly 9 hours over the course of 4 days walking around in this godforsaken guiding lands until I found one of the rare ones (yes, with the felyne rare spawn buff)... one of the worst trophies I ever did
  3. I hated hunting those crowns (especially the last 3 or so) and I even stopped playing for a long time because of them but after getting the plat I was all like "well that wasn't that bad hope I can do it again with iceborne" ... so yeah give me more of those!
  4. well yes of course this is allowed. it's a stadard in trophy hunting I'm not sure about the Ashley trophy, someone else might have an answer to that
  5. I'm really intrigued by Joaquins performance in the trailers he might be able to deliver a never before seen perfomance of this character. also the overall atmosphere of the trailers is quite interesting
  6. looks like 2 maybe 3 out of 10, hc will be a cakewalk with cloud saves / USB I played this years ago on pc and it was really good 20 euro starting price is also nice, but I might wait for a 50% drop since I already played it
  7. The greatest Problem with Days Gone is the fact that you need time AND focus to grasp it's true value. As a journalist who needs to "spit out" a review as fast as possible it is nearly impossible to understand the way it is meant to be played I especially loved Deacon. He was flawed and clearly not your average hero. That was refreshing. and the hordes... man, what a nice mechanic yeah, solid 8 I'm with you there
  8. just here to say GOD (or satan in this case) YES! just finished knee deep in the dead and it's still amazing I never played it with a controller before, so it's a new (and pleasent) experience for me very fluid, much like, such good game
  9. you, sir, have the patience of (something with an enormous amount of patience)
  10. like Hokupe said before he trusted you is one of two missables the other one is match 3 all info belongs to trueachievements, here is a link to the two missables I haven't really checked if the xbox list is exactly the same as the ps4 list, but at first glance it is edit: after looking into it a bit I'm not really sure why match 3 is marked as missable, maybe someone can explain this
  11. Either Transistor for it's beautiful artstyle, narrative and music or Soma for it's intensive and tought provoking message
  12. yeah it seems you're right, for now I will stay away from it (maybe in the future for 5€). thanks luckily I don't really need the 100% if it's really that bad still sad :-/
  13. try another level if you can't beat the first. the first level is far from the easiest one. it's really odd, sometimes tropy is a joke and you beat him in your first try and sometimes he requires perfection. it's just unbalanced. doable yes, but heavily unbalanced. I still enjoy the challenge, but I wouldn't be surprised if they change some of the times in the future
  14. since I know I will easily add 50+ hours (let's be honest it will be much more) to my already 350+ hours of gameplay, the price is fair it's like a whole new game thanks to master rank and the new area / monsters imo the bigger problem is the actual release date because a week later there will be borderlands 3 and at the end of august there is World of Warcraft Classic... 2019 is such a good year
  15. thank god it's closed