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  1. you, sir, have the patience of (something with an enormous amount of patience)
  2. like Hokupe said before he trusted you is one of two missables the other one is match 3 all info belongs to trueachievements, here is a link to the two missables I haven't really checked if the xbox list is exactly the same as the ps4 list, but at first glance it is edit: after looking into it a bit I'm not really sure why match 3 is marked as missable, maybe someone can explain this
  3. Either Transistor for it's beautiful artstyle, narrative and music or Soma for it's intensive and tought provoking message
  4. yeah it seems you're right, for now I will stay away from it (maybe in the future for 5€). thanks luckily I don't really need the 100% if it's really that bad still sad :-/
  5. try another level if you can't beat the first. the first level is far from the easiest one. it's really odd, sometimes tropy is a joke and you beat him in your first try and sometimes he requires perfection. it's just unbalanced. doable yes, but heavily unbalanced. I still enjoy the challenge, but I wouldn't be surprised if they change some of the times in the future
  6. since I know I will easily add 50+ hours (let's be honest it will be much more) to my already 350+ hours of gameplay, the price is fair it's like a whole new game thanks to master rank and the new area / monsters imo the bigger problem is the actual release date because a week later there will be borderlands 3 and at the end of august there is World of Warcraft Classic... 2019 is such a good year
  7. thank god it's closed
  8. hey there so the season pass is 10 bucks here in the eu store and I'm thinking about getting it... first of all: what is wrong with this game? there are nearly no informations on the DLC. it seems like no one is really playing it or no one is interested in it anymore. by all means, compared to the first one this game is a total joke, but it's not that bad and yeah... are there any missables? i wanna go in blind (as if there is another option with 0 guides... ) but missables in such a big game no thanks
  9. Physical: Catherine Collector's Borderlands 3 Collector's Death Stranding Collector's Digital: Crash Team Racing I might cut Catherine, but the BL3 und DS Collector's are very personal to me ...and Crash? hell yeah, endless couch coop fun with my boys
  10. well I guess it's a good reason to play again in a year or so... but why THIS instead of "finish ng+" for bronze and "finish ng+ on survival" for the gold? just stupid in the end they will add a ng+ mode but you won't be able to play it on survival... mark my words (hope I'm wrong)
  11. uninspired trophies for a game that no one cares about anymore
  12. My hype level is over 9k for this no shame in admitting I'm one of those "kojima is god" people and with the magnificent cast and the overall style it's a no brainer for me mads is outstanding, reedus is reedus, the girls are different and interesting, del toro is always a good thing and yeah troy baker... this man just rocks
  13. after finishing it I'm all in for a sequel. Please no ng+ trophies (spider man was so damn boring the second time, even on the highest difficulty). Bike challenges sounds cool, maybe they can add some trophies for that. all in all it was a great experience (nearly no bugs / framerate drops for me, I guess I was lucky) and I'm happy that there's no season pass
  14. the kojima/reedus bromance is just lovely "mads character is so intense" ... he is an amazing actor (one of those who even makes utter trash watchable). just give me a few more seconds of his character and I'm satisfied. no need to rush, I don't want another mgs5 (which is still amazing, but yeah... f*ck konami)
  15. most of this is true, BUT IGN, Gamespot and your other picks aren't a single person. Maybe your description fits most of them, but not all. For example if I see a Review / Article by Tim Rogers or Jason Schreier (Kotaku) I'm interested in what they have to say. For me both of them have a high credibility. Don't get me wrong, the big sites are mostly packed with horrible content, but they also got their fair share of good journalism. on topic: I'll take the ACG advice: wait for sale