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  1. The first playthrough was amazing (mind blowing world, hunting was highly addictive, well done characters, ok story), but I would never ever do it again. Online killed it for me, just horrible (waiting for patches...). but is the sp boring? sometimes while grinding the animals maybe... sooo 2/10. before that 0/10 I'm not going to rate the online part because beta yes, rdr2 is overhyped and overrated, but it is still impressive in so many ways
  2. good luck on your trophy hunting journey + thumbs up for rock lee!
  3. my guess is that the trophy only sounds hard and if you know where to go and skip the detours it should't be a problem I might be wrong though
  4. well Bloodborne ofc BUT I thought "soulslike" means a game like ds/bb from ANOTHER developer in that case it would be salt 'n sanctuary
  5. one can only hope, a decent nier avatar would be so dope. I'm assuming there will be no new trophy list since the dlc doesn't even have trophies (why bother now?) maybe the bonus content will be sold seperately *fingers crossed*
  6. 1. Sekiro 2. Metro Exodus 3. a lot of older games, but number 1 and 2 are a must
  7. personal value: bloodborne collector's edition most expensive: I guess the dark souls 3 or the mgs5 collector's
  8. a passive mode and I will really look into the online mode. my experience so far was so worse it kicked rdr2 out of my personal best of 2018 list. two friends of mine didn't even touched the online part, which is really sad because we were all looking forward to it :-/ dreaming of chilling poker games, fishing, hunting and sometimes diving into some team deathmatch or something. maybe we expected just too much
  9. well... 7 years for a game that will definitely sell is not that much of a risk. come on, this game is a safe bet. at it's worst it will be the transformers of video games (extremely terrible but look at the money those movies make/made / same as all the paul anderson bullcrap). people will buy it. development time says nothing but it might still surprise us "haters" and if all the critics (professionals and fans) will praise the innovation and how deep it really is, I can admit that I was wrong
  10. nice graphics, boring as hell gameplay and soulless to the core. this is just my impression after seeing some videos of it. maybe I'm wrong, but like many of you said before, let's wait and see
  11. 1. Bloodborne - it's my favourite game and I love everything about it 2. Persona 5 - the most stylish game ever. very likeable characters and I dig the school life theme 3. Nier: Automata - weird, over the top and emotional. also the soundtrack is from another dimension others: Persona 4 (Golden), Pokemon Blue/Red/Gold/Silver, Terranigma (!), Golden Sun 1 and 2, Dark Souls 1 and 3, Demon's Souls
  12. punish those who try to cheat their way to the top and not the ones who have the skill to make this possible. either way on one hand this seems to be a bit too much, on the other hand it values the art / profession of gaming.
  13. I gave up on this (i have maybe 5 left), the rng was killing me. one day I was farming kirin for idk 3-5 hours or so with no result and I asked myself wtf I'm doing here and just stopped. BUT I will definitely be back in autumn
  14. if you are new to a game and ofc you do something wrong because you don't know all the mechanics and a bunch of 12 year olds starts flaming you to death, that's toxicity in my book