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  1. same here, the paper says "how to download avatars and digital items" but it's only the digital item stuff :-/
  2. I'm perfectly fine with the scores. this game divides. art divides. count me in, this is going to be epic.
  3. if the delay means multiplayer I will be pissed, but if they need the time to enhance the single player experience it's fine
  4. oh my god this is BY FAR the worst piece of sh!t game I've played so far in comparison things like little adventure on the praire or squareboy vs. bullies are masterpieces everything is wrong with this abomination but the most hilarious bs is the option button = level reset after each level I had to take a 5-10 minutes break to keep my brain cells from committing seppuku this must be divine punishment for beeing a trophy whore
  5. I had a similar experience but without the 6 month break. giving up everything was always sad and I know there is an endless mode but after receiving the plat I was too burned out for it. I would still recommend it, but imo the plat had just the wrong requirements to make it enjoyable for trophy hunters. if you are not interested in the trophies you might have a better time with it idk
  6. yeah you're right, sorry :-/ oh ok tank you!
  7. hey there, I'd like to relive some childhood memories with ratchet & clank and I found the trilogy in the store for 25 euros.I believe that's a good price for those 3 gems (it seems like price cuts aren't happening anymore for ps3 only games...). so my question.... it is the PS3 AND Vita version. Does that mean 6 possible platinum trophies? and yeah, this would make the decision to buy easier thanks in advance
  8. thanks captain hindsight!
  9. Where the hell did they get the picture of me for the "In a Twist" trophy? time to make some phonecalls
  10. yeah like I wrote here before nearly 9 hours so keep trying friend, your journey will (hopefully soon) come to an end and don't forget the feline biologist buff for those who don't know how to get it, gaijin hunter released a pretty handy guide for it:
  11. the "hate" theme is very present in this trailer. brutal and mature, dark and emotional. ellie is so beautiful and joel looks kinda broken. can't wait to dive back into this world. this triggers all my hype-sensors
  12. found mine in coral highlands at level 5. it was also my highest region
  13. This trophy nearly broke me. Crown Hunting is one thing... at least you're playing the bloody game but this? nearly 9 hours over the course of 4 days walking around in this godforsaken guiding lands until I found one of the rare ones (yes, with the felyne rare spawn buff)... one of the worst trophies I ever did
  14. I hated hunting those crowns (especially the last 3 or so) and I even stopped playing for a long time because of them but after getting the plat I was all like "well that wasn't that bad hope I can do it again with iceborne" ... so yeah give me more of those!
  15. well yes of course this is allowed. it's a stadard in trophy hunting I'm not sure about the Ashley trophy, someone else might have an answer to that