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  1. right now it's sekiro. with all the "give easy mode" bs talk it just feels good to have it other games I'm "proud" of are most likely rpgs that demand at least some dedication to 100% them like the first ni no kuni or okami
  2. what does "not supported" even mean? my ps3/vita trophies are all still there and I already earned a new vita trophy after the change and there are no problems at all. It's all there, ps4/ps3/vita and everything works fine the warning by sony is just there IF something goes wrong, but afaik there is no one out there with a "real" problem. the only thing that may bother you is losing some online ranks if you are into this (especially on ps3). if so, don't change your name. otherwise you should be fine the biggest problem is that so many people believe the name change will totally fck their profile which is just wrong
  3. so I changed my name (still posting with the old account here) - so far no problems with any of my games (I don't play any online MP games besides rocket league where my progress is still there but I need to play some ranking matches to get back on the boards (as expected)) - trophies (as expected) are unaffected (I'm not talking about trophy progress) - psn-profiles isn't accepting my new account just yet (the actual profile is already there with the world/country ranking "soon) (changed the "about me" part, but the site says I haven't). but there might be a problem with psn and not this site, because the web browser version of my profile is showing the code while the profile on my ps4 is showing the old "about me" - no problems with bought dlcs edit: ok there is no problem anymore to create a new account, but I will wait for this site to manage and adjust I also syncd a new vita trophy with no problems, so this is also working fine
  4. thank you, what a bummer! just kidding, I'm happy to support this amazing website
  5. If I change my name, is it like a whole new account on this site? I don't care for online post history or upvotes or something like that, but what about my premium membership?
  6. so let me get that straight.... - you (may) lose some online ranking / trophy progress for an online trophy in an old game - some (paid) dlc might not work for some old games - you CAN'T lose a trophy, only the progress if you haven't earned it yet that's not really that bad if you ask me, there are really no major problems with the feature like not beeing able to play some games at all
  7. 1. Bloodborne not much to say to it, it's near perfect and old hunters made it even better 2. Persona 5 Style: The Video Game 3. Horizon: Zero Dawn very likeable main character, beautiful world, amazing story and flawless gameplay + very good DLC 4. Nier: Automata best video game ost ever, sick style, emotional story and diversified gameplay 5. Witcher 3 I really miss Geralt :-/ Hearts of Stone is in my Top3 DLC List (with old hunters and tiny tina's assault on dragon keep) This Generation was just amazing, for me even better than the last. Top 5 is really hard, even a top 30 could get difficult
  8. Japan without question (if I really had to choose). A Life without Persona, Nier, Final Fantasy, Monster Hunter, everything From Soft does? Nope. Sometimes the western market is too afraid to try more artistic and maybe supernatural things (which is my thing) But still, there are plenty of relevant western studios out there, so just give me best of both worlds I guess
  9. it's not that amazing, they did it obviously on purpose for image reasons all their other games are still packed with microtransactions and other bullsh!t the fromsoft logo is all that matters here and yes, It was a pleasure to see just one version of this game If they release DLC, please let it be something like old hunters
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=byWnuR1klpE ich hoffe, ihr seid nach denen benannt! Viel Glück bei der Suche!
  11. I have similar "problems" with 2 it looks fantastic and has some nice designs, but for me it is far behind re7. 7 was scary as hell sometimes, getting chased by daddy baker is so horrifying, there is nothing in re2 that made me feel the same tension. only laura in the first evil within was more terrifying it's not the survival aspect, it's the game itself I need to force myself to keep playing, maybe it will grow on me it is really not bad, quite the opposite, but I expected so much more after 7.
  12. Lords of the Fallen It's by far the worst Soulsclone, the Framerate was horrible and the whole gameplay was so goddamn weak (just like the world, the story,, enemies, bosses, the main and all other characters)... it is the only plat I did for a game that I truly hate (but I started the game and got some trophies, so yeah...) even though I have games on my list like little adventures on the prairie (which was really bad but it's over fast), lords of the fallen is the worst game I've ever played
  13. question is can I start a new game 4 times to do all endings (or cloud save stuff) or do I really have to play the same slot 4 times to see all endings (which would be amazing) doesn't matter, can't wait for this masterpiece
  14. I have often similar problems while installing games on my ps3. my internet connection is quite ok and on the ps4 everything loads really fast, but for some reason ps3 games always take their sweet little time I also downloaded gow:a a while ago and yeah it took really long. several hours long...
  15. perfect list, just play the game to it's limit and no "kill a boss under a cherry tree while doing a rank 3 backflip parry with the beginner sword" bullsh!t