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  1. well, tbh I'm the last person you should ask a technical question like that, but if it operates the same way the ds4 does, it's worth a try I guess
  2. I've only seen guides to connect the ps4 controller to the vita (with bluetooth, don't really know how) but if you google "play vita games with controller" you should find answers to your problem this is one of the first videos that popped up:
  3. interesting, and here I am thinking I was done with it let's hope we can autopop the ps5 stuff I'm willing to do the ps4 100% but I will not do it again that's for sure
  4. disco elysium? who came up with this nonsense? 1. like others said, it came out like a few weeks ago 2. it's bugged, not only with minor shit.... game breaking / save file loss bugs couldn't care less for godfall but if the plat is easy why not?
  5. well, they abandoned the vita version long ago so I'm inclined to say this way of triggering the trophies is your only option tbh I can't remember how it used to be since I stopped playing the vita version for obvious reasons years ago (dlc)
  6. You can slot some sort of gems (I call them gems, can't remember if the game had some name for it) into your weapons and every skill you have. it's under heroic gifts or something like that. the sword for example has like 4 or five slots and if you go over them you can see what they do. first you must activate the slot with some materials and then you choose either the red or the purple gem (can't remember which one but it will tell you that you have a % chance per hit to gain a chunk of health back). sounds confusing I know but I hope it helps
  7. I used the axe to regain health (15% chance to gain 1 chunk per hit gem) and the dash to lose life. you have the option to slot a gem which switches stamina use to health instead. it might be a bit buggy because it took some time for me, but in the end it worked
  8. imo the first dlc was pretty good, just more of the main game but with an emphasis on the puzzle part second one bored me to death this one is hell btw has any1 figured out how exactly "Masochist - Lose 20 health chunks from using Heroic Gifts" and "Ash the leech - Gain 10 health chunks using Heroic Gifts" work? I lost countless of health chunks by changing the sprinting ressource from stamina to health but the trophy hasn't popped... so it's either buggy or I simply did something wrong (highly likely)
  9. holy shit, this dlc is season 8 of game of thrones in terms of quality...
  10. I'm ok with everyone enjoying an easy trophy list (I do so myself), but the longevity of this genre is often bound to a very long playtime with complicated (and sometimes "hard") unlocks the game looks stunning but if this is a 20h roguelike I'll wait for a significant price drop
  11. A japanese studio with an immense history behind it bought by microsoft, I'm not really seeing it. Or maybe I just hope it's not true
  12. there are still enough bug / corrupted save file reports to answer your question with a no
  13. it takes a long time, but I reached lvl 30 by PLAYING the damn game. I'm no creator, but every creation needs someone who plays it... that beeing said, just make one evening (or more) per week for browsing dreams content. you can even choose genre etc. there is so much to discover and by using scripts / turbo controller / afk spamming buttons you rob yourself of an amazing experience
  14. I'm suprised to see a PS5 list to be honest, but I'll take the double plat
  15. it does, they never charged a single dollar for all the dlc