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  1. It's very interesting to read so many opinions about this game (not counting the stupid fighting among some of you :-/) Horizon is one of my most beloved games (Top 3 together with Bloodborne and the Original Bioshock). imo there are many reasons for that: 1. finally some smooth bow gameplay (my favourite weapon), only MHW felt nearly that great 2. aloy is perfect, she is such a likeable protagonist 3. the whole zero dawn story hit me really hard, that was some next level writing and I was definitely not prepared for this 4. great looking and diverse locations to visit 5. a dlc that was a full fledged and very good addon nevertheless I acknowledge it has some flaws but for me it doesn't really matter because my overall experience with it was amazing the day they release the first trailer for Horizon 2 is the day I need to change my underwear multiple times
  2. thank you friend, instantly saw what i was doing wrong funny thing: even though he was amazing in this challenge, his time was 54:88 and gold is 55:00. the other challenges are far easier imo, but no room for error in this one (I'm not complaining, I love the game)
  3. Even with a near flawless run (with room for maybe 2 oder 3 seconds) I'm still in the bronze time. Gold is 10(!) seconds faster than silver... I know I'm doing something wrong here but I can't figure out what. In all the other challenges I know what I'm doing wrong and what to do better. (I'm at 6 gold / 8 silver / 1(this challenge) bronze) maybe someone can upload a video or at least give a useful tip, thanks in advance guys
  4. they can only rage about this if they are against women's rights. if women can be superheroes, they can be the villains too. it actually doesn't even matter (for me), I just want someone interesting we live in a world where everyone can be anything, those small minded folks should just crawl back in their cave
  5. some people said that simon 3 was just just stupid by not realising that he can't be on the arch, but while I was playing I was shocked as well (by the moment and by realising that I just forgot about this). in his situation you can hardly blame him for beeing shocked and frustrated even though he should have known what will happen. I'm sure Simon 4 will figure it out eventually, but will it change / mean something? the story still haunts me
  6. he's polarizing but I do respect and enjoy some of his stuff
  7. The difficulty plus the story made me believe I'm not part of the target audience (children) but I never had this impression while playing the first one. It was really weird.
  8. Ni No Kuni 2 was such a letdown, a hilariously bad story, uninteresting characters and NOTHING left what makes the first one so great. I still kinda liked it but compared to the first one... yeah I'm with you on that :-/
  9. That bow wielding (best weapon ever) redhead with the crooked teeth from Horizon ;-) Aloy
  10. underground opinion: Guacamelee 2
  11. been there, done that bull moose is still the king for me! but really, after finishing all the animal related trophies and the 100% I'm still on vacation from this game. collectible hell!
  12. in it's current state it looks like a bug infested mod for fo4 but it is a 60 dollar title with microtransactions. I totally get why people hate this game how they implemented pvp, no human npcs, unstable servers (people even say they lost content after a server crash - goddamn it's 2018, the last time I saw something like that was 2005)... yadda yadda yadda... no thx maybe it's fun for a few hours to stroll the giant map (with friends) and I hope it keeps beeing fun for you
  13. travel to saint denis and "hey mister" everyone and you'll be fine pushing honour to max is no feat in this game (but beware there is a cap before chapter 6 (or 4?))
  14. A little tip for "Home Improvement For Beginners" if you are struggling with it: DON'T skip the curscene(s) I tried over and over and I always was faster than 18 seconds (which is pretty easy) but it never counted. I found this tip on youtube and it worked the first time. The 70 medals is the last single player trophy I need but I will wait and see what the first patch will bring. after reaching 100% I'm too burned out for buggy nonsense like this
  15. it is definitely bugged, I missed one (!) shot (not even a real miss, i shot a dead one) and didn't reach gold. not missing a shot is obviously the best you can do but this doesn't change the fact something is wrong here