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  1. I believe most people would call it an .... agony to play yeah.... I'm out but for real, just watch some videos on youtube, imo it had some potential but ultimately it's janky and weird and the sometimes nice atmosphere can't save this mess
  2. wow, I wholeheartedly disagree with everything you say here (sorry) there are some more tricky trophies involved, no doubt about that, but the game is so damn well made. the music is awesome, the level design is clever and always something new. no level is extremely long, so it's not a big loss to try over and over. yeah, it's extremely fast and if you are not that fast you might have a hard time, but it's not that bad. if you have to play a level more than one or two times, this doesn't mean ist "bullshit game design" and if you didn't get a tropy you just haven't met the requirements. only thing I might agree with is the Parallel Universe thing, but I'm not affected by fast blinking lights, so I can't speak from experience. topic: 4 or 5
  3. maybe I was just lucky or those "special guys" are not online right now
  4. so my friends, are you ready for the ultimate info? I went afk and watched some youtube while my game was running and my character was standing alone on the island and within the heart structure, my signature said "looking for nice boys for help. I'm 19f" (I am 31 and male...). after 2 minutes the first weeb joined me and the trophy was mine... don't forget to change your settings to auto-join (so you don't have to accept it first if someone wants to join you) no need to thank me
  5. really a mp trophy? ... this sucks, my mates might try this game but they will never play this long to even be able to play the mp
  6. the list looks easy but grindy, so no multiplayer stuff or something linked to pay2win?
  7. so my knowledge in technology isn't that high, but IF(!) we can play this game on the ps5, do you guys think it will run smoother with a lesser chance of crashing? what I mean is: would this require an additional patch or would the power of the ps5 be enough for it to run better? I really want to have 100% in all borderland games but man... reading this thread just fills me with dread
  8. seems like you never experienced the horror of a blue shell if a little grabbing infuriates you this much
  9. I liked some of the characters and the acting wasn't that bad other than that, this game is pure garbage, especially the story would only recommend to someone who has a few hours free for an easy plat (with guide!)
  10. it might not be a ps5 title, but for me it's cyberpunk presumably cyberpunk and the ps5 will come out almost at the same time so this will be the first thing I will be playing on it looking into the future the two day 1 purchases are horizon and demon's souls
  11. 19 people fall mountain disagrees πŸ˜€ and hex-a-gone also has spots for 20 people least amount I had was 4
  12. why is everyone acting as if they have a 100% profile which is now ruined by those 2 trophies? if you didn't like the game, carry on to the next one you'll enjoy and just play it I'm looking forward to another 2 playthroughs, but I'll wait for the ps5 to arrive to go for it
  13. are you playing a different game? me and my mates encountered none of this. yeah some grabbing but this is part of the game, same as "wonky" physics (everyone deals with same physics so it's balanced). trolling teammates? no, but if you are yellow, you lose. that's the rules πŸ˜† no lag spikes but a lot of server problems (like everyone else) @topic: 20
  14. I'm perfectly fine with getting everything except infallible and if it happens.... it happens. this game brought back the fun of multiplayer to me and it is the first battle royale I can stand. get your buddies together, laugh your asses off and just have a good time. (this time only) screw the plat
  15. I have 14 but I was hoping for... something better? don't get me wrong, I really liked hotline miami on pc but this chicken looks almost excactly like the one you can get as a season reward. I think I might hold back on the trophy just to get the next and hopefully more "legendary" legendary set